C5 Chapter 1.5

Nix had to save the world, sometimes he expected Felicity to be relatively well at the mansion, or looking at the cave, but that's not what she found...

When she arrested those villains, tied towards the police station, arriving at the cave with the dragon-mobile...

Dragon Woman was the terror of the night.

The Dark Amazon.

Eduard was waiting for her.

- There's a problem, miss. – Said her faithful butler, she had barely arrived from a mission to rescue Kara from Akropolis, she felt guilty, and wanted to talk to the butler, but the air of question made him stop and stop his thoughts and guilt.

- What there was? – She questioned.

- Felicity was arrested. - Eduard said, she realized that by the air of the word.

- Because Felicity was arrested...? – Nixty Selenity Delphos questioned walking towards his old friend.

- She was stealing. - Said Eduard.

- Which? – That was the worst...

Nixty Selenity Delphos was at the police station, a few hours later, she asked to enter the interrogation room, hours after she was released.

Being able to say that what the police did not do, Nixty Selenity Delphos did, without being guilty of domestic violence of aggression against women, much less femicide, she had Amasteus by her side, making it clear that nothing she did would leave there.

Being able to say again that she cried in pain and she in rage.

- You don't pay attention to me. - Felicity shouted.

- Women don't go out there to steal because their bodybuilder wives don't pay attention. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos. – Even though I'm treated like a macho man. – Nix said.

- You lost our son. - She screamed.

- My body my Rules. - Felicity said.

- Not when you have a baby inside. – Rebutted Nixty Selenity Delphos.

- Since we're talking about my body my rules. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos, when he received a spit, after being slapped in the face.

- You want attention. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos roared.

- So I'll pay attention. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos.

That was a 1.88-tall, muscular woman who rivaled stronger men, even bodybuilders, yet she was still sexy, full-breasted and feminine, hiding her black hair under a dragon mask, plus , she was tall and scared her enemies… – Selenity was the ice queen with long black hair in a braid.

Then Nixty Selenity Delphos was turning her on his knee to spank her, only it didn't do more because when she took the belt off her pants to hit her, which wasn't the drop, in the midst of Felicity's kicking, and trying run away to get punched in the face, so, in and of itself, that was the drop.

In the end, she came out crying, at that moment, there was no evidence, bribing police and justice to cover up her lack of control.

At that time, when she was caught red-handed, and she didn't even think about taking her out of there, the anger and betrayal were greater, in fact, she talked to Amasteus, an old lawyer from her parents' time, he helped her to cover up the beating.

In the end, no one believed her, when she screamed that she was beaten up by her bodybuilder wife, they put in the forensic examination that the injuries were all due to falling through the roofs in the middle of the escape.

The divorce papers arrived when Felicity was still awaiting trial inside the jail, this time, she would make sure she stayed there for at least a year...

Reports said Felicity had a fit and nearly ate the divorce papers.

She had her escapades, but she didn't get caught, Nixty Selenity Delphos should have known that nothing between them would work, which even what Felicity did, helped and gave an excuse to break up.

It was six months of an unhappy marriage in the general opinion, not that it was bad actually, but there were rumors, where the divorce was quick and fell in the mouth of the people, the media fell on them, all because Lois leaked somehow that she never came to understand.

There were those who showed up there in the middle of the trial, claiming she was Felicity's lover, from villains to pickpockets, who had occasional deals, which in the end turned into a circus, she was the cuckold, all that, all the secrets of what she supposedly did on his back.

All her secrets that she supposedly did were unearthed, for her and Amasteus, thank goodness that Eduard traveled, practically, drugged and put on a plane with a security guard to prevent him from returning before two years.

It was in general opinion, a quick marriage, unlike Felicity, who was caught in the middle of a robbery, along with two other villains, it was Cat Man and Calendar Man.

In addition to Nocturne, who managed to escape, but were caught by DragonWoman in their escape, which she made on the way back when she arrived from Akropolis, when she least expected it to happen like this, so early.

Felicity, in turn, fell between alleys, when a policeman, fired in her direction.

Without knowing it, she could have picked it up, halfway to Lovecraft County, on her way back.

Amazingly, they will testify against her, all for a witch hunt, hooded thieves.

Lessening their penalty, wearing her as if they knew the mastermind of the biggest diamond in the world, and the British crown jewels, that she was the mastermind of the crime.

According to her, she should not be caught, which at that time, she wore a panther outfit, to differentiate from Cat Woman, as if another cat outfit with electric weapons was a big change, which did not prevent her from being unmasked in the Final.

Which was a good thing, it would be a problem if they stayed married, she had new plans, and she couldn't stay that long married to Felicity if she continued like this, which she didn't count, when she stopped paying attention to the woman and continued with the vigilantism.

Nixty Selenity Delphos had said, in hiding her identity better than she did, that somehow Felicity was taken towards the hospital, that's when she lost their baby.

Criminal examinations were performed, what hurt the most was the fall, it was what the exams said, it was a miscarriage, due to the fall, even if she said she should have stayed at home or wait for the child was born to be able to return to the supposed fight against crime, in the end...

Felicity had her secret escapades, while she faced off against Darkseid and went back to catch robbers from a museum, Felicity stole, all for the sake of the escapades.

In that period, Nixty Selenity Delphos made Eduard leave.

- I need a year alone. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos. – Or more than two. - She said towards Eduard.

The worried butler didn't agree, she offered a coffee towards the butler, when they drank, the butler fell into her arms.

She paid Eduard's extended vacation which would be a year, not to be there, so she could actually put her plans into action.

On second thought, Nixty Selenity Delphos thought it best, two years away from her, putting Eduard drugged towards a private plane, in short, the old man woke up in a luxury hotel.

Seeing that beside the bed, a personal friend of Nixty Selenity Delphos who would keep an eye on Eduard and wouldn't let him come back anytime soon, so Nixty Selenity Delphos could proceed with his plans.

The poor butler called her in a rage about rights and kidnappings, but Nixty Selenity Delphos was literally adamant.

What this did not coincide with his return, doing this kind of thing with a man who had treated him like a son and was a supposed father to her, Nixty Selenity Delphos laughing and said, that life was not always what they wanted.

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