C20 Chapter 2.10

Since each other, and for statistical reasons, eventually one and another star will also collide, but compared to the number of stars that exist in these systems, this number is negligible.

Furthermore, as galaxies are composed of gas and dust, these mergers can also trigger the formation of new stars,

Since your space must be clean, that's why we have Zariel that eats stars, their sparks and their trails, since once, as the gas collides.

Then, with that, needing to cool down, it takes time, a few thousand to hundreds of years, which can be compressed and cool, needing help, in the case of the beast at the end of the galactic dragon Zariel that alternated between the triple forms.

With that, what would be causing it to happen and with it creating with the collisions, the new gravitational collapses of molecular clouds that will function as stellar cradles.

Let's say the same thing happened in at least one of the dimensions in an alternate reality of the Milky Way.

Our galaxy is also a "future dancer" in this spectacle of titans, which is estimated that in approximately 4.5 billion years, the Milky Way and Andromeda will collide and merge.

Some of them had the galactic collision between the Milky Way and Andromeda, which caused the end of the civilization known as the Andronians, a few thousand years ago, along with the end of human civilization.

Each reality happened at a specific time, which could not be said of each relatively galactic period, the explosion and death caused by the fissure and the asteroid hits are not pretty, when the priests became experts in measuring and calculating the time of trajectory.

In which with each Ausonia asteroid hits towards each version of Earth or planet across the universe, then they had to race against time and evacuate planets towards ships provided by the joined galaxies.

Some 2.5 million light-years away from us, it was probably in another, closer land.

What for the last time, on some specific planets, your measurements of the Doppler shift of the spectral lines of our neighboring galaxy show that Andromeda, in addition to being approaching, is on course for an inevitable collision.

Lovecraft County


Current time, after two weeks.

- Then. - Said Nix. – Besides I won a bet. - Said Nix.

- A trip. - Said Nix.

- Do you want the money? - Questioned Phantom Stranger.

Nix looked enraged.

- Of course I do. - He said.

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