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Demon Dossier/C8 The Three of Them Are Tigers
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C8 The Three of Them Are Tigers

"Medical expenses, eighty thousand!" Are you kidding me? "

Chen Goong's mind went blank as he looked at the long list of fees. At the moment, he didn't have the ability to pay such a high fee.

One must know that he had already lost his job and left a large amount of his father's debt. Not to mention whether he was able to repay the loan, if he did not work now, even his basic livelihood would become a problem. Not to mention the eighty thousand yuan in medical fees.

"Sir, although I know that you have other special arrangements, the medicinal fees that should be paid cannot be avoided. You haven't paid the fees for a long time, so we can only stop the treatment. And you have to make up all the expenses before that happens as soon as possible. "

The nurse on the side looked at Chen Goong with a smile, but her words were extremely cold. Perhaps that smile was a professional habit of hers.

"But" Chen Goong said embarrassedly: "I don't have any money, not to mention 80,000 yuan, I only have 3000 yuan on me and that's even saved. "Why don't you ask the police?"

"I don't care about that. You have to think of a way to solve this problem, otherwise, hurry up and move the bed. There are many patients waiting for you." Then, the nurse frowned and wrote something down on a notebook she was carrying, then turned around and left. Just when she reached the door of the ward, she turned around and said to Chen Goong, "Hey, I'm talking to you." Hurry up and pay for the medicine. Also, in the afternoon, get the bed out. "

There were still a few sentences that Chen Goong didn't hear clearly, but the nurse's mutter made Chen Goong sneer in his heart.

"It's still that person's realistic society!" Without money, you can't do anything. With money, you can do anything. '

"Don't you have money?" Coquettish Demon asked casually after hearing Chen Goong's sigh.

'Where did the money come from? My job is gone, my dad is gone, and I'm still covered in injuries. '

Chen Goong gasped in pain as he touched the wound on his shoulder.

"Mm, I don't quite understand. After all, I have never encountered such a problem before. From the moment I could remember, my family had countless treasures, so I really don't know what it would be like to not have money."

Hearing Coquettish Demon's words, Chen Goong's heart turned cold. Coquettish Demon's ability to add fuel to the fire was first-rate.

'As long as you're close to it, I don't feel comfortable anywhere, especially when my heart is cold.

At that moment, two familiar figures appeared in Chen Goong's line of sight. The capable uniform instantly caught his eye.

The ones who came were no other than the two men and the woman who were investigating Chen Goong in the interrogation room. Two policemen came to the ward with fresh flowers in their hands and fruit in their hands as they greeted Chen Goong with concern.

Of course, smiles were the only exceptions for the policewoman, Zhang Xia. Compared to her colleagues, her expression was extremely indifferent.

"Haha, hero!" To assist Captain Xie to deal with the criminals, no matter what, they are all good citizens who help out justice. I'm really sorry for misunderstanding you before. "


Chen Goong repeated in confusion. The policeman in front of him gently placed the flowers in his arms, and then said softly, "That's right, don't be modest. You're helping the police out of danger! If you didn't stop the criminal in time, Captain Xie and the rest might not have been able to complete their mission. Tsk tsk, speaking of which, we really need to thank you properly! "

From the expressions on the two people in front of him, he couldn't tell anything was wrong. It could even be said that his words were fake and fake. After a few sentences, Chen Goong suddenly laughed. However, it caused their faces to constantly change.

"Hahaha, that's right, that's right! However, I am not a hero. All of this is thanks to our people's police."

"Hey, don't be modest." The policeman heaved a sigh of relief.

"If that's the case, then help me pay for the medicine. I'm really sorry, I can't afford such a high fee right now."

When Chen Goong said this, his heart was thumping non-stop. After all, this was a different way of blackmailing.

"Of course!" You don't know yet, do you? As a good citizen who has just done his duty, the police station has a reward. And since you have made a great contribution this time, there will naturally be a reward. However, as he said this, he suddenly paused, "I need you to put in a bit of effort and cooperate with the reporters' investigation. Tell us about your heroic actions and serve as a role model for everyone to learn from.

