C14 Chapter 2.4

- You are not and will never be free after that. - Said Nix.

- They will never forget those days ahead, and this day will be the real day, where they will never forget. - Said Nix.

- You are ignorant to think otherwise. - Said Nix.

Astro-Star released Lois, and punched the ground.

- Damn those demons. - He growled.

Right. – Said each of the heroes stopping, and releasing their opponents.

- Right. - Said Nix.

They stayed still, and there was a crack in the ground, following Nix, the woman released a bomb of smoked kryptonite and an antidote towards everyone there, who coughed and recovered after a few minutes.

- You won't kill anyone else? - Questioned Nix.

They looked embarrassed, and looked towards Joker, who was tied up and restrained and led towards a waiting ambulance.

When the earth shook more and a crack appeared, which increased with a crater that sank with everything, and with them, the first to fall was Nix.

Kal. - Shouted Nix. Falling off the cliff.

Everyone screamed then, but tried to back away as vehicles were driven toward the craters that formed and sprawled, taking everything with them toward the precipice.

-Nix. – shouted Astro-Star, his hands, but being raised towards his, but being taken away, Astro-Star flew towards him to catch him, but there was a green glow.

- No. - Said the woman of steel, who lost her powers, every time they fall on top of Nix.

- Kryptonite. - Said Nix, the first to drill, from the shoulder to the stomach, Nix gasped, as he hit his head towards several ends, and a sharp rock at the end of the crack, and from the ends, it fell towards the ground, with a bone-crushing thud.

God, all the weight of Astro-Star next to two rocks, which pierced her horizontally, in a crooked perfection, entering the stomach between the vertebrae and the spine, and another, almost ripping out her lung piercing it and towards her shoulder almost ripped from his arm.

It was bleeding, some part piercing Astro-Star's shoulder, just the top piercing, not a puncture and a wound as extensive as Nix's, both pierced his vertebrae and spine.

Nix had a blackout, she found herself between a light, and then gasping for another blackout, she saw herself in a river of blood, spitting and watching someone pull him away.

At that time, she was naked, there were flashes of light, which took him towards that red river and his company, a beautiful androgynous woman with white hair, who came out and pulled him from the river.

Nix came back to reality and found himself in a sea of pain, she tried to speak, but blood came out.

- Nix are you with me? - Asked Astro-Star.

- I saw such a beautiful light. - Said Nix.

– I trust you will do the right thing.

- Nix, stay with me. - He said.

- You are good. - Said Nix

- She's calling me. - Said Nix.

-Nix. – Said Astro-Star, he was tied to Nix, he wouldn't have the strength.

- Do not go. - Said Astro-Star, she heard a gurgle of blood, and her heart thudded, she raised the hand that was not pierced and moved, she saw a person pulling him, by the hand.

'Come with me…' It was all Nix heard, before his heart stopped.

- I love you. - Said Astro-Star, but it was too late, his heart was no longer beating.

It was late, but the rescue arrived, Miraculous Woman, arrived helped by other paramedics and heroes, who had to use a chainsaw to pull the man off the woman.

Then rip it off without needing another job to disconnect the woman from Astro-Star.

Conventional technology couldn't save the woman who was dead, both heroes didn't give up.

The heart had been stopped for just over twenty minutes at the end of the rescue process.

They revived him towards the defibrillator.

- I do not know what to do. - Said a paramedic. – They looked towards the dead woman.

- Diana. - Said Astro-Star. - You help me? - Asked the woman of steel.

- Anything. - Diana said.

- A copy of the purple ray. - Said Astro-Star.

– We can bring her back. - Said Astro-Star.

Technology, and traditional science, could not do, nothing was beyond salvation, it had to be sewn together, but if it came back, it would be a vegetable.

They flew towards the Fortress of Solitude, and placed him in a suspended resuscitation tank.

The computer and robots have done their mission.

- She might not wake up. – Your computer said.

- No. - Said Astro-Star, they took him to an Apollian resuscitation tank.

- She'll wake up. - Said Astro-Star.

They took the woman in a cryogenic tank on Krypton, in the fortress of solitude, there would be no salvation, but Diana took that inert body towards the purple rays, after reconnecting all the wires and reconstructing the damaged tissues, and turning on the machines of the fortress. of loneliness.

There was an emergency message of an alien attack, just then, forcing them to step out towards the fight.

Exactly one week passed, until the end of the two-week cycle, Astro-Star volunteered to stay beside Diana in the fortress of solitude, they were monitoring Nix.

The woman who was in an Apollian tank, with an oxygen hose, with a life support, still with much of her body being rebuilt and reconnected.

Nix actually died, several times, it made him have an encounter with each of them, somewhere else outside the realms of death and life.

She found herself at a round table, sitting around them.

- I died? - Questioned Nix.

- Yes - Trigon said. – But you did well. - Trigon said.

- The serum you used helps in prolonging life. - Trigon said. – You just spent a lifetime. - Trigon said.

- It's up in my concept. - Trigon said.

- Cool, but what's the point? - Questioned Nix.

- You won. - Said Miguel.

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