C7 Chapter 1.7

Terminal brain tumor, stage 4, there was no stage 5... which would be unnecessary and all a cheap thrill.

There were some investigations, which would prevent that if she told anyone, caused a stir, which she didn't need.

It wouldn't last long as a crime fighter if she in turn didn't come up with a miracle beyond the Wells of Flamel, or if she earned some money that would prolong her life, but let's face it.

Nixty Selenity Delphos didn't want to prolong her life too long... unless she could do it in a way that had less consequences, Wells of Flamel was out of the question.

Now, she found out that it wouldn't last at all, she needed some time away, she wouldn't live at all, her life gave what it had to, she did her best.

Lately, she thought about sending a letter, to avoid complications, to everyone there, she needed a break, a sabbatical from the cover, which wouldn't really be a year.

It would be a lifetime longer, but she changed her mind, and simply said, when she held an urgent meeting in the Watch Tower gathering all the heroes there around the big table and meeting.

- I'll take a gap year for myself, at the end of the month I'll travel. - He said. – And if all goes well I'll come back. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos.

- Today will be my last day at Warriors Society. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos. - At least for a while. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos.

- What are you going to do, bat? – She Green Arrow.

- I will go on a journey of self discovery, and train again. - Said DragonWoman.

- Will you come back later? – It was Hal.

– Not yet, I won't come back. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos.

– I'm getting too old to fight. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos.

– There are a lot of people who are stronger than me. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos.

- I also do not want to go back for now, I have to enjoy a little.

– Take a gap year. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos.

- I have to keep the bones that I still have. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos.

- I want to enjoy my old age that is coming. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos.

– I don't want to fight anymore, at least for now. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos.

– I will leave the new generation. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos.

- So, a year without you, bat. - Said Hal.

- One year. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos. – I will travel at the end of the month. - Said Nixty Selenity Delphos.

As far as she knew, they were projected, like holograms, and was seen by all the screens, only the backs of their bodies as seen.

The Presence appeared above them, accompanied by others, like Lucifer and Neron and the others who appeared beside her in the bar, that Nixty Selenity Delphos drank, she looked around.

His images appeared like mirrors of water, above the clouds and buildings of Lovecraft County, Goldens Valle, Central City, Star City and every other superheroic city.

Astro-Star appeared above the skies and buildings of Goldens Valle and tried to punch the faces of The Presence to no avail, but it went right past her.

- We didn't come here to fight. – Lucifer said. – But to propose a deal. - Said the angel of the morning.

- We are here to announce to all heroes a way to earn money. that will be worth gold. - Said The Presence

- We propose to all heroes, they are not obliged to do it if they do not want to. - Trigon said.

- What do you think we would do that? - Asked Astro-Star. – Do you think we'll do something for you? - Asked the man of steel.

- They won't be obliged, but if they do. - Trigon said. – You will receive 700 billion dollars and 30 gold bars.

Two heroes innocent of sin from each of the cities, without being obliged to do so, must, if they want to kill, in two weeks, 7 innocent people. - Trigon said.

– The villains are not worth, you may or may not kill of your own free will. - Trigon said. – No obligation. - Trigon said.

Above the clouds rose a sky of gold, and a huge pointed tower floating at its tip a box of dollars, opening them, and revealing to all the gold bars and dollars rising in front of all heroes, and then returning to box.

- You kill if you want. - Trigon said. – You don't have to. - Said the devil.

- Within two weeks, you must decide whether to kill or not. - Trigon said.

- The tower is protected, and will not be able to leave there in less than two weeks, those who try will regret it. - Said another creature.

It was announced, on the news, and it went on the internet, broadcast it on all the TV channels networks, and nothing else was said, apart from that for the two days in a row until the end of the week.

Everyone saw and heard the story, everyone there, feeling the pressure and the power...

Yes, they only said the heroes they could kill.

Astro-Star looked towards the sky, and seeing around him the black tower with the gold at its tip on top of it.

- It can not be. - Said Astro-Star.

- Who would kill for money, a hero wouldn't do that.

Astro-Star called a meeting at the Watch Tower later that afternoon.

The heroes gathered in the Watch Tower, if that was enough, Luther set up a march and a press conference, about the danger of Astro-Star, that not even the Boy Scout could ignore a sum of money with this one.

Astro-Star saw Nixty Selenity Delphos' chair being occupied by another DragonWoman.

- What would she earn giving us money to kill?

- See how low we've sunk? – Ravena made an attempt.

- She could see us corrupt and with that, she would have innocent souls being led to the abyss of fear. - Raven said.

DragonWoman looked towards everyone and said. – Corrupt. - He said. - At best.

- Why didn't she choose a villain? - Questioned Zatana.

- Do you really think we will make money if we kill an innocent? - Constantine questioned.

- If they said that anyone could kill, then in the first hour they had already killed. - Zatana said.

- It's much better to see a hero corrupting and maintaining than a villain, she has already been corrupted, and they kill for money, anyone would see, that there would be no fun in not having rules. - Said DragonWoman.

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