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C1 Rebirth

"You vicious evil woman, why did you give my mother fried meat balls? You clearly know that her blood pressure is too high, yet your spleen and stomach aren't good enough for her to eat? It caused her to vomit and vomit all over the place. Half of her life has been taken away.

As he spoke, the furious Fu Xinlang viciously beat his wife up.

Kang Ying struggled out of the way as she screamed, "I didn't mean to cook meat balls for her. Grandma has been talking about how delicious the meat balls are these past few days, so I didn't have any choice but to cook them for her!"

"My son, this woman is too evil. I only said that meatballs are delicious, how could she say that I want to eat fried meatballs?" There was only one dish of meat yesterday afternoon, so I had no choice but to eat it! She really inverts black and white! "

Fu Xinlang's mother, Mei Niang, was standing in the living room with her hands covering her stomach. She looked at Kang Ying with hatred in her eyes.

"It was Granny who was always complaining about how delicious the meatballs were, and I was the one who had to fry them for you. Who knew that after you finished them all in one go, you would eat so much?" Kang Ying tried to defend herself.

"You still dare to be stubborn? You actually dare to say that my mother was raised by me all by herself and you say that she is not?" I'll beat you to death, you little bitch! "

Fu Xinlang raised his foot and kicked her in the chest. Kang Ying was kicked by him and flew backwards like a kite with its string cut. Her head hit the corner of the cabinet in the living room. Her vision went dark and she lost consciousness …

Seeing that she didn't move, Fu Xinlang was scared. He went up to her and used his hand to feel her breath. He exclaimed:

"Oh no, it looks like there's no air!" Could he have beaten her to death? It's over. What should we do? I'm going to jail for killing someone! "

When Mei Niang heard this, she anxiously touched Kang Ying's neck before a look of being saved appeared on her face. "Aiya, she still has a pulse. Hurry and send her to the hospital."

As Kang Ying woke up in the hospital, her head was aching. Countless images of her not belonging flashed through her mind. She had an oxygen tube in her mouth, her hand was bound by a band for measuring her heartbeat and her blood pressure.

Where is this place? Why was she in the hospital?

Kang Ying only remembered the screams as her Boeing plane crashed to the ground, then the flash of fire in front of her eyes and she knew nothing. When she opened her eyes, she was in the hospital.

Her eyes slowly focused, and she could see a poster hanging at the end of the bed. It showed a fat baby holding a big fish, smiling.

What kind of promotional picture is this? Looking at this rich ancient morning promotional picture, Kang Ying wanted to laugh, but when she saw the year written on the picture, she was stunned. 1991, something didn't seem right …

At that moment, a powerful wave of information flooded into her mind. It took Kang Ying half an hour to understand the situation she was in.

She did die in the plane crash, but her soul transmigrated and was reborn into Kang Ying, who had the same name as her in 1991.

This woman was also quite pitiful. After being beaten to death by her husband, she just so happened to take over her body.

Kang Ying could not help but sigh. She was actually reborn. In her previous life, when she was unmarried until the age of 38, she had not only married, but had also married a tiger or wolf type husband and had fallen into the hands of a poisonous scorpion like mother-in-law.

Her husband, Fu Xinlang, had repeated his university entrance examination for three years and finally managed to enter the local Lu County Academy. Although it was a university, according to the current policy, the country could still be distributed after graduation.

Fu Xinlang was a mummy. He grew up with his widowed mother Mei Niang. His mother was also very attached to him, so he had a bit of a sycophantic feeling.

After Fu Xinlang failed in his first college entrance examination, his mother Mei Niang happened to have a serious illness. In order to make his son feel at ease and prepare for the exam, Mei Niang came up with an idea for Fu Xinlang to marry an honest and kind Kang Ying.

From then on, the cowardly Kang Ying worked hard at Fu Family, not only had to earn money to support the mother and son of Fu Family, she also had to operate outside the home, and endure the humiliation of the mother and son of Fu Family. After being married for three years, Fu Xinlang did not even share a room with her, and the excuse was to not affect his studies, and at the same time, he had to take care of his sick mother.

After Fu Xinlang received the notice of admission to university, his attitude towards Kang Ying became even more serious. He felt that he had become a person of honor, and disliked Kang Ying. A few days ago, he grabbed onto some bad news and started to beat Kang Ying up.

This is such a pitiful girl. Kang Ying sighed inwardly. She didn't know if the original owner still had any remaining consciousness. She silently said in her heart:

Sister, don't worry. Since I've helped you live a new life, I will avenge you. Let this vicious mother and son get what they deserve!

Just as he said that, the ward's door creaked open. It was Mei Niang and Fu Xinlang's mother who walked in.

Kang Ying quickly closed her eyes and pretended to be unconscious. She didn't know how to face them, so she simply closed her eyes and ignored them.

"Oh no, she hasn't woken up in a week. The doctor said that her brain is injured, if she doesn't wake up soon, she will turn into a vegetable. If he became a vegetable, the cost of hospitalization would be several hundred yuan per day. Wouldn't he be raising a big burden? How could our family have that much money to treat her? " "" Fu Xinlang said angrily.

Mei Niang seemed to ponder for a while before murmuring, "If she doesn't wake up, we'll have to remove the tube in three days. How can we support her like this? I can't even take medicine for my illness, so it's her turn. "

"Yo, Mom, that's a good idea. Anyway, the doctor said so, it's no use if he turns into a vegetable. " Fu Xinlang agreed.

Kang Ying almost shivered when she heard that the two of them could decide a person's life in such a relaxed manner. If it weren't for the fact that she restrained herself, she thought it was a good thing she woke up in time.

"We'll observe for three days first. Although it'll cost a lot more for one more day, the doctor seems to be suspicious of Kang Ying's injuries. I heard them talking about whether they should call the police or not." If we were to talk to the doctor about the matter of withdrawal now, I'm afraid it would trigger the situation. " Fu Xinlang said in fear.

"Don't worry about calling the police. The main healer is your aunt's cousin's son. I'll go inform him later."

Mei Niang said confidently. The small town was this good. It was a place to be intimate with others. Grabbing a thread would be able to draw out a string of relatives.

"Great! Mom has a way!" Fu Xinlang's tone suddenly became relaxed.

"Ai, child, you are too impulsive. How did you beat her to such a state? "Don't be so ruthless next time. You'll have to pay for yourself to cure your illness if you break it." Mei Niang complained.

"Isn't it just watching her torment you that pisses me off? Besides, I've already passed my university entrance examinations, so it's useless for her. It's better for me to divorce her. " Fu Xinlang spoke his true thoughts.

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