C13 Chapter 2.3

Astro-Star at that point had no restrictions, even Miraculous Woman would lack her inhibitors, still feel the effects of the hallucinogens, but she was still standing.

- Come on heroes... - But what she had done was muffled, Astro-Star didn't care about anything, there were no restrictions, she pushed Lois, throwing her, she took the clown in her hands, almost crushing them.

Lois trying to get up, she walked towards the Astro-Star.

- Don't do that, you'll regret it. - Tried Lois.

- Get out of here Lois. - Astro-Star growled, not waiting for Nix at the last moment.

She had a stick in her hands, she threw a kryptonite powder or gas, Astro-Star sucked it in, turning it towards the gas, but she wasn't ready for the stick, which electrocuted him and bent him to the ground, increasing the voltage with a blinding light, making Astro-Star bend and kneel.

Miraculous Woman, they turned around. – She's so much work. - Diana said, a little dizzy.

All around him were the other heroes, Green Arrow, J'onn the Martian, and Hal the Green Lantern.

They were making preparations, with a construct, she was taking the bomb towards the ground.

"Nix, how long…" But she stopped in the middle of what she was going to say.

- You look so bad... - She fell stunned, kneeling on the floor, she saw the star sapphire arrive.

- Are you okay? – She questioned with her hands on his shoulders.

She turned toward him.

- You're a lot of work, and with a fist construct she threw a punch unexpectedly towards Sapphira, she fell to the ground.

- I'll get rid of you, and I'll earn some money. - She said. Starting a construct fight.

Astro-Star was stunned, half hallucinating there was still the remnant of drugs in his system.

- Let's kill her, Kal. - Diana said. - She wouldn't be so much trouble if she died. - Diana said.

All of them are so much work. - Said Flash arriving just now. – They were trapping them, there was still a vapor in the air, everyone was stunned, Nix decided to put the mask on, she saw that there were vapors coming out of the Joker's car, it was apparently an influencing drug, coming from the engine.

While the vapors took everyone around, beginning to fight and to fight. – There would be carnage if they didn't stop him, the two Martians fighting as they changed shape, Black Canary was fighting Green Arrow's arrows.

- Let's kill them all. - Said Dragon Woman, that son of Lucius was strange.

The heroes brought all the cops and their loves, standing around there, fighting, and promising to kill them.

- Kal. - Lois said. – Don't do this, you have to get back to normal. – You're no good Lois. - Said Astro-Star. – In addition to bringing problems.

She slapped him across the face, one after the other, not hurting her too much with the back of her hand. - I just stay with you, to avoid problems. - Said Astro-Star.

That gas must take all their sanity and inhibitions out of them, Nix thought.

She threw her to the ground, the woman scrambled backward. Astro-Star's eyes turned red, ready to incinerate her.

- I don't need you Steve. - Diana said. – I need a woman, any one will do. – Diana said, she was ready to strike a blow with her sword towards Steve's head.

She tried to defend herself by pushing her, but getting punched, and with a sword close to her neck, close to decapitating him.

- I'm the fastest man alive, I can find any woman for me, Iris. - Barry said.

She walked over to Joker who was laughing on the floor with his throat almost crushed.

- What did you damn you.

- I took their inhibitions off. - Said Joker. - They will do what they always wanted. - Said the clown. – I just gave it a shove. - Said the clown.

They were close to killing them, piercing their heads, with their fists, almost vibrating, Nix ran towards a police microphone, she grabbed a bat and scratched it on the ground, drawing everyone's attention there, the sound of scratching was deafening, she had another weapon a bomb ready.

They stopped in a daze, she started to say.

- Nix, buddy. - Said Astro-Star with a drugged expression. - What you want? - He asked.

- Do you know what you're doing? – Nix questioned.

- You know what will happen if you kill. - Said Nix.

– I'm about to become a widower. - Said Astro-Star.

- And then? - Questioned Nix.

- We'll keep the money. - Said Astro-Star vulgarly swinging, looking drunk.

- I'll be, rich. - Barry said.

- I will be a very rich princess. - Diana said.

- We'll split the money. - Said Hal.

- Once on earth, I will be happy. - Said J'onn.

- It is, do you think, that? - Questioned Nix.

- Their souls will be damned. - Said Nix.

– You will remember this until the end of your lives. - He said.

- They'll give us money. - Diana said.

- For the time I was with Steve, it will be enough. - Diana said.

- Think with me. - Said Nix. – Trigon feeds on souls, her mission is to corrupt the souls around her. - Said Nix.

- This is the same thing as a politician's word, in an election campaign. - Said Nix.

- They can promise. - Said Astro-Star.

– They promise, yes, but they don't deliver. - Said Nix.

- They want to corrupt them. - Said Nix.

- They will not give anything to any of you. - Said Nix.

- Each of them are liars. - Said Nix.

– Lucifer is the prince of lies. - Said Nix.

– Who guarantees that they will comply with their words. - Said Nix.

- You will kill him, and have nothing but his blood and his death on your hands. - Said Nix.

- In addition to condemning themselves, they are condemning everyone who will be sacrificed to them. - Said Nix.

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