Destined to be broken/C4 I HATE YOU!
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Destined to be broken/C4 I HATE YOU!
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“Sasha.” The elderly woman woke her up. “Don’t you want a discharge and leave this hospital.?”

She immediately woke up with an excitement and nodded.

“The doctor had allowed you to go home. But promise me one thing, you will always take care of yourself.”

She grinned at her and squealed, “Thank you so much. Sorry to say but except your presence everything here suffocates me. I can’t wait to go back home and live like before. And I can’t wait to go away from him. His existence is torturous.”

“Oh baby! Why are you so salty at Alex. He is such a nice guy. And he really cares for you. When he brought you here, he didn’t left your side until you was stable enough, he even denied to treat his own wounds.” Her nurse said making her heart stutter in awe.

She felt she was hallucinating, after what happened between them months ago she never ever in her prettiest fantasy thought of him caring for her. Can this heartless heartbreaker mend hearts too? She thought.

“Are you ready?” His voice broke her trail of thoughts. She looked at the owner of the voice and felt the heat rise up to her cheeks.

"Ummmm.. Yea." she stammered as he observed her intentionally. Sasha didn't knew that he still have an effect on her until now. Didn't she thought she had moved on?

Fidgeting with her fingers Sasha finally thought to retort back at him. Get him out of her life before he invades her system, again.

"Thank you so much for your help Alex but I think I am stable now." She retorted with a stern look, glaring straight in his eyes, "I will give Shelly a call, she can pick me up. You can go now. I won't burden you anymore."She whispered the last part with a heavy heart. The moments they shared, the time they spent together and the pampering she received from him maybe a gesture of love for her, but she had realized in the past few months that it meant nothing to him. It all started with a time pass and after a while she was a burden to Alex.

'The worst feeling in the world is being a burden on someone. The feeling that the person whom you love with all your heart, for whom you can jump into the well, feels nothing for you. For him you are just a barrier between him and his happiness.'

She thought as her heart crumpled inside the cage of her chest.

She looked at him who was still staring at her with an unknown emotion oozing out of his eyes. Blinking off the desire in his eyes, he walked towards her with a devilish smirk.

"There is no need to call Shelly squirrel." He stepped dangerously close to her, placing his palms flat on the bed on each side of her petite figure. "You are coming with me, To my place, to your old house."

Her cheeks immediately caught a shade of crimson, as her heart fluttered like a bird in need.

"And what makes you think that?" she cried," I will die rather than coming back in that house."

Alex left a sarcastic laugh as his eyes grew darker, indicating a warning to her. He had always been a short tempered guy and she is always scared of his anger.

"I heard your beloved father's condition is deteriorating day by day?" He snapped at her, "Aren't you working day and night to well up an amount for his operation? Don't worry, I will take care of him.

She looked at him perplexed. Of course she was the only one to share her father's condition with him but his voice, his aura and his dark eyes alarmed her. This topic had always been a sensitive topic for them and unlike today he had always portrayed love and care towards it.

"I will make sure he is operated as soon as possible. A team of doctors is already on their way to your village." he said, but she knew something is fishy. "They will operate him in the comfort of his own village, in the nearby hospital."

"And why would you that?" she whispered arching a brow, "Last time I saw you were all after my happiness, than what made you change your mind? Are you doing this out of pity? Look mister I maybe poor but I don't accept charity. I don't need your help, I can take care of my father on my own."

"Who told you it's out of pity or its charity. Everything in this world have a price squirrel." He smirked and said, " I will do a favor on your family and you will pay me for that. You want money, I want you." He stated, walking in the room, darting his gaze at her, "All you have to do is work in my office, stay at my house, be with me 24/7 and live your life according to me."

She felt anger boiling in her veins "How can you think about it Alex! How can you stoop so low? Do I look like a girl like that to you? My dignity is my life, If I wanted to earn money like that I would have been richer than you. I don't understand, how can you think of bringing an another girl, a slave in your life when you are already committed." She growled with tears glistening in her eyes.

