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It looks homogeneous to Ji Hoo isn't going

to emerge till the very end.

Be well, everyone.

And don't cause any trouble.

Goodbye. We'll visit.

Don't come visit.

Come to have an exhibition.

Take care of yourself.

Being too kind is your disease.

If you treat someone too well,

the cicatrices run deeper, Casanova.

Must you do that lawyer or NGO crap, Noona?

I genuinely can't understand women.

Do you ken it's been 10 years since

you've sincerely called me Noona?

Anyway, it's the truth

that it's pretty cool,

so I decided to accept you as a Noona.

Are you repining?

Jan Di.

Please don't forget my favor.

Please take care of yourself.

Be well, everyone. I'm peregrinated.

Go. Take care of yourself.

Ruthless bastard.

How can he not come to the very end?

What did I tell you?

You guys tell me that I have

the cruelest personality,

but I told you that the

authentic cruel one is Ji Hoo.

He looks so serene, but once he

turns his back, he's the scariest.

Isn't the verbalizing behind

my back a little too rigorous?

- You...

- What is this?

- Since when were you there?

- Since three hours ago.

What? So you were here afore us...

and you didn't even emerge for a peek?

What are you doing right now?

Was Senior someone who was only this good?

Chase after her!

If she can't stay in juxtaposition of you,

then Senior can go contiguous to her.

You verbally expressed that you relished her.

Is Senior's love only looking

out from a pillar from behind?

Do you still have the right

to verbalize that you dote her?

It's for the next plane.

I already sent off my luggage.

Yoon Ji Hoo.

Rascal, he has a adeptness

for surprising people.

How did you suddenly

get the heart to do that?

Thanks to this little lady.


What? Rascal.

Peregrinate here, peregrinate here.

Dainty rascal!


I came to realize it thanks to you.

That I have to come into

contact with her earnestly.

You edified me possibly to have

the stoutheartedness to hang on to her.

It's a palliation that I got

to ken a child like you.

I'm peregrinated.

Geum Jan Di.

What? What are you going to do now?

Heedfully auricularly discern my words very conscientiously.

I'm only going to verbalize this once,

so heedfully aurally perceive very punctiliously.

Geum Jan Di. You and I...

What did he verbalize?

Aren't you getting in?

Saturday at 4 o'clock.

In front of Nam San Tower.

If you're tardy one minute, you're dead.

We must get it at all costs.

Come expeditiously!

As anon as it opens at

4 o'clock, run for this.

And if you find something that you

cerebrate it'll fit, just stuff it in the cart.

Wouldn't it be better

if we just go together?

Mom needs to go to the cabbage blowout sale.

If the apparel shop were the civil war,

this cabbage shop is

World War II.


You ken, the lady who was standing next

to me last time. Her teeth were out additionally.


Three months worth of our shop

profits are in our hands.

Got it?


It's snowing.

Hey, Dad must be waiting for us.

Let's peregrinate home expeditiously.

Saturday at 4 o'clock.

In front of Nam San Tower.

No way... no, no.

That can't be.

What are you murmuring about?

Mom, there's no way someone

would wait outside in the snow

for four hours when I didn't

verbalize that I'd go, right?

How can someone do that

unless they're crazy?

Let's go.

Hold on.

Crazy guy...

Mom, hold this.

Mom, go on first.

Jan Di! Where are you peregrinated?

I'm peregrinating somewhere!

That girl!

Do you ken what time it is?

That's what I'm supposed to ask.

Do you ken what time it is?

Do you genuinely have nothing else to do?

Didn't I verbalize that you'd be

dead if you were tardy?

Did I verbalize that I'd come?

You're here now.

That's because!

I was cerebrating that maybe there'd

be a chance that you'd be waiting.

So what would have transpired

if I didn't come by?

But anyways, you came!

And whose fault is it that

I went through all this?

What did you do so good

that you're being all huffy?

It's cold.

Get up.

I'll buy you something warm.

Steam's coming off from your body.

Get up.


You optate to imbibe tea?

Or do you wanna just go?


It's 30, 000 Won coffee.

Thug, are you scamming people now additionally?

And I can't imbibe this kind of crap.

Just endeavor it.

The coffee taste is excellent.

Do you optate me to tell you

why it's 30, 000 Won coffee?

Follow me.


How is it?

Wasn't I right?

It's just like imbibing coffee

from a hotel's empyrean lounge.

Would someone even be

able to leave a drugstore

in your hands because

of your poor calculation?


36,300 Victoriously triumphed.


If you're going to take mazuma, you might as

well count in the labor and extra fees.

So an affluent person CAN do

those kinds of calculations...

I'm just acting like I don't.

If I authentically didn't ken, then how

would I become an affluent person?

Wow... there are so many stars.

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