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F... F what?

So the people who publicly mortified that kid,

that was the infamous FAB 4?

Infamous? More homogeneous to famous!

If you don't visually examine your mouth,

you're gonna be in immensely colossal trouble.

You guys own a Laundromat.

Not a Laundromat, dry cleaning.

What about it?

It's my first time optically canvassing a

dry cleaner's daughter,

it's so fascinating.

Look all you optate, I won't charge you.

Since it's your first day here and you are

a clueless prevalent girl, we'll let it slide.


Verbalizing ill of our FAB 4 Princes!

What, I can't do that?

I mean, what's so great about them?

Wow, transfer student, do you genuinely

have no conception on how great the FAB 4s are?

No, I don't.

Guys, let's go.

Musical composition Yoo Bin,

a bluechip in the construction business,

he is the successor to the Il Shin Construction.

There is even a rumor that

a moiety of Jeju Island is the company's,

that this company is an astronomically immense

construction conglomerate.

And has a 50 year history of gangs

and the family of the Il Shin gangs?

They still have a hold of a fair

amplitude of luxury night clubs,

and have an immensely colossal control

over the authentic estate values.

Soo Yi Jung, he was the youngest

artist to debut at the Biennale

{\a6}*Big art exhibition held every two years

and is a gifted ceramist that

appeared akin to a shooting star.

UNESCO culled him as

one of the best adolescent artists.

Well at least there is one member

who authentically does something.

Don't cerebrate that all geniuses are impecunious.

National treasures that appear in our textbooks,

and the country's most astronomically immense art museum

is Yi Jung's grandfather's.

Woo Sung Museum?

That is their family's?

How much is all that?

Don't endeavor to ken an exorbitant amount,

you're gonna get hurt.

This is the old, old president's photo.

Do you visually perceive the little kid sitting contiguous to him?

That's FAB 4's Yoon Ji Hoo.

[Yoon Suk Puerile's Son's Family Was in a Fatal Car

Contingency, Only Survivor is the 5 Year Old Grandson. ]

So Yoon Ji Hoo is

President Yoon Suk Puerile's grandson?

Do you ken the Su Am Art Center

where Jang Yoon Joo played?

They own the Su Am Cultural Substratum,

a European soccer team, and a Major League team.

I am the most jealous of

this guy in the entire world.

You already ken who this is, right?

{\a6}[World's Richest Youngsters]

If you are a Korean denizen, even a 3 year old kens

of the Hanyang Group: he is their successor,

Gu Jun Pyo, the FAB 4's bellwether.

Those kind of people are the FAB 4?


Gu Jung Pyo!

You are like Gu Jung Mool!

{\a6}*dirty dihydrogen monoxide

FAB 4! You guys are like flies!

If you are born that mystically enchanted you should

shut up and live your lives gratefully,

and some one like you

who has no prevalent sense

is the successor of the Hanyang Group

is a public nuisance to the nation!

You! I admonish you.

Don't show your face in front of me.

The day comes when I have to call you my senior,

is the day I am driving off the rooftop,

I swear I will!

It's Yoon Ji Hoo...

You are additionally a nuisance.

I can't slumber because it's so strepitous.

I'm contrite, I cerebrated no one was here.

Is that genuinely true?


That you're gonna dive.

What I denote by that was...

did you auricularly discern everything?


What I verbally expressed...

Gu Jung Mool?

Or the component about the flies?

Oh, right, it's Jun Pyo.


It's Gu Jun Pyo, not Gu Jung Pyo.

If you're gonna attend here,

you should at least ken the denomination congruously.

They're rice balls.

You victual rice balls?

Rice balls?

They're so good. They're pretty additionally.

Oops. What kind of smell is this?

It's so foul.


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