C15 Chapter 2.5

- I didn't kill anyone. - Said Nix.

- Yes, you prevented them from killing and their souls were not condemned to the abyss. – Neron said.

– That made him a champion, someone who, without another form, did it because he believed that nothing good would come out of there. – Neron said.

- She won. - Trigon said.

- Are we in agreement? - Questioned Lucifer.

- We are. - They all said.

- So she managed to make them not kill. - Said Azazel.

- I would say she is the great warrior who stopped them from killing. - Said Mamon.

- Congratulations. – Lucifer said.

- You now will have another chance. - Said Azazel.

In the fortress of solitude exactly twenty minutes after Astro-Star and Miraculous Woman left.

Unbeknownst to her that she would be in a mystical gathering.

They left and it was exactly twenty minutes later and all the demons of the bet appeared in front of them, with the unconscious woman, inside the tank.

Trigon appeared in front of the tank and with the touch of his demonic power opened the tank's floodgate and placing him in that bed, each one of them touched his body.

Nix gasped and screamed, waking up then, fully recovering, jumping to his feet in a defensive position but looking toward each of them.

- So... - Nix said.

- And now? – Nix questioned.

- Do you know. - Trigon said there is more to the bet than we actually said. - Trigon said.

- Come with us. - Trigon said.

- Why...? – She questioned.

- Come on, come with us, we have a surprise. - Nekron said.

Nix accompanied them, she didn't seem to be there to argue.

Before the bets.

A few days ago in a bar...

She spent that night at the bar, simply wanted to forget, in a hidden corner of the night bar, with a huge cape, and hiding from view, she thought that a cape would cover up who she was, mistakenly, in the middle of her fourth bottle, someone sat at the your front.

When at last, touching the table, she lifted her face from the bottle, and it was...

- Trigon...?

- Like?

- Well... well... - Said the devil...

- What you want? - She asked.

In the end, the bar went dark, and people didn't come out, they watched, but not before she was overwhelmed by the demon's presence.

- I want to bet with you. - She said.

- Why...? - She thought of escape routes, but they appeared more around her, they were Trigon, Lucifer, Mamon, Michael, Rafael, Azazel, Neron, Spectro, Nekron and Phantom Stranger, all sat around the table.

- What are you all doing here...?

- We came to bet. - Trigon said as his spokesman.

- Bet what? - Questioned Nix.

- You wouldn't be interested? - Questioned Spectro.

- So what will you bet? - Questioned Nix apparently hopeless.

- The bet is as follows. - Lucifer said.

- At least 2 heroes from each of America's cities will kill. - He said. – An innocent. - Lucifer said.

- And who said that some hero will kill for each of you? – Nix questioned.

- Let's just stick to the question. – Neron said.

- For money. - Lucifer said.

- Which? - Questioned Nix.

- And what do you want with that? - Questioned Nix, she felt a headache, anger and rancor, and she knew it wasn't a hangover.

- For money. - Said Azazel.

- A lot of money. – Neron said.

- Apparently he'd be rich just by killing. - Said Nix.

- That, in addition to greed. - Said Azazel.

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