He was taken aback by her sudden outburst. "Just shut up!" He scowled, "Just stop using that dirty mind of yours. I wasn't asking you to be my personal slave or anything. All I want is an assistant for my office and a friend for Daisy. Who can spend some time with her because this place is quite foreign for her. I was talking about a professional relation Sasha not a personal one. How can you think about that? Ewww.. what have you turned yourself into?"

She felt the need to hide immediately. Sasha prayed for the earth to split up and pull her inside it, hiding her from him. She mentally slapped herself for being such a thinker. "Whatever it is, I am not going to be in your life in any way. I loathe you Mr. Alex."

"Think about it once again Sasha. Do you hate me more than you love your father? The man who sacrificed his happiness, who compromised his whole life for you, who fell on bed working for you, is helpless now. All he have is you." He mocked with the most dangerous voice, "You have two options, forget your emotions for a second and think about your family, bring back the colors in their life, grant them an another life or just muster a few coins each month and wait for your father to die and your mother, who is already falling in depression, go mad. Choice is all yours Miss Sasha. And yes, I promise you that there won't be anything else than a professional relation between us, after all I can't cheat on Daisy."

Tears made their way out of her eyes, she felt like destiny was literally playing games with her. She can't bear him for just a few seconds, how will she survive with him when he is always in front of her eyes. She would have said a big, firm no but this time it's her family on stake. She knew the amount needed for his father's operation is huge, and if he isn't treated soon he would never be able to get off the bed, can she risk her father's life for her own comfort. This man really know how to throw his cards.

"So Miss Sasha, should we get going." with a heavy heart she gave him a nod.

She felt herself being trapped in his web.

Inhaling a deep breath, she wiped her tear-stained cheek with the back of her sleeves. Mustering enough courage to fight with her demon, she was ready to play.

Slipping on her feet in the slippers, Alex just placed in front of her. She tried standing on her feet when a shooting pain shook her and she slumped on the bed again.

Alex was fast to hold her. Shaking her head, he placed his one arm below her neck and the other below her knees, scooping her in his arms. She felt her heart beat rising as her arms encircled around his neck for support.

Sasha felt the butterflies rise in her stomach doing somersaults taking away her breath.

“I.. You... A wheelchair.” She blabbered, but he glared at her and their eyes drowned together. The sun ray kissed his face lightly, as the hint of green in her gray orbs shined with grace. Her heart was thumping wildly, this had always been her weakness. She loved the way his eyes looked in sun. As if the pieces of golden glass scattered in his green iris. A familiar emotion of care, tranquility and.. and love reflected from his eyes. But was it true? She had always seen this emotion in his eyes before until that day when he finally returned in the city after a long holiday. He was completely changed after that. Do he still feel something for her? She thought as her heart filled with love and pain.

After what felt like eternity, he tore his eyes from her and walked them towards the corridor. Her nurse rushed in with a wheel chair but he shook her off.

Walking along with him, he settled her in the passenger seat of his Lamborghini that was a deep color of violet. Their head banged lightly as he tried setting her on her seat. He immediately backed off, banging his head again on the frame of the door., Sasha flinched and involuntarily her hand reached the back of Alex's head where he just got hurt. Their eyes met again and they were caught into the moment until Sasha realized what she is doing, she immediately pulled her hand back, averting her gaze, facing the opposite side.

He jumped in the driver's seat and started the car. The color of this car itself brought a chain of memories to Sasha.

"Black? seriously Alex?" Sasha mocked, "What a boring theme. It should be Violet."

"Violet? Ewwww." Alex scrunched.

"Yes, Just imagine, One day, we will have that model of Lamborghini, painted in a deep shade of violet. It will be an epitome of perfection," Sasha dreamed, pointing at a car put on display in a Lamborghini showroom.

'Never.." Alex remarked as they sat on a bench opposite to a Lamborghini showroom, licking their ice-creams and dreaming about their future.

She thought what would have brought a change in his mind, he never liked an idea of a violet Lamborghini, he was stuck on a black colored one. She realized how rich he had became in just a few months. So rich that she feels cheap to him now. She rested her head on the window as the medicines did their job, pulling her again into the hollow of sleep.

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