C6 Chapter 1.6

Forcing the old butler, for a trip around the world, with everything paid, to know every part of the planet earth, she would have a guide who would keep an eye on her, to leave him alone, and with that, not stop him from doing what she had in mind....

- As you can do this to me, I did everything for you. - Said the butler on the phone.

- I don't understand, what's going on? - Eduard shouted.

- Eduard, you won't make it back for a year, it's no use at all, I need you to stay out of Lovecraft County. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos.

- I don't need any of that. - Said his butler.

- By the way. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos. – The cards would be blocked and monitored, for withdrawals and certain amounts, they would have to call me directly, and you would not be able to return before the established time.

- Damn, boss, this is kidnapping. - Said Eduard.

Nixty Selenity Delphos needed to plan, and those plans didn't include Eduard, nor her prior knowledge of what she intended to do.

- No, it's not kidnapping, I didn't put you in private jail, nor did I arrest you somewhere, I'm sending you towards various parts of the world, you can very well enjoy your time. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos.

In Felicity's case this year, she wouldn't have to worry about her for quite a while, unless she ran away.

She'd be stuck in the Black Gate for a year if she didn't run away, and if she did, she'd be an outlaw, by then, she'd have time to plan, what to do while she wouldn't have either Eduard or Felicity to get in the way.

Keeping Dick away, and any of the boys, and also a plan to keep the members of the Warriors Society away.

She would have a few weeks to plan...

4 weeks later...

Nixty Selenity Delphos got involved in gambling, and it was a bookmaker that no hero would enter, but with demons that would, that was just an invitation, which she accepted, it was interesting to say, that she was inspired.

Initially, she shouldn't, but she did, it wasn't against the rules, but no one stopped her from doing it either.

4 weeks after the demons bet...

Nixty Selenity Delphos found herself falling towards some ruins, there was an earthquake, she fell from the crater, falling towards cracks and with a part of her trunk being perforated, vertically.

She had a sharp rock, which had pierced her vertically its thin tip, with a thick extension, pierced from her shoulder towards a lung.

As she broke her spine in the fall, at that time, Nixty Selenity Delphos didn't know if she was going to die from the hemorrhage, or from her punctured lung, or if they were left alive on a bed.

There were several sharp rocks near her spine, the fall itself that made her break her spine, she didn't move, above her, she'd seen, not counting the fact of that sharp rock.

That was Astro-Star that was on top of her, a part of the tip of the sharp rock, had pierced Astro-Star's shoulder that was on top of her.

- Nixty Selenity Delphos... - Astro-Star tried.

- I know you're a good person, but I don't think, I'll last. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos.

- They will arrive. - Said Astro-Star.

- Do not speak. – Tried Nixty Selenity Delphos. - Stay quiet. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos.

- It's so beautiful. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos.

Astro-Star felt the hot blood splash and spread on that floor, his body in Nixty Selenity Delphos, feeling the blood, there was debris around them.

- I do not know. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos. – I had faith in you, that I wouldn't do anything wrong. - He said.

- Shut up Nixty Selenity Delphos. - He requested. – I hear your heart.

- You're heavy, Klaus. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos.

The vision of the man beneath her blurred, she saw a light, she was a beautiful person, she didn't know if it was a man or a woman, what mattered was that she was beautiful, and she held out her hand reaching out towards her,

- Come with me. - Said the voice.

- Yes, I'll go with you. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos, she raised her hand from the arm that was not pierced, whose blood spread on the floor, she took the hands of this beautiful red-haired man.

- It's so beautiful. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos, you're calling me, she extended the hand that took it.

Nix fell into unconsciousness when, she heard a scream, followed by a light.

Three weeks ago.

There was a particularly loud earthquake that wasn't destructive because of Astro-Star and some Apoligus.

Taking place on the busy streets of Goldens Valle, it had fractured, at some Luther properties, which in the meantime, was an old building, or even what was Luther's property, were working directly for her.

In the experts and scholars, and scientists to make studies they were sending, scholars and archaeologists, which there were in the course of research.

They discovered ruins, an ancient city with temples relatively intact under the sewers of Goldens Valle the entire city had other buildings they were researching, among these there was an ancient civilization, mummifications, and ancient ones, before the year 1300.

There were tunnels that collapsed, that for more than a month or so were doing the research.

Among them was organized by Luther, which they were funding out of pure interest, besides there were many relics and monuments, besides what would be an image, statues of what would be a huge bat man.

These were three images that interspersed a reptilian man like a demon or dragon, there was in the center the form of a man and in the extreme a hybrid form between the three forms, there were inscriptions, it would give money with excursions and tourism.

It all started a few weeks before...

Many archaeologists were hired and she was directly engaged in

Being poor wasn't easy, and getting old wasn't easy either...

Because of Joker, she couldn't maintain the DragonWoman persona for long, spent her afternoon with a headache, and headed towards the cave, she was supposed to go out drinking, thinking about her retirement.

- The woman did not speak, if a miracle happened and she changed her mind, yes.

She needed some time, the headache was really increasing to the point of looking for a doctor.

It was at the end of that week, she had some tests done, the diagnosis came.

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