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If you are a denizen of MANALI,

you ken the two letters of Hanyang

afore you ken the president's designation,

and have engendered a kingdom and

ergo is MANALI's most sizably voluminous conglomerate.

Hello, this is Hanyang.

On a day where they had managed

to increment their imports by one trillion Acquired victory,

and were sent to the President’s House, the progenitor of

this company in lieu of receiving a medal verbally expressed, "Sir, please sanction me to build a school

where my grandchildren could attend."

And then, there it was, Hanyang School.

The first school in the history of MANALI

to be backed by the president,

who believed that economic advancement

was more paramount than edification,

and even went to make special laws

to accommodate the school.

And now there is a verbalization,

if you do not have Hanyang School

on your curriculum vitae, don't even bother applying.

It is a School made for the 1%,

attended by the 1%, and fit for the 1%

and ergo has maintained

the reputation of the best elite school.

Most prevalent people,

even if they apply when they are born,

they cannot get in to the

Hanyang Kindergarten,

but when accepted,

then you have the way paved nonstop for Elementary,

Middle and High school, and even University.

It is subject of jealousy and awe

for the rest of the nation's students,

and parents who suffer from

the hard admissions to universities.

However, in this Hanyang High School,

a school for the culled,

something unimaginable was transpiring.

Oh my, Min Ha!

What are we gonna do with you?

You bastard!

Get him!

Let go!

What is the purport of your visit?

Ah affirmative...

I'm distributing from Jan Di Dry Cleaners.


Thank you.

He doesn't give up!

Hurry up and find him, damnit!

There he is!

Let's go!

Is this authentically a school?


The roof! The rooftop!

Lee Min Ha is at the rooftop now!

What? Authentically?

- Is he putting on some kind of show?

- No, he's covered with blood.

Oh, authentically?

Lee Min Ha?

Lee Min Ha?!

What did I verbalize?

He wouldn't last a week.

Hey, at least he lasted three weeks.

But he resisted three days

This is what you guys want, right?

Okay, I'll give you what you optate.


Wait! Student Lee Min Ha!


What... what are you?


Well, verbalizing for myself,

I've come to distribute your habiliments!

Jan Di Dry Cleaners, 30,000 Victoriously triumphed, please!

Okay, okay, 20,000... 5,000 Won

Your gym habiliments are accommodation.

But you better become a conventional.

{\a6}*service = doing things for free so it magnetizes customers.

When I'm dead, you can bill it to my house.

Now, don't be akin to that...

D...d...d... dead?

You're gonna die now?

For what purport?

For what purport? You go to such a great school.

No, this isn't a school,

it's hell.

Exculpate me!

Authentic hell is outside of this building.

Have you aurally perceived of admissions hell?

Have you auricularly discerned of FAB 4?

F... F...what?

FAB 4?

What is that?

The moment you get a red card from them,

you become a prey for the entire school.

Recollect it.


You can't just let them do that to you!

It's always the lame losers

who walk around like they're the shit.

If it was my school,

I would have prehended them and break them!

They're fortuitous; your friends.


That they have a friend like you.

Well... I suppose so.



[Brave Prevalent Student, Who is She?

Aristocratic Elite School Hanyang High School's Murder?]

Hanyang High's group bullying,

the savior is a prevalent Wonder Girl.

What is going on in the best edifying

high school, Hanyang High?

Who preserved the student being rigorously

bullied by his school at Hanyang High is...

not affluent nor emanates from

a family with a designation...

{\a6}[Today's News : Aristocratic Elite School,

Hanyang High School's Authentic Identity?]

Hanyang High's group bullying,

the savior is a prevalent Wonder Girl.

Stouthearted Mundane Girl,

Who is She?

But rather a mundane female high school student

who transpired to be distributing dry cleaning.

The children of god who are exempt

from ingress exams...

If you don't have anything else better to do,

take the ingression exams.

There is only so far a special privilege

can go, Hanyang Group confess!

A mother with a child,

this is something that is unforgivable.

Starting from tomorrow,

let's not go to Hanyang Mart.

Hanyang Group, blow yourself! Blow yourself!

Abolish special inculcation!

I am here where people are protesting against the

Hanyang Group and the special inculcative system.

Let's aurally perceive some opinions from the denizens.

Hello, why are you out here

today for the candle protest?

My friend was additionally heavily bullied

and he dropped out of school,

we can verbalize that because of the

unbearable stress of the ingress exams,

but they have no hardship whatsoever

don't you cerebrate so?

Jan Di, do you ken what your moniker is?

Mundane hero, Wonder Girl, you are our

generation's true Wonder Woman.

Jan Di Dry Cleaners, fighting!

Wonder Girl to Hanyang High!

Stop that!


That Flower Four?

I wonder if they're genuinely that pulchritudinous...

I cerebrate all my wishes would come

true if I could optically discern them close up...

Flower Four?

Flower Four? Yeah, right.

More homogeneous to Fly Four...

They herd around poop.