When they said those words, Chen Goong was already covered in goosebumps. It was unknown if he was afraid or not.

A role model, learning from it! At that time, if it wasn't for the fact that they were on the verge of death, an idiot would have been willing to suffer such a heavy injury.

This was Chen Goong's inner thoughts, but he did not express it. Instead, he nodded quietly and agreed.

Seeing this, the man's face was filled with joy. He quickly took out his phone and dialed. He then said: "I will delay you for half an hour. The reporters will arrive shortly."

Chen Goong was a bit surprised when the two of them came to the ward, but he didn't think much of it when he thought it through.

He believed that there should be a small number of people in the police station who were aware of his fight with the Little Demoness. Of all of them, the policewoman Zhang Xia was the clearest, and the ones left should be the leaders.

Judging from this policeman's behavior, the purpose of his visit this time was to let Chen Goong accept an interview with the reporter and to describe a fact. As long as Chen Goong agreed, then regardless of whether this fact was true or not, it was already decided.

The three of them were like tigers. Chen Goong himself wasn't willing to let his abnormality be known to the world. Coquettish Demon's existence couldn't be explained by this world, so if someone really found out, he would be the first to suffer.

This was what Chen Goong wished for. Who cares who in the police station knew about his fight with the lesser demons. After all, after he became that so-called role model, no one would care what Chen Goong did. In this state of mind, Chen Goong received interviews from reporters.

"The situation back then could be said to be extremely dangerous. That criminal was armed!"

In terms of the ability to boast, Chen Goong definitely deserved the title of number one. His words were full of nonsense, causing all the reporters to be stupefied. Looking at the skinny and weak man in front of them, they could not help but feel tears welling up from their eyes when they heard what he said.

"Mr. Chen Goong, can you tell us about your injury?"

Hearing that, Chen Goong put on a pained look and said plainly.

"Well, I remember the shoulder shots the most." Chen Goong pursed his lips, as if he was hesitating, "The criminal saw me rushing towards him and mercilessly shot at me with his gun. The moment the shot hit me, it was as if my bones were about to shatter! But our people's police are absolutely brave, absolutely strong, absolutely serving the people! "

At this moment, Chen Goong was almost touched by himself. He wiped his eyes and said.

"When Captain Xie saw that I was shot, he attacked the criminal heavily. Even then, he did not forget his mission. When the second shot hit me, Captain Xie's strong arms were already holding the criminal tightly. I don't know what happened after that, after all, I was already in the hospital when I woke up. Oh, and I have to thank all the police officers, because I don't have the money to treat my illness, so they paid for my medicine.

Chen Goong's trick wasn't bad. Not only did he push away all his problems, he even told them about the payment. After the media's report, no matter what, he believed that they wouldn't go back on their words.

"Oh? "There's such a thing?" All the reporters looked curiously at the two people standing behind them.

The male police officer smiled and nodded his head, but did not say anything.

"Indeed, the people's police are doing well!" "Hurry, hurry, write it down. This is something important to report!"

Soon, the interview ended. Just when these people were satisfied and were about to leave, Chen Goong suddenly coughed a few times. It seemed that it was difficult for him to even breathe, which scared the reporters to the point of calling for a doctor.

However, at this moment, Chen Goong covered his mouth and spoke to them with sorrow written all over his face.

"No need to call a doctor! It's just that I have something that I would like to ask you all to help me out with! "

Hearing this, one of the reporters patted his chest and said, "If there's anything you want to say, just say it. We won't reject heroes."

As soon as these words were spoken, the others on the side all agreed. As for the two who were nervous, it was actually two. However, Zhang Xia's expression seemed to still have some expectation on it.

Seeing that they had expressed their stance, Chen Goong took a deep breath and finally said.

"I would like to ask everyone to help me find someone! "My father has been missing for a long time. I don't even know if he's still alive. Please, can you help me find him?"

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