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C9 Demonic Nature

"A Braveheart loses his father?" A cry from a hero. "

"The brave citizens help the just, they are the role models of our times!"

"The Mandate of the Police. The world is not as peaceful as you see it!"

On the day Chen Goong was discharged from the hospital, all sorts of reports came out, whether from his point of view or with the police as the lead, the final result was nothing more than capturing the criminal bravely. Besides the things Chen Goong told the reporters, some exaggerated information also spread out, such as the role models of whatever era they were, the role models of the people, and so on.

Looking at these reports, Chen Goong didn't know whether to laugh or cry. But now, it seemed that it didn't matter. He couldn't see any information regarding him and the Little Demon Empress. This was good news for Chen Goong. Due to Chen Goong's request, the news of finding Chen Xiao (Chen Goong's father) had also been released. Now, all he had to do was wait.

Compared to being like a fly without its head, he might as well wait for the reporters to help him.

"Dad, if you see this, will you come back?" What happened to make you leave without saying goodbye? '

Chen Goong stood outside the door of the hospital, looking at the doctors and nurses who were happily sending him off behind. He was feeling very uncomfortable. The nurse, who was previously cold towards him, was now blinking at him. That look was indeed a bit cute, but Chen Goong wouldn't be interested in it.

It was worth mentioning that Chen Goong didn't see any guards after he left the hospital. It was enough to tell that their goal was just to stop Chen Goong from talking nonsense. Now that the dust had settled, there was no need to get involved with Chen Goong. Of course, they did pay for Chen Goong's medical expenses, but they did not see the so-called bonus, Chen Goong.

'Ah, I still have to hurry and find a job! Coquettish Demon, do you have any way to make money? Hunting Demon is really useless, don't you know how to do things like hunting diamonds and hunting gold? If he didn't have enough money, he could still hunt for it! I've watched quite a few novels and TV shows. After a fortuitous encounter, they were able to quickly get into business. Don't you have a good idea? '

Coquettish Demon sneered in Chen Goong's heart, "You want to make money with just this little bit of evil character of yours?"

Hearing this, Chen Goong was elated. He happily asked: "So you really have a way to earn money?"

"We'll talk about it after we increase our demonic nature. At least, the Hunting Demon s will be number one hundred."


For some reason, ever since Chen Goong's injuries had improved, Coquettish Demon's temper had become arrogant again. It wasn't that Chen Goong couldn't accept it, but ever since the battle, Chen Goong understood that Coquettish Demon's heart was definitely kind. It was just that this demon that could trigger the phenomenon of heaven and earth had its own pride.

As for the other questions, Chen Goong didn't ask too many of them. For example, the moment Demon Realm appeared, Chen Goong had always been curious about this guy's goal, but he also understood that since Coquettish Demon didn't say anything, there was no answer to any excessive questions.

Just when Chen Goong was at a loss, a burst of rapid breathing sounds appeared in his ears. He raised his head to look, and saw Ye Yiyi blushing as she patted his body.

"Chen, Brother Chen, you, are you okay?"

At this moment, Ye Yiyi was wearing a light green long dress. Her long hair was draped over her shoulders and her eyebrows were raised. The simple dress made her look even more charming. Chen Goong was stunned when he saw her flapping his body.

"Brother Chen? Are you all right? I saw on the news that you were in this hospital. I came to see you before, but the house was empty. "

This was Chen Goong, who seemed to have awoken from a dream. He smiled at Ye Yiyi and said, "It's alright, didn't you read the report already? What can I do? Anyway, didn't you go to work today? "

"No!" What else is there to do? A new director without ability only got his position because of this manager, Liu Yong " Ye Yiyi had a dissatisfied look on her face, but after that she asked, "Forget about me! Brother Chen, why did you resign! You've only been the supervisor for a month, and we've been waiting for your latest plan. If you say you're going to leave, then what do you want us to do! "

Hearing this, Chen Goong laughed instead. Although he was reluctant to part with it, he didn't have any future prospects as a company that relied on connections.

