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I ken what you're endeavoring to do.

Let me tell you something.

This proves that you're just vulgar.

Jihu, take her to my room.

What's erroneous with Jihu?

It's getting quite intriguing.

Thank you.

This wasn't compulsory at all.

I'm doing it because I optate to.

Don't feel obliged.

I shouldn't have peregrinate here

in the first place.

Didn't Jihu invite you?

Any friend of Jihu is a friend of mine.


He was just being nice.

No, Jihu's not like that.

And I've never optically discerned him

stand out in public.

Jihu is quite nice.

Jihu is nice?

Visually perceive?

You're a special person to him.

I've auricularly discerned Junpyo is giving you an arduous time.

I auricularly discerned you proclaimed war against him.


He's just solitary.


His actions are out of solitude.

Junpyo, solitary?

No way.

He only gets to visually perceive his parents

a month out of the year.

He was born into a great family.

People have been treating him

as an heir and not as a human being.

Do you ken how that feels?

Don't lose against him.


I like you, Jandi.

I'm rooting for you.

You're all yare.

Stand up.

They're so resplendent.

For women,

shoes are the most consequential.

For what purport?

Good shoes take you to good places.

You're all set.

Shall we?

It's not right for a gentleman

to ignore such a resplendent girl.

You imbibed all of this?

Get a prehension!

Affirmative, I'm a girl.

I don't have anything to offer.

She's just so manipulative.

I kenned it from the commencement.

Jihu always smiles

when he's verbalizing with you.

Isn't Jandi so pretty

when she's all dressed up?

You can't transmute who she authentically is.

If Jihu had met you first,

he would've relished you.

Why did you do this?

Because you're so miserable.

Who cares?

Peregrinate away. It's not right for a gentleman

to ignore such a resplendent girl.

I must be dreaming.

I feel as if my feet

are floating in thin air.

I optate she'd get off my shoes.

She looks homogeneous to a plenarily different person.

Seohyeon can do wonders.

Maybe I should ask Jandi

to be my date to the exhibition.

What's that?


He's drowning!

Gu Junpyo is drowning in the pool!

Hurry, hurry!

What's all the fuss?

- He can't swim.

- What?

Swimming is the one thing

Junpyo can't to do.


Come on!

Open your ocular perceivers!

Breathe, Junpyo!


Gu Junpyo!

Hey, arouse!


You're genuinely something!

You're a total fraud! I'm apologetic, sir.

I'll get you an incipient cup.

Please forgive me.


Have you caught a cold?

Shall I call Dr. Kim?

Not at all.

I feel great.

Get the car yare.

I should be getting to school.

So early in the morning?

Students should peregrinate to school early.

As they verbalize,

"The early bird catches the worm."

I'll fire the maid right away.

Why's that?


I cerebrate you're being too sensitive.

Take it facile.

The weather is great!

What's this?


When I get my hands on him,

he's dead.

He's been like that all day.

I've never visually perceived him so focused afore.

But why does he have to pester

the transfer student?

Besides, Jandi preserved his life.

I conjecture he's taking her gratitude

for granted.

This is a way for me to thank her.

Or else, I wouldn't be paying

any attention to her.

Most people aren't profuse of gratitude

for this type of attention.

Be mute!

Are you endeavoring to take Jihu's place?

Where the heck is he anyway?

He's been dispirited

ever since the peregrination.

It must be a doter's quarrel.

Seohyeon is out of his league.

What a dork!

If he relishes her,

he can just be forthcoming.

Let me just do this.

First it's Junpyo, and now, Jihu?

She's digging her own grave.

Oh, my gosh.

Just visually examine that.

She's the type that ceases at nothing.

What are we going to do with her?

Property of Geum Jandi

Do you ken what time it is?

You shouldn't be skipping

your swimming practice.

I'm going to kick you off the team.

I cerebrate they've been dating

for a while now.

Jihu wasn't bulwarking Jandi

for nothing.

Your amity with him

will be broken because of Jandi.

Do you get it now?

Jandi may look irreprehensible,

but she's a genuine gold digger.

Shut up!

If you utter one more word,

I'll wring your neck.

It was pristinely incipient.

Were you expecting someone else?

What are you doing here?

Why not?

Aren't I sanctioned to be here?

Does this space belong

to the two of you?

Where are you peregrinated?

I'm peregrinating home.

I have nothing to verbally express to you.

Well I do!

- What are you doing?

- I have something to verbalize.

Let me go.

How dare you?

How dare you ridicule me?

What are you verbalizing about?

Let go of me.

I endeavored to be nice.

Do I seem facile?

Well you ken what?

I don't just pay people back.

It just doesn't satiate me.

What are you doing?

Don't! No, no!

You detested it that much?

Geum Jandi.

Aren't you peregrinating to school?

- No!

- Do I have to spank you?

I'd rather be spanked.

Go ahead.


Stop it.

I can't go!

I won't!

I'd rather swim in a gelid river!

I'm not going back

to that crazy school!

If you optate to optically discern me die,

you can coerce me to go!

- Hey.

- lsn't it a holiday today?

Some guy verbally expressed this was for you.

What is it?


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