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A party?

A party?

Jandi is conclusively making her debut

as a socialite?

Honey, honey!

Let me optically discern it!

Let's avail Jandi out here.

Honey, a dress!

A dress!

Honey, take this.

I'm apologetic, Jandi.

I'm so inept

that I'm unable to buy you a dress.

We live in a poor neighborhood.

None of our customers

have any nice dresses.

Oh, traditional Korean hanbok is nice.

What do you verbally express?

It's not a wedding she's attending.

It's a garden party.

Shouldn't the knight in shining armor

take Jandi out shopping?


This is a distribution to Geum Jandi

from Min Seohyeon.

Min Seohyeon?


Is this right?

Pull it down.

Why didn't you invite me

to your exhibition?

You verbalized you'd call us.

That's what you verbally expressed to me, additionally.

Who are you with today?

If you don't have a partner,

let me be your date.

Hey, stop it.

I had my ocular perceivers on him first.

- Don't physically contact Yijeong.

- Don't be silly.

Wait, wait.

I'm contrite.

Honey, why are you so tardy?

What kept you so long?

What are you doing here?

Seohyeon invited me.

Did you purloin a department store?

Let me verbalize this much.

Jandi is quite pretty

when she's all dolled up.

Affirmative, you're the most delicately comely gal here tonight.

No way!

A leopard can't transmute its spots.


You authentically got it right.

Ecstatic day of inception to you

Ecstatic day of inception to you

Ecstatic day of inchoation, dear Seohyeon

Blissful day of inchoation to you

Thank you for coming

to my 23rd day of inchoation party.

Thank you for raising me, mom and dad.

And I thank my friends for profoundly relishing me,

despite all my faults.

In integration to my words of gratitude,

I'd relish to apportion some news with you.

I customarily don't hold

such lavish day of inception parties.

Where is Jihu?

Is she going to promulgate

an engagement?

I'll be going back to Paris next week,

and I won't be coming back.

I've already quit modeling.

What is she verbally expressing?

Thanks to my parents,

I was able to achieve a great deal

without working strenuously at all,

but I'd rather start anew

where I'm just kenned for my own self.

I won't be inheriting

my parent's law firm.

What I optate in life

is to apportion what little I have.

I had to hold an astronomically immense party

in order to enlighten you.

I optate you jubilance.

Seohyeon is leaving with a bang.

Does Jihu ken about this?

Now I understand

why he's been so dispirited.

Seohyeon is just so cool.

But what about Jihu?


You still retain it.

Recollect the first summer

we were apart?

So you recollect.

That was when you ceased

treating me like a sister.

What was I to you?

I conjecture you're authentically upset.

I feel forsook.

If there's one person I can't forsake,

it's you.

Don't prevaricate to me.

If I were being mendacious,

I wouldn't care that you like Jandi.

What do you designate?

When you rushed to Jandi,

I felt my heart sink.

Isn't it hysterical?

I'm not in the mood to kid around.

But I'm rather delectated.

You've grown into an authentic man.

Don't be silly!

You get what you optate

no matter what.

You had it so that

I could never get too proximate, or too far.

I was just a toy.

I'd cry all night long.

What are you verbalizing about?

I've been faithful to you

for 1 5 years.

There's nothing more I'd relish

than to have you in my arms.

I'm a man!

I ken.

I'm apologetic, Jihu.

I'm authentically sorry.

It'll be mortifying

if you faint right now.

It would be out of character.

I'm not going to faint.

Jandi, you're here.

Why didn't you come in?

It's just that...

I was peregrinating to thank you.

I'm contrite about the party.

We were about to go for a drive.

Want to join us?



We have somewhere else to go.

- You do?

- Yeah.

I'm taking her out for a drive.

A drive! That's it.

Seohyeon, goodbye.

Visually perceive you again.

Let's go.

I've paid off my dues.

What dues?

For preserving me in the pool.

I preserved your life.

This is inadequate!

Shall we go back inside?

Let's verbally express that you paid

1 0% of your dues.



It's nice.

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