"Forget it, it's fine if we don't stay in a company like this. Since Liu Yong is willing to let his brother-in-law take over the manager's position, I have nothing else to say."

"But if you leave, what will happen to the rest of our activities? I don't think that skinny guy can come up with a good plan, and how did you do it? "I can't believe it when I see the news. I heard that you even got hurt so badly. And …"

At this moment, Ye Yiyi looked at Chen Goong in a different light. She couldn't tell what exactly had changed, but what was going on with this aura? There seemed to be an especially attractive scent? "I really want to get closer!"

"Yiyi, isn't this a bit inappropriate? Although I admit that I'm not bad looking, but this is a common thing …"

Ye Yiyi suddenly reacted when she heard Chen Goong's voice. At this moment, her entire body was pressed tightly against Chen Goong. Her hands seemed to be groping Chen Goong's chest, causing her face to turn completely red.

"S-Brother Chen. I-I'm sorry, I don't know what happened. I just felt that you were so fragrant!" "No no, Brother Chen, why did you resign!"

Ye Yiyi was the treasure of everyone in their company. She was cute, sweet and warm-hearted. Everyone treated her as their little sister, but how could a beauty throw herself at a single person like that not make Chen Goong's heart race? However, he really didn't understand what was going on.

After all, he could clearly see Ye Yiyi's dazed eyes. Her face was blushing red as she approached him while continuously feeling around his body …

"It's good to quit, it's better to avoid suffering." You guys just have to work harder in the future! "

"Brother Chen, if it wasn't for you being my leader, I wouldn't be working here after graduation. Luckily, I'm only an intern right now."

"I've only been a supervisor for a month. How am I considered a leader?"

"But everyone can see your ability. Even the old employees of the company have nothing to say. On what basis is Liu Yong?"

"Alright, it's useless to say anything now. It's all in the past now. "You should hurry back. My job is the most important thing. I'm not the supervisor there any longer.

Chen Goong had a smile on his face, as if he didn't notice any distress. This made Ye Yiyi speechless. In the end, she could only frown and rush towards the company in dissatisfaction.

"How is it? It feels good to have a beauty throw herself into my arms, right?" Coquettish Demon teased.

'It's really you! '

"Tsk, I wouldn't do something so boring. En, specifically, it should be the result of the Hunting Demon, so this characteristic of yours should have been triggered by that guy. However, because you yourself could not control the Hunting Demon well, the effect of the illusion will become uncontrollable. It's the real thing to practice and improve your demonic nature. "

"You kept saying that due to my demonic nature, I won't become a demon because of my demonic nature, right? Besides, what is the way to make money? Letting me handle a hundred demons, isn't that a joke? The previous one almost took my life. '

Chen Goong felt a chill as he thought of the fish scales and tentacles that grew on the body of the Rushing Bobo in Journey to the West.

"Is it a demon or not, I've already told you many times!" You idiot. Furthermore, right now you are able to use the skill [Confusion]. Although it is not spontaneous, it is still a way to improve your demonic nature. "

Chen Goong was stunned, then asked as if he had understood something: "You mean, that unintentional use of confusion just now could also be considered as a success of the Hunting Demon? 'Can it also increase demonic attribute? '

"That's right!" Are you stupid? You don't even know that. "

The bickering seemed to have become a daily routine for the two of them. Looking at Chen Goong leave, the nurse felt a sense of loss, especially when she saw Ye Yiyi hug Chen Goong, it made her feel uncomfortable.

"Should I ask him about his phone number? He seems to have a lot of attractions. "

Ignoring what the nurse was thinking until midnight, Chen Goong's phone once again went into a state of chaos. There were more debt collectors than before, and because his phone was turned off these few days, no one found him. However, because Chen Goong appeared once again in everyone's sight, the debt collectors even found Chen Goong's place.

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