Desire/C1 Meeting Kim
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Desire/C1 Meeting Kim
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C1 Meeting Kim

My mom is going to kill me.

Amber thought whiles walking on the streets to the market..........

Why are you late.!!!....her mom shouted

Amber: am sorry mom( she said with a sad face)

You are such a bad girl..... I fed you, cloth you and this is what I get in returns... Her mom shouted.

Tears started flowing freely from Amber's eyes, her mom was about to hit her when she was interrupted by Jake.( Amber's childhood friend).

Jake: aunty!..... The landlady wants to see you .

(Jake said that because the landlady is the only she was scared of)

Where is she. She asked

At her house Jake answered

Amber's mom left......

Amber: oh thanks Jake I owe you one....

Jake: what's our friends for..... Anything for you... Amber.

Amber looked at Jake and smiled

There was silence for a while

Amber: wait!.....

Jake: what.... ( Looked surprised)

Amber: did you actually set my mom up .......

They all looked at each other... They broke into a deep laughter 😂

Jake: what do you want me to do she was about to hit my best friend in the whole wide world.... And you expect me do nothing...( He made a serious face).

Amber looked at him smiled and touched his hand " thanks Jake..she said.


Amber was sent by her mom. As she was walking along the roadside she heard a voice of a woman screaming..... She traced the voice bad came across a woman who was drunk..

Amber: miss please are you okay

The woman looked at her

Woman: who are you?.....

Amber: my name is Amber..... Please where do you stay?

Just as the woman was about to answer, she passed out

No! No! Miss please wake up ....Amber said but she was already gone cause she was heavily drunk.

Luckly...Amber saw her phone ringing....

Thank goodness... She said...

She had saved the number son....

Amber: hello...


Hmmm pls this is not your mom . My name is Amber and your mom just passed out ...

What!!! ..... He shouted..... Where ... He asked

Amber gave him directions and in no time Amber saw a car approaching her.....

The drivers stepped down.

He approached Amber

Are you Amber. He asked..

From the moment he stepped out of the car and started walking towards her Amber felt like standing on the altar waiting for her prince charming.....

He looked gentle and handsome . He walked flawlessly .....

Are you Amber...

She back to reality....

Amber: .hmmm yes

So where is my mom ...he asked

Oh this way . Amber took the lead..

Amber: oh my ... She was right here ..

What do you mean she was Right here .... He made a serious face and asked......

I don't know I left her here to meet you . Amber added.....

You know what let's start looking for her..he suggested...

Yh you are right she wouldn't have gone far.... She added

You go left bad I will go right. Amber said....

His face changed....

Amber: what's wrong?

Am new here remember .... We have to go together...he made a cute face

Amber just knew he was scared

Okay let's go right... Amber added

No that place is too scary let's just go Left he said......

But I thought you were seriously looking for your mom Amber said .

Yeah! I am ....

Amber smiled and moved on...

Amber started calling out.Miss! Miss!......

Whiles he was also saying mom! Mom! .....

Amber looked kinda funny and this made the gentleman smiled at her without her noticing.

Finally they came across her

He runn towards his mom

He carried his mom in his arms and walked to his car without showing any sign of tiredness.

Wow...!! He is really strong . Amber thought.

Thank you he finally said ..

Can I drop you at home ...

That was when Amber realized she had being sent and she is now in a deep shit

Oh my goodness I have to go.... She said in a hurried voice...

Just let me drop you kk....

Okay Amber said

" You can drop me here "

"Okay "

I didn't get to even know your name .. he added.

She didn't mind him

Anyway am Kim. Immediately the car stopped Amber jumped out and started running......

Kim: I didn't even get to know your name ...

But Amber was already gone

Guys am a new writer so pls

Pardon me when I make mistakes

Thanks for reading my book

God bless you 😇❣️

New chapter is coming soon
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