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C3 The Feud

Finally, school was over and Jana couldn't help but be thankful that she's finally getting away from her crazy partner.

She boarded the bus and was surprised to see that Maisie did same too. She even sat down next to her.

But she ignored and plugged in her buds. When it was time to stop at her station, she was surprised that Maisie also stopped with her.

"Where are you going?"

She stared at her amused "home. Isn't that where you're going?"

"It would appear so" a pause and then "listen are you lost or you're just following me to pester me?"

She laughs "This is the road to my house too so we're going in the same direction Jana"

"Okay" she replied as they both walked on.

"Do you believe what Jared said in class today?" Maisie spoke up "I'm talking about the missing people from Shadyside?" She added when Jana didn't reply the first question.

"Overtime we've heard about people disappearing from Shadyside. My mother told me that even before I was born, a lot of people went Missing and everyone assumed it was from the other side of town because before time, the mayor of Boulevard had a problem with ours from Shadyside but even after the feud was over, it only seemed to get worse" she said and continued walking without an ounce of expression on her face.

"And didn't your people get bothered or curious? Didn't you at least try to find out what was wrong?"

"Here in Shadyside, everyone tends to mind his or her business and besides people have better things to do than bother about missing people"

"Don't say that. You don't know what it's like to loose someone" Maisie's face fell as she said that but she was quick to act alright although Jana saw it.

"I don't know what it's like yes, but I also know that no one wants to get involved. Like Jared said, the police found properties of the deceased in some parts of Boulevard but there was no evidence about anything. It was like it never happened, all traces were covered and most families decided it was best that they let it go. They haven't even found the bodies of most of them so what do you expect people to do?"

Maisie didn't respond.

"Are you bothered about something? Is that why you keep on following me and asking me all these weird questions about our town?" Jana inquires

"No," she replies sharply "You won't understand even if I told you." She muttered the last part silently to herself.

Jana eyed her suspiciously. She was acting strange and she doesn't know why. The Maisie who disturbed her all day in school is totally different from this one walking home with her. Maybe she's had a bad experience about something but she won't force her to open up. She will when she's ready.

Wait, when does Jana start caring about someone other than herself?.

She quickly ignored the thought as it came and looked forward to reaching home.

When she arrived at her street, she was surprised to see Maisie crossing over to the opposite house.

"You're the new neighbor?"

"You finally figured it out." She said with a smile "we moved here yesterday."

"And how...?"

"I saw you going to school this morning but you didn't hear me when I called so i thought I'll see you later but was surprised to see that we were in the same school and class"

"You're really something"

"I'll see you a bit later after dinner so we can discuss about the project. Bye Jana" she waved and headed inside first and after regaining her composure, Jana went inside her house.

This day just keeps getting better and better.


"How was school today Maisie" her mother asked after she stepped into the house.

She removed her bag and headed straight to the kitchen to open up the fridge. She freed the carton of milk from it's bondage and took a large sip.

"Now I feel better. School was okay and fun too".

"Do you find this place better to stay?"

"Yeah" she thought after a while "yes. And I made a new friend too"


"Yes Dad I know, we have to lay low" she finished off for him

"After everything that has happened, we need to be very careful okay?"

She nods "Yes dad. I understand"



"Mom, Dad I'm done. I'll be up in my room" Jana announced immediately after she finished eating.

"That'll be after you clear the table and do the dishes" her mom supplied

"Come on. Do I have to do that like right now?"

"Jana you're nineteen. You don't expect your mom to do everything for you" her dad chipped in.

"Mom please, just this once. I promise I'll do the dishes tomorrow. I really mean it" she begs

"That's what you say every evening but I end up doing it so no. Sorry kiddo"

"Fine" she breathed out. "I'll do the stupid dishes"

"And also clear the stupid table so that way everything will look more stupid when you're done" her mother said before she heard the door bell ring.

She turned to her husband "are you expecting anyone this evening?"

"No one"

"Alright I'll check the door" she replied before walking out of the kitchen.

"I'll be in the living room. I think my show is about to start. Love you kid" he patted Jana's head.

"I'm not a kid. I'm nineteen not nine" she grumbled

"Okay. Love you nineteen not nine"

"Dad?" She mused.

"I was only joking" he replied before he retiring to the living room while Jana started on with the dishes.

"Good evening Mr and Mrs Tetrazzini" Maisie greeted out as soon as the door was opened

"Hello. How can I help you?"

"I'm Maisie. A friend of Jana" she supplied "is it okay if I come in?"

"Sure" she stepped aside allowing her to enter as she mouthed her a 'thank you'

"Jana you have a visitor" her mom yelled and she immediately dropped whatever she was doing and stepped out of the kitchen to answer.

"You're here"

"I told you I'll be here for the project" she told her and she nods.

"Yeah right. The project. Mom can I?" She requests

"Sure." She permits and she leads her inside her bedroom.

Once inside she locks the door.

"So this is your bedroom. Not bad" she compliments

"You didn't really come for the project right?"

Maisie gave a faux smile. "I just needed an escape that's all"

"Family problems?"

"Far from it" she replied "since I'm here, let's talk about it. What do you want to do about the project?"

"I was thinking if you could do a project about how these two towns came to be" Jana suggested

"That'll be nice and how do we conduct our research?"

"Hmm I don't know cause the town's library doesn't have any information about Boulevard" she said

"And why is that?" She scoffs "it's a Library for crying out loud. It's supposed to have information about nearly everything"

"When the feud began ten years ago, the mayor of Shadyside destroyed everything and anything that had to do with Boulevard. That's how it had always been" she explained.

"Alright then we'll do a research for Shadyside here and for Boulevard at their side" Maisie suggested.

"I can't go over to Boulevard. With everything that has happened so far, I don't think it's safe."

"There's a Library three miles away from Shadyside before we even get to Boulevard. We can do the research there and come back afterwards".

"Are you sure?" She pressed

"Yes I am. We'll get back before nightfall so you don't have to worry about a thing"

"If you say so"

"Then it's settled." Maisie said with clasped hands.

"I'll get us some juice" Jana said and exits the room when she gets approval from Maisie.

When she left, Maisie made herself comfortable when her eyes caught Jana's shelf filled with books.

She reached for one and opened it, flipping through the pages and just then the door flew open.

"Here you go" she offered her a glass and she took it.

"You read fantasy novels?" Maisie asks

"Yeah I love the extraordinary things"

"Do you sometimes think that these things exists?"

"What things?"

"The Extra ordinary things?" Maisie pressed.

"Not in this lifetime that's for sure".

"I wish I could believe that too" She muttered silently


"Nothing at All" she replied with a smile and picked up the glass of juice to have a sip.

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