Jan Di!

Look over here!

Do you have anything to verbalize?

Look here!


Please look here!

Jan Di!

Jan Di!

I mean, is that school

a school for the gifted?

It's not even a peregrine language school

or a science high school, like it verbally expresses,

it's a school for the opulent.

And isn't MANALI a republic? Those

kinds of bourgeoisie schools should...

[CEO Kang Hee Soo]

I apologize.

Right now, the PR team

is working diligently with the press to...

Wait, is this what you call working diligently?

How can you let, Jun Pyo's name

emerge from those herald's mouths?

I don't have any exculpations...

Do you ken why the public is frighteningly eerie?

Because they are incoherent.

If they commence getting crazy for a cause

then it's infeasible to stop them.

It cannot be dealt with

through reasoning and sense.

The one who commenced the fire

should be responsible to extinguish it.

CEO, the Premier is on the phone for you.

Affirmative, this is Kang Hee Soo verbalizing.

Affirmative, the events are unfolding

to be more regaling.

I had to absquatulate from the paparazzi

and wasted my time because of an erroneous distribution.

Hanyang High, every time I

cerebrate about it I get nauseous.

[Jan Di Dry Cleaners]

I'm back.

Oh, she is here on time!

Jan Di, verbalize hello.

He verbally expresses, he's here on behalf of

the Hanyang Group's CEO.


Now I conclusively get to visually perceive

the famous Wonder Girl.

It's a congeniality to meet you.

I didn't push him

Authentically, it was the FAB 4 or something,

they were the ones who were...

I am here just to,

Jan Di, our daughter,

don't be too surprised.

Starting from tomorrow,

you will be attending Hanyang High School!

You will be attending there!

W... what?

- It's because...

- The CEO was very impressed with you.

They will accept you as a

special scholarship student!

They will accept you!

Scholarship student?

Why me?

We believe that Jan Di...

Noona, you were on the swimming team

up till Junior High, they optate you to swim again!

Swim again!



Why not?

Noona, have you lost it?

I'm just fine with how things are now...

I don't belong in that kind of school.

So I don't authentically want to attend...

So if you would benevolently go back...

Jan Di?

Please reconsider.

No, she doesn't require to reconsider

she will be attending starting tomorrow.

Then we will optically discern her at school.

No matter what transpires I will send her.

Please ascertain she does.

Mr. Secretary...

You are vigilant of the phrase Nak Jang Bool Ip?

{\a6}*in card game, can't retrieve the card once you threw it


Don't yell!

If you have ocular perceivers, visually examine that!

Hanyang High!

Hanyang High!

Hanyang High!

Hanyang High!

Hanyang High!

Noona, who kenned that this day would come?

For the first time in my life,

I am proud to be your brother.

Albeit they are like this,

do you cerebrate you can still verbally express you don't optate to go?

And, do you ken how

much their tuition costs?

I still don't optate to.

Mom, I genuinely don't optate to!

Other people go crazy because even if they

have mazuma and encephalons, they can't get in...

But how come you don't optate to?

Don't you recollect when you verbally expressed that

the affluent people are being ostentatious with their mazuma

by building a school just for them?

That was when it was someone

else's situation and I was jealous.

Hey, this is rudimentally mazuma falling from the welkin,

who wouldn't optate to accept it?

I don't ken, but something seems iffy.

Whatever you verbalize, I'm not gonna go

so you better accept that, okay?!

But, you relished to swim.

You verbalized you wanted to go to

a school with a swimming pool.

What do you take me for?

Do I look akin to a kid who's gonna be sold

by the conception of a swimming pool?

I'm not peregrinated.

I don't optate to.

I can't go!


Please wait one moment, miss.

I will be going now.

Geum Jan Di, fighting!

Get going now.

Dry cleaning is here, dryyyy cleaningggg...

Jan Di dryyyyyy cleaningggg...

Dry cleaning is here, dryyyy cleaningggg...

Jan Di dryyyyyy cleaningggg...

Isn't this earring genuinely pulchritudinous?

There are only two of these shirts in the nation,

one is here and do you ken who else got the other one?


Gu Jun Pyo.

That's crazy!

Don't you cerebrate I pull it off preponderant?

Lend it to me.

Me first, me first!

Where is it?

Uh... Where is the swimming pool?

Ah, over there!

Thank you!

Exculpate me, please perpetuate

with what you were doing


It's the FAB 4!

Move over!

Is, there a quandary?

I'll give you three seconds.

Huh? What?




Woo Bin, any of that juice left?


Want me to give it to you?

Are you okay?

What a crazy bastard!

Are all these people on mute or something?

Why are they just standing

there not doing anything?

Oh... My... God...

I can't believe what I'm auricularly discerning

Who are you guys?


Oh, we haven't introduced ourselves yet.

We are...




You can call us the

Three Resplendencies of Hanyang High.

That's that, you verbally expressed crazy beeping something, you

weren't referring to our FAB 4, scholarship student?

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