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Hey, those aren't stars.

They're satellites, you incoherent girl.

Are you an imbecile?

Are there THAT many satellites?

Are you kidding me? They're satellites.

I don't optate to aurally perceive this from you.

- What, you imbecile?

- What, you dumbo?

- This clueless girl.

- You're even more clueless.


You're at Pork restaurant?

Don't budge. I'll be there.

- Why is it homogeneous to this?

- What is it?

Why is it dark?


Ahjussi! There's someone here!

Hey, hey, hey.

What is it?

- The door's locked!

- Genuinely? It's authentically locked?


Stop being so tacky by being so panicked.

I can call someone, so just stay still.

I authentically need to go!

I'll be killed by my mom!

Where's my cell phone?

You don't have a phone?

What about you?

I don't have a phone to commence with.

What kind of girl doesn't

even have a cell phone?

We're locked inside because of you.

How is that because of me?

If it was arctic, you should've

went into some place warm.

Are you a statue or something?

I was exasperated.

It was the first time in my life that

I waited for someone like that.


What are we going to do?


What are you doing?

Should we go in there?

It's cold.

Hey, move over.

I don't optate to.



I told you I'm apologetic.

In the cessation, it became homogeneous to

this because of me.

At least you ken your place.

So what?

Why is a plutocrat like that?

You were standing outside

in the cold for four hours.

Nobody at your house verbalized anything?

Your advisor, your bodyguards,

your chauffeur...

What did all those people do?

- I sent them all away.

- For what purport?

I wanted to match the caliber of a commoner.

You authentically are endeavoring things way too hard.

Hey, grass patch.


Can I be veracious with you?

Veracious with what?

What is this?


Tell me from over there.

Right now, I cerebrate I might be...

This guy. He does this every chance he gets.


Do you authentically aspire to be homogeneous to

this in this kind of situation?

Get off of me.

Hey, get up.

If you don't get up in three seconds,

I don't ken what I'll do to you.



Two and one eighth.





This rascal, authentically...


Why is he burning up?

Hey. Are you okay?

I'm sick.


Yeah, you're burning up this much.

It'd be peculiar for you not to be sick.

It's cold.

You're gelid?

What are you doing?

My mom told me that if you wrap

your head like this, you'll get warm.

Get on.

I'll take you home.

It's fine.

I require to cerebrate of excuses for my mom.

I'll ambulate and then peregrinate with the bus.

Should I edify you?

Your exculpations?


I'm contrite!

I won't ever do it again!

Mother, Father,

- I've committed a pernicious sin.

- One, two, three!

Pernicious sin?

What kind of person did you preserve?

A person who's going to

inherit Hanyang Group.

And what kind of group is Hanyang?

Korea's greatest company.

Then preserving the inheritor of Hanyang Group

is equipollent to preserving Korea's economy.

How is that a pernicious sin?

It won't be enough even

if we give you an order.

So in lieu of order, we got this!

Doesn't this suit me well?

What is all this?

And how did you ken?

What do you denote, how did I ken?

Puerile Master.

Hold on. What was Adolescent Master's denomination?

Jun Pyo. Gu Jun Pyo.

- Gu Jun Pyo

- I ken, I ken.

Puerile Master Jun Pyo sent us all this.

He told me to not chastize you an inordinate amount of

because you were with him all night.

He sent us all this as a repayment of debt.

Because he's the Puerile Master

of the best plutocrat,

he was so well-mannered.

He verbalized that next time, he would

come himself to verbally express hello.

But it was so motivational,

that tears just...

Mom, don't cry.

Honey, how can you

cry on such a blissful day?

Since I was with you for one whole night,

tell them that I'd take

responsibility of you.

Hey! They verbalize that Geum Jan Di

and Gu Jun Pyo are going out!

They verbalize Geum Jan Di's boyfriend

is Senior Gu Jun Pyo!

Geum Jan Di has been enthroned

as Gu Jun Pyo's girlfriend.

Commoner Jan Di has ascended in identity.

Enthroned as Gu Jun Pyo's girlfriend.

They verbalize Geum Jan Di has been enthroned

as Gu Jun Pyo's incipient girlfriend!

Jan Di! Hi!

You look pretty today.

Geum Jan Di. Hi!

Jan Di. Hi!

Ecstatic to optically discern you!

Jan Di!

Good morning!

Good morning.

Jan Di!

Jan Di, do you optate to go

shopping with us today?

Geum Jan Di, you have to come to my

day of inchoation party this weekend.

Here, drink this.

Thanks. Thanks.

Bye! Bye!

Geum Jan Di.

She has.

Deplorable intentions.

Jun Pyo, is this for genuine?

No! It's not!

It certainly isn't what you

guys are cerebrating about.

- This, you visually perceive...

- Yeah.

It's authentic.


No! No!

I wandered today to the hill, Maggie.

To visually examine the scene below

{\a6}(Gum Jan Di designates green grass)

{\a6}The creek and the creaking old mill,

Maggie. Where we sat long, long ago.

Are you okay?

Yeah. I was a little dizzy.

I'm fine now.

That's an assuagement.

Nobody kens that I came to visit you,

so you don't have to worry.

Jan Di.


Is it true about FAB 4's Gu Jun Pyo?


It's because we bumped into each other

fortuitously. It's simply a contingency.

But it seemed homogeneous to he genuinely relished you.

Hey! That doesn't make any sense.

He's just playing around

and teasing with me.

How can Gu Jun Pyo...

Don't you ken after you

got abused by him afore?

The indomitable Gu Jun Pyo relishing ME?

That... that is true.


Are you peregrinating somewhere?

Yeah. I cerebrate I'm all better now.

Jan Di. Should we peregrinate somewhere and play?

Just wait a minuscule.

Hanyang Kindergarten?


Why are you physically contacting other people's paraphernalia?

What do you cerebrate you're doing?



I indited weird things in here so

I don't optate anyone to visually perceive it.

Sorry I got mad.

Sorry I didn't ask for sanction.

You should transmute your attire additionally.

Jun Pyo,

Are you being sincere?

About what?

Geum Jan Di

What else is there besides sincerity?

Do you even ken what sincerity is

to us to take it so lightly?

Our only liberation is dating.

The final decision is made by our parents.

You haven't forgotten that right?

Were you guys just saying you

were men with your mouths?

What the heck.

So you were gasconading when

you weren't even genuine men?

What's your definition of an authentic man?

A man who takes responsibility

from the commencement to the cessation

To the cessation?

Yeah. To the terminus.

Do you optate to dance?


Do you optate to dance?

It's my first time at a place like this,

so I'm just going to visually examine.


Then just wait here for a second.


I'm contrite.


Is it inequitable?

If your face is uncomely, then you

should at least dance well.

With a doleful body like that, what makes you

cerebrate it's okay for you to crawl in here?

Acting like that when you're this unsightly...

Ka Wol, you're not peregrinating anywhere right?

Where would I go?

Don't go! Don't go without me!

What star is this inanity from now?

Just go inside and make porridge.


Doesn't Geum Jan Di work here?


I don't visually perceive her.

She's not working today.

And you are... Jan Di's friend?

Since when?

Since Kindergarten.

Then you're best friends?

Let's go.

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