C11 Chapter 2.1

These are strange ruins, discovered in a building in one of my laboratories. - She said, leading him towards the underground floor.

- I intend to show it to others. - Luthor said.

Luthor said with interest. – It will be a great tourist development, a historical mystery.

- Why for me? - Questioned Nix.

- Wall something, like something you've seen. - Luthor said.

- I intended to choose you as my partner, I would like to know what you discovered in some caves. - Luthor said.

They walked down a narrow corridor, in its center was a circular stone staircase, and in the center a long hole, which she saw a side entrance of corridors, and what would be a stalactite and stalagmite tip.

There was on his right, a huge image, it was that of a dragon, or bat...

Carved inscriptions everywhere, designs made in rock and stone.

There was a large dragon there, with scaly wings, and several other carvings depicting a monster battle on a rock.

What was in its center, there was a woman, and around there were several monsters, and the human image looked like...

- With you... - Luthor said.

Showing a transformation into carved stone, the various monster shapes around.

- They worship a dragon. - Said Nix.

A woman who transforms into a dragon, besides black smoke coming out of the center of the dark black hole, what looked like an abyss.

- Well - Nix said. – Familiar.

- I've heard of some ancient religions. - Luthor said.

- Some ancients, worshiped bats and dragons. - Luthor said. – The resemblance is striking. - Luthor said.

- You know, I heard that you've been getting involved with some people not human and not even mortal. - Luthor said.

- You found out? - Questioned Nix.

- I also have some circles of inhuman friendships. - Luthor said.

- What do you want, Luthor? - Questioned Nix.

- I would like you to introduce me, and be my contact. - Luthor said.

- If you introduce me to your friendships...? - Questioned Nix.

- All my pleasure. - Luthor said. – I present mine, you present yours. – Luthor said.

- Done. – They both said...

- How good it is to be on the winning side. – Luthor said.

- I say the same. – Nix said.

- This religion is not from Earth...? - Luthor questioned.

- Not this Earth. – Nix said.

- Know. – The bald man was laughing.

Then they both shook hands.

- She looks like you. - Luthor said.

- This looks like an ancient religion, more precisely a cult. - Said Nix.

- Let's go. - Luthor said pulling the woman with him.

- You tell me more while we drink. - Luthor said, leading her.

They went up again.

After some conversations, negotiations and exchanges of telephones, documents, the start of a new business, as well as a new venture...

Some time later.

About that...

Elsewhere on the streets of Golden Valle.

- I found an informant. - Said Lois, who received a message from one of the street informants, came with her between the piers and alleys of Lovecraft County, to be kidnapped.

Nix was following Lois, with cameras hidden among the streets, she took a camera in question, it was beeping.

A few minutes earlier.

As always, Lois was ignoring the fact that she was in danger as she followed an informant to Golden Valle's docks when she entered an abandoned warehouse, being surprised and surrounded by Joker.

She cornered her, while the woman was surrounded by another of her henchmen.

- What do you think you're doing? - Shouted Lois.

- Causing chaos throughout the city. – One of the ones I caught. – Said Joker kidnapping Lois Lane, she was knocked out.

The woman woke up realizing she was in a room, knowing it was possibly an abandoned factory, tied with leather ropes, on a bed beside her were Iris West and Lucius Fox, Steve Trevor.

- You woke up. - Said Joker beside her, she wore a mask, and Punchline was at her side.

- You can not do that. - Lois said.

- Sure I can. - Said Joker.

– Imagine what Astro-Star will do. - Said Joker. – The Miraculous Woman and the copy of Dragon Woman and the Flash running drugged and killing one enemy after another are all innocent, with each one imagining they are killing their enemies. - Said Joker.

– Just imagine what they will do to the world until the drug wears off.

– All this because of you. - Said Joker. – Because you couldn't stay home. - He said.

- You know the rules. – Lois said, trying unsuccessfully to free herself from the leather rope.

- Yes - Joker said with a smile. – But I don't care. - He said. – Besides I made him kill you. - He said.

– She will become a killing machine, and everything around her will come with her.

- I left clues for them to come and kill each one of you. - Said Joker. - Thinking it's me. - Said the clown smiling, until forming a laugh.

- No. - Lois said. - You can not. – He cried.

- Curse. – Steve said. - Imagine. - That I put a bomb in your breasts. - Said Joker.

– When they arrived. - Said the clown.

– They will kill him and the cities will be destroyed one by one. - Said Joker.

- And we will have many innocent people dead. - Said Joker.

- When she kills each one of you. - Said Joker. - I made not only her, kill. - Said Joker

- How will you make them kill us one by one? – Steve Trevor asked.

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