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C2 Maisie Peters

Episode 2


Claudia walked into her underground cave with fiery eyes. She was angry at herself and her sister. At herself, because she wasn't able to get the names of those special people, and at her sister because she was just too stubborn to give in.

She took deep breaths to keep her emotions in check.

Over time she has become very powerful so she reveled in the fact that none of the other guardian vampires can apprehend her even if they wanted to.

She had built a lot to her name and she isn't done yet. She will need to lie low first and gather more strength because she will not only rule the human world but Arcola as well.

"Bring them in" she heard someone command from the entrance and she instantly knew who it was.

"You never cease to amaze me, Conner. Despite knowing the kind of power I possess, you still come here unafraid" She spoke softly before moving towards the high chair that signifies a throne and lowered herself onto it.

"I come bearing gifts," he tells her and she smirks while he signaled them inside. "A little present to start up your appetite"

His bodyguards forcefully pushed them inside, trampling them at her feet.

"You are playing with fire Connor and it fascinates me" she gave a cynical smile.

"You promised me that I would be the next mayor of Boulevard."

"I make a lot of promises trust me. Like when I told my clan that I would be a guardian vampire, I ran away from home" she responds casually.

"But you saved my life and I promised to help you out whatever way I can and in return, you promised me the entire town of Boulevard".

Claudia looked at the man and smiled at his foolishness. He's making a bargain with a devil but what he doesn't know is that the devil doesn't make promises. The only reason she agreed to this was because of the blood that he was offering her. Hunting at night could be tiring for someone who was trying to hide out from the rest of her clan so why do the hard work when someone else could do it for her?.

She stood up from her chair and slowly walked towards the captives that were presented before her. She lowered herself to one of the girls so she could become leveled with her and slowly trailed her fingers from her hair down to her chin.

The girl whimpered as she felt her cheeks becoming wet. She was scared out of her wits and it only encouraged Claudia to continue with whatever she was doing.

"You seem frightened"

She shook her head no.

"Honey, you have every right to be frightened. You're about to be my very own snack." She tells her while she quivered.

"Please don't hurt me"

"I won't baby trust me. It will only sting a bit," she replied tilting her head a bit slightly to expose her neck and in a swift moment, bit the jaguar vein in her neck and sucked out the blood till she turned pale.

The others who saw this screamed at the top of their voices but Claudia just shut her eyes to savor the delicious taste In her mouth. She trailed the stray blood back into her mouth and licked it with a slight moan. Her eyes shut in ecstasy.

"I love this present Connor."

He grinned as he took in the lifeless body in front of them. Even after ten years, he still hasn't gotten over this dysphoria.

"Leave us" she commanded and he bowed slightly before signaling his men outside. Immediately they stepped out of the entrance, they heard high-pitched screams and it didn't stop until a few minutes later.

He walked back in when everywhere was calm and silent again. He met all the captives as dead as a doormat, lying sprawled on the floor, all in different fetal positions while Claudia fully rested on her chair with a satisfied smile on her face.

"Take them away and bury them leaving no trace at all" he ordered and they quickly did as they were told.

"What problem exactly do you have the mayor of the other town that you always bring my feast from his side?"

"It's personal"

"You're as evil as they come. You use other people's blood to pay the price of a sin committed by another man?" A pause and then "Clever"

"I'll be leaving now my lady," he said and walked out immediately.

She has always envied these mortals and for the entire time that she had studied them, they always fascinate and never cease to amaze her.

She plopped her shoulders and returned to her high chair to Lower herself in it as she could not leave her cave because the sun has fully risen already.


"Hey Jana" Maisie called from across the hallway and everyone turned to look at her.

Jana cussed inwardly wondering why this new student is so keen on embarrassing her and the funny part of everything is that she just met her today.

Who socializes this much on just the first day of school?

She approached her and waved at her. "Hello?'

"Hi" she drawled feeling uninterested.

"So I talked to Mr. Davis and he agreed that we should be partners," she said surprising her.

"Why do you keep on following me? You can be friends with anyone around here. Anyone other than me"

"I like you Jana" she quickly replied but was quick to add "I mean you seem interesting and I want us to be friends, I don't like you like what you're thinking"

"This is not happening"

"It gets better as the days go by. I'll see you later at the cafeteria for lunch okay. Don't try to hide from me cause I'll sniff you out" She states and walks away before Jana could respond.

"Is she Human?" She muttered to herself before walking away.

As if her day could not get any worse, true to her words, Maisie followed her to the cafeteria for lunch. She tried to hide from her but it was impossible cause she sniffed her out like she was a dog sniffing for bone.

She finally gave up the struggle and consoled herself that Maisie was a pest in her life that will never go away no matter how she tried. So she tried to endure her company.

"How long have you been in Shadyside?" Maisie asked as she watched Jana pick at her food.

"Since I was born, nineteen years ago"

"And you've never lived anywhere else?"

"Why are you asking all these questions?" She retorts

"Just curious" she replied taking a sip of her milk.

"We never moved because my dad has a business here"

"We recently just moved here though so you'll be seeing me a lot more often now"

"At least not after school cause you are one heck of a crazy person" Jana mutters but loud enough for Maisie to hear.

She scrunched up her face at Jana like she was angry but burst into a fit of laughter when she saw how Jana's face changed.

"I got you" she points at her and Jana couldn't help but laugh too. Maybe she wasn't so bad after all.

After Lunch, they dropped off their trays as they headed to class in each other's company.

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