C9 Chapter 1.9

- And you know she doesn't kill. – Crocodile said.

- But we don't know about this new one. - Said Riddler.

- She had thousands of opportunities to kill you and she didn't, and it was free. - Said Penguin. - Because she would kill an innocent, even now for money.

- Power corrupts, isn't it? - Questioned The Riddler. – And greed makes you do crazy things.

- We can play a little, make them angry, enough to cause a complication and go crazy to the point of killing and taking it out on an innocent. - Said Riddler

- Does murder by mistake count? - Questioned Riddler.

- Come on, see the biggest madman who caused chaos to the point of madness, would be you. - Said Riddler.

- Since we're not doing anything. - Said Riddler. - Why not? - Questioned Nygma.

- You wouldn't do it for money? - He said. – Did you see that amount? - Questioned Two Face. – That's 700 billion dollars and 30 gold bars. - He said. – That makes anyone greedy. - She said.

- What would we gain from her killing? - Questioned Joker. – Besides of course seeing him kill an innocent. - He said. – Come on guys, see the circus catch fire.

- She could split the money with us if we found the victim. - Nygma proposed.

- Since when, would any hero share money with us? – Crocodile asked.

- Why not? - Questioned Nygma.

- Because if a person kills an innocent, since when, would he care not to kill us? - Questioned Harley Quinn appearing.

- What if we kidnap a hero's ally. - Nygma proposed. – If we have any hostages. - Tried Riddler.

- She wouldn't mind a villain. – Harley Quinn said. – And he would kill everyone in front of him.

- How about we at least have fun, forget about that part. - Said Joker. – How about chaos by chaos. - Said Joker.

- Yes. - They said around. – Making glasses clink.

She, yes, they would try to get the gold.

While the dumbest ones, in every way, all to a lesser and greater degree were turned into beasts, as well as being electrocuted, a mountain of pigs walking back as they tried to get the money boxes from that spiky tower.

Among the villains, bets began to occur on who would kill first.

Leda Lake was looking for a story, ignoring most of the screaming and madness of heroes.

During that week, reporters were approaching the heroes about those issues.

It was the heights of crime in each of the cities, they took several hostages throughout the week, itself, every time they showed up and a hero emerged, the villains used children as a shield.

There were several cases of kidnappings throughout the week.

Leda Lake was covering superhero reporting on murdering the innocent.

- Lois. - Perry said in front of him in the office of the daily planet.

- You're dismissed for the rest of the month. - He said.

- Which...? - Lois said.

- No... - Lois said. – No… – I said again. - It is not right.

- For is the source of all Astro-Star's troubles, some imbecile villain can use you to force him to kill an innocent. - He said.

– Do not come back here before the end of the month. - Perry said.

- Who said Astro-Star kills? - Shouted Lois.

- The street informants. - Perry said. “They stole a shipment of kryptonite, and fear gas. - Perry said.

- Who said that? - Asked Lois.

- Me. - Jimmy said. – I discovered an informer who leaked that they stole coming to Goldens Valle

- Men hallucinating have done the worst. - Perry said.

- While drugged aliens, hallucinate and kill, even if they don't want to. - He said.

– She might think you're the Apocalypse. - Perry said.

“In addition to me doing a story about his death, I'll do a story supporting Luther. - Perry said.

- The rules are clear, Perry, she can only willingly kill an innocent. - Lois said. – And no thanks. - Lois said.

- That's not what I knew. - Perry said. - If you stay, I will call the police and you will be being escorted off the daily planet. - He said. – I will plead national security. - Perry said.

- Boss please. - Tried Lois.

- If you prove it to me. - Perry said. – Who won't be killed by Astro-Star. - Perry said. – Thinking you're a super villain. - Perry proposed. - I allow. - Said his boss.

Lois, fuming, went to her desk, grabbed her things, and headed down the street by the elevator.

Nixty Selenity Delphos, followed Lois, with her dark glasses, she bumped into herself coughing and feeling sick, almost falling, the woman almost got angry, but turned around in time when she realized the man was feeling sick, it was a good disguise for that leper, being unrecognizable.

- My God. - Lois said. - Are you okay? – She questioned.

- I'll get better. – He said, sitting on the bench, a little shaky and unsteady.

She released him when she got up, not noticing that she had put a tracker on her, watching her, and then following the next day monitoring her, and watching Diana's actions, throughout the day, and throughout the week.

Some of them bet on DragonWoman, even not seeing him for a long period of time, since a month before, they would manage to induce him to kill.

There were several press rallies that Luther made arguing that Astro-Star was as fallible as anyone who would be a danger to the world, and should be arrested throughout the week until the test period was over.

A Wonder Woman was about to break a villain's neck and her sword nearly pierced the shoulder of an innocent caught in an ambush and used as a shield.

Each of the heroes at some point were caught in the crossfire between villains who looked like an assault group, they showed up, took Astro-Star, Wonder Woman out of their minds, they made an attack, came and went the moment they acted.

That week, Wonder Woman was held back by Astro-Star who was trying to prevent her from killing one of the criminals who used a hostage as a shield in addition to bombs attached to her.

After they calmed down, Astro-Star also lost control by the group of revenge and assault that followed.

- Do you think they would really give us money if an innocent dies? - Barry questioned.

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