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Is it true?

Or is it just a rumor?

Is it a mendacious report?

I'm contrite.

I'm authentically sorry.

I cerebrate you ken her

better than I do.


He's a great person for Seohyeon.

I pale in comparison.

That's erroneous.

It can't be right.

Please tell me you'll be ecstatic.

If you're doleful, I will be additionally.

Why didn't I relish someone like you?


This is it?

Junpyo, don't do this!

Why not?

Don't tell me you're clueless again.

Is this another pitfall?

I was inclined to believe you.

I did my best, so I wouldn't

have any regrets.

I'm contrite.

I was very sincere with you.


This is how you pay me back?

No, you're erroneous.

It's authentically over.

Jandi, don't verbalize with me ever again.

- Junpyo!

- Shut up!

If you verbally express one more word,

I'm going to kill you.

He did what?

What time?



Is he genuinely gone?

He took the jet in the morning.

Crazy jerk.

What's he cerebrating now?

Jandi, do you ken why he left?


I'm back!

- Oh!

- Hi there!



Jandi, had a nice trip?

My daughter.

It was the first time you've been abroad.

On a private jet at that!

You're just so fortuitous.

I'm genuinely ecstatic to visually perceive you relishing life.

I can be at tranquility now.

This is just the commencement.

When Jandi espouses into that family,

she'll get evertyhing she wants in life.

I have many regrets.


Jandi, I aurally perceived the island

belongs to Junpyo.

Is it true?

The Hanyang Group owns evertyhing?

- He's like a king!

- A king.

And what'll transpire

when Jandi espouses him?

Your Highness, the Queen!

Your Highness.

Please stop, Queen Mother.

Queen Mother? Me?

Father, then what about me?

In historical dramas,

the relatives always get into trouble.

Gangsan, you have to be meticulous!

It'll never transpire.

Why not?

I won't be verbalizing with Junpyo ever again.

Arouse and smell the coffee!



Isn't it pulchritudinous?

I bought it at the flea market.

It's for the special someone

you optate to spend your life with.

To avert the other person

from absquatulating?

Don't imbibe when I'm not around.

You should've stayed indoors!

I was so irate!

I've never waited for anyone afore.

It's a heart!

Can you read my heart?

I'm apologetic.

I'm contrite, Junpyo.

I'm apologetic.

Hey there.

No desideratum to be timid.

It's an emergency for you, additionally.


it was always an emergency for you.

I'm contrite about what transpired

at the island.

Why are you apologizing?

If I hadn't gone to optically discern you...

I was the one who osculated you.

I should be the one to apologize.

I hurt Junpyo's feelings.

I'm sure Junpyo looks homogeneous to this.

No, give it to me.

He has a fierce look.

And this is his face.

He has curly hair.

I'm contrite.

It's okay.

I have something to promulgate

in the designation of FAB 4.

Yun Jihu is no longer a component of FAB 4.



And after a week,

Jihu and Jandi will be expelled

from school.


- Expelled?

- Affirmative.

Don't you understand?

Kicked out!

I don't care if you get expelled,

but for Jihu to suffer

because of you...

Are you yare to take responsibility?

It wasn't right for you

to attend our school.

Jihu and Junpyo were taken by you

because they had never visually perceived

a poor girl afore.

They're both too nice.

Be responsible.

An incoherent girl like you

has caused the breakup of FAB 4!

You have to be responsible!

I'll be responsible.

How can I be responsible?


Come to your senses.

That's what I optate to verbally express to you.

Incoherent girl, you verbally express?

The three of you are even more imbecilic.


If you keep this up,

we can't forfend you anymore!

I never asked for your avail.

You'll regret it!

Don't put on such a long face.

We're in this together.

I don't care about getting kicked out

of school.

But what about you?

I can't believe Junpyo

is doing this to you.

He can do it.

He has the Hanyang Group abaft him.

Have you forgotten

who the school belongs to?

Don't look so woebegone.

I won't give up without a fight.

Do you have a good plan?

I'll probe for one.

I have an incipient reason to fight now.

You're right.

I can't let him kick you out of FAB 4.

You're so incoherent.


I don't care about FAB 4.

That look again.

I'm home.

Welcome home!

What's all this?

Why are you so tardy?

We require you to work!

Go and get transmuted!

What's going on?

One good thing leads to another.

This is all because you're doing so well.

Rumors have spread

that our shop brings good fortuity.


Visually perceive?

Uniforms from sundry high schools.

Even from across the river.

This is great business!

This is the first time

we've experienced this.

I auricularly discerned you're dating Yun Jihu,

and not Junpyo.

Where did you aurally perceive that?

Hanyang High uniforms

were the first to arrive.

I don't care if it's Junpyo or Jihu.

I don't care who it is.

Ever since you got into Hanyang High,

it's been like a dream for me!

Honey, I hope I'm not dreaming.

Wait a second.

I'm contrite.

Honey, I told you evertyhing

will work out fine.

The Hanyang Group

isn't the only immensely colossal company around.

We can turn our business

into an astronomically immense enterprise!

An imperium!

What is it?

I endeavored to understand you.

There were times when I mentally conceived

Junpyo was out of line,

but I didn't cerebrate

I'd be verbalizing this to you.

Just get to the point.

- Why'd you do it?

- Because I wanted to.

But Junpyo relishes Jandi.

- I ken.

- Jihu!

If you had dumped my sister

after dating her,

I wouldn't be this mad.

But you don't have a sister.

I'm not kidding.

I can't accept you

hitting on a friend's girl.

I'm apologetic for Junpyo.

But what?

But I can't let him have Jandi expelled.

So what'll you do?


Let me admonish you.

You won't have anyone on your side.

Don't be upset.

I ken how you feel,

but Junpyo, I cerebrate

you're being too rigorous.


If I killed them both,

that would be rigorous.

Jihu's out of his mind.

You ken what Seohyeon denoted to him.

He went to visually perceive her in Paