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Optically discern? I was right.

I'm telling you because I'm

trepidacious Jan Di will get hurt.

So I would relish you to admonish her.

That scarcely stuff is consequential for girls.

What kind of admonishment?

It's not a tree she can climb

so don't even endeavor?

Because she's a toy for killing time

that you affluent sons are going

to ineluctably discard?

Hey, calm down.

It's frighteningly eerie to visually perceive such

a delicately comely lady being exasperated.

Ka Wol. You authentically are Jan Di's friend,

You cerebrate that if you make that expression

that everyone's going to fall for it,

You endeavored it on the erroneous person.

I'll pretend I didn't aurally perceive anything today.

Okay then.

It's making me angrier the

more I cogitate it.

The person who first pursued

is not Jan Di but that guy.

Jan Di doesn't have the faintest

conception of climbing that tree!

Yo. Yi Jung

What have you done now?

What do you designate?

There's only one reason why

girls leave here exasperated.

I don't ken.

She's the type that I abhor the most...

That kind of subject.

What kind of subject is that?

There's such a thing.

Whether its comedy or melodrama,

in the cessation it's solved with reason.

I abhor dealing with unsophisticated people.

You didn't have to make such effort.

Still, it's very paramount.

It shouldn't drop.

Sorry about that.

It's okay.

Isn't it suffocating in here?

Thank you.

Let's go down after one more musical composition.

Thanks for last night.




Why did you optate to wear uniforms

all of a sudden?

Sometimes... it's nice to

have a student atmosphere.

That hair... will it genuinely straighten out?

It's already been two hours

You're not going to do this

every morning, are you?

A solution will emerge ineluctably.

Straighten it out well.


What is it you execrate so much about me?

What are you not slaked about me?

The way you look, the way you ambulate,

and your imbecilic curly hair!

I abhor everything.

It's such an eyesore to optically discern you bunch

wearing whatever you please to school,

and picking on impotent kids for fun

with your red cards

or whatever with your thoughtlessness!

That's the worst!

Now, let's go!

No. It's probably not.

No, no.

How is that I can't recollect anything?

Let's be serene. Let's be tranquil Geum Jan Di.

If something did transpire, there's no way

nothing's transpiring now.

Is there? Or not? Is there? Or not?

I'm going crazy.

Hey, hey!

What are you doing?

Let me go.

- Let go while I'm still nice.

- What are you doing?

Are you verbally expressing that because your

mouth is already ruptured?

I can't believe this.

No matter how ill-bred you are.

This is what's frighteningly eerie about people

who don't have much.

I kenned you were the world's greatest skank,

but this is a little an inordinate amount!

Hey! Hey!

Explicate it in a way that I can understand.

I didn't do anything to be treated this way.

Are you going to let me go?

Let go. Let go.

Let's go show her.

What's the matter? Let go! Let go!

Hurry up and go.

Let go!

You were faineant?

When you chicane Jun Pyo,

that's like chicaning all of us.

If you badmouth FAB 4, that's

like badmouthing all of us!

How can you, a girl like dirty mop...

Did you cerebrate we would isolate you

when you were dirtying Hanyang High?

Deplorable girl!

What are you doing?

Who do you cerebrate you are to bother her?

Jun Pyo Senior, don't be chicaned!

Optically canvass this and snap out of it!

No, Gu Jun Pyo. This isn't the truth.

This is erroneous.

What went so erroneous that a

picture like this was taken?

I don't ken.

I cerebrate someone's endeavoring to frame me.

You were this much?

Were you a girl only worth this much?

Even if they were framing you,

were you the type of girl to facilely

fall into this kind of trap?

Gu Jun Pyo

Even if you believe it or

not, it is nonessential.

I don't even ken why I'm

endeavoring to bulwark myself

in a situation that

doesn't make any sense.

Either way,

this isn't the truth.

I... I genuinely don't ken

anything about this!

I'm just going to ask you one thing.

The girl in the picture...

Geum Jan Di, is that you?

You verbalized it didn't matter

if I believe it or not.


Yeah, you're right.

Geum Jan Di,

From now on, I don't ken who you are.

Hey! You promiscuous insect!

Take it off! Take it off!

{\a6}("take it off"- uniform as

in stop dirtying the school's name)

Take this off. Take it off.

Take it off.

Hey, this is going to far.

At this rate, I wouldn't be

surprised if someone dies.

I cerebrate this is the first time it's been

this lamentable since Jun Hee's wedding.

Let's hurry up.

I'm contrite, but I'm not sure.

Can you just tell me once?

First things first, we should find the guy.

You verbalized you met him at a club, right?

I went to ask but they verbally expressed

they didn't ken him.

Then when you opened your ocular perceivers that morning,

did you optically discern anything in the room?

A business card or his paraphernalia.


He inscribed a memo on the mirror.

"Thanks for last night."

In red lipstick.




Was that yours?


Then, that signifies it's his.

There's three people.

Stop saying inanity and peregrinate away.

Wait, it's true.


At this angle, there's no

way he took the picture.

There was a third person in the

room that took this picture.

Then that's... the lipstick owner.

What are you doing?

It looks homogeneous to a smudge but it's not effacing.


Let's go.

Wait, wait.

Just leave it to us.



With those looks, they must

be from Andromeda.

That's a little arduous.

I auricularly discerned that guy is the number one here.

If we take the Number One, I conjecture

it would hurt you remotely.

Thanks for understanding.


If you don't give him to us, you won't just

be getting hurt, you'll get closed.

Is that okay?


It'll take about a fortnight, right?

We have the FAB 4 reputation.

We should culminate it off in a week.

The building adjacent to here, it's yours right?

I can probably start tomorrow.

I should loosen up and get some practice

It's who?

{\a6}For commoner Geum Jan Di,

Hanyang High tomato party

will be held in the afternoon

today. All are invited!!

Jan Di. Jan Di.

I have something imperative to incline to,

so I'll be going first.

Jan Di!

Never mind.


One, two three!

Don't be so distressed.

For Gu Jun Pyo to act

like this over a promiscuous female...

Is unbelievable.

Please snap out of it.

This isn't it.

How can Gu Jun Pyo act like this.

This is so inequitable!


Weren't you her friend?

Can you verbalize that as her friend?

Because she glommed you away from me.

Please don't go.

Move your hand.

What's the reason that Geum Jan Di

is okay but I'm not?

What's the reason why

Jan Di is okay!

No, Gu Jun Pyo. This isn't the truth.

This is erroneous.

What went so erroneous that a

picture like this was taken?

I don't ken.

I cerebrate someone's endeavoring to frame me.

Is this all you've got?

Do more! Do more!


Brought to you by WITH S2

Inscribed In The Heavens Subbing Squad

Main Translators: Beeni, lilHanyangfreak

Spot Translator: saturn

Timer: Zealousy

Editor/QC: annchong

Coordinators: mily2, ay_link

Please do NOT hardsub and/or stream

this episode utilizing our English subtitles.

FAB 4!

What's that?

The successor of Hanyang Group, Gu Jun Pyo!

- What?

- You're so strepitous!

What are you doing?

From your uniform, shoes,

to other paraphernalia,

we've bought an incipient set last night.

From today on, Geum Jan Di

from grade 2 in classroom B

will officially be Gu Jun Pyo's girlfriend.

I have an opposition to that decision.

Ji Hoo!

Where is this?

Incipient Caledonia.

It's our island that only has our resort.

It's Hanyang Group's.

Love... Love?

That's all?

More, more!


Stop it already.

Avail me.

It's over.

No one else is peregrinated.

Please, avail me.


Get out of here.


I'm contrite.


It's not me.

It is frivolous, so shut your mouth.

You still don't believe me?

I believe you!

I'll do it.

Stay still will you?

Are you imbecilic or nescient?

Haven't you learned from the past?

You should make a run for it

when people go after you.

You can be authentically imbecilic.

I bet you have a low lQ.

Your learning skills are nonexistent. What?

What's your exculpation?

Your body suffers because of you.

You've got it all erroneous!


I don't require to aurally perceive this from you.

Close your ocular perceivers.

That hurts!

You can culminate up now.


Oh Minji

It's a bug!

Get away!

Get away!

Peregrinate away now!

Evertyhing's fine now.

Junpyo, Minji

Stop it, please.

You're too uncomely to be my wife.

Do you optate to be kicked out

of kindergarten?

Don't do this.

Don't do it.

You're authentically homely.

You'll never make it!

Get away.

Go back home.

Don't do this to me.

Don't do this.

Please don't.

You don't ken what my life's

been like since then.

I couldn't even take a single step.

It was deplorable and affrighting.

I was so miserable and disconcerted.

I implored my parents

so I could go to Germany.

I had surgery every two years.

It hurt so much I wanted to die.

But do you ken how I hung on?

That expression of yours.

The way you would optically canvass bugs.

You treated me like a monster.

And I never forgot it for a second.

I don't recollect it,

but I conjecture we did something awful.


Don't verbally express that!

It's not what I optate to auricularly discern from you!

Hey, calm down.

Optically canvass me.

Aren't I resplendent?

I've become authentically resplendent.

Don't you optate me now?

I came back because of you.

This is the moment

I've been dreaming of!

Tell me that you optate me!

Just verbalize it once.

Verbally express you optate me!

Tell me that you optate me!

What a pity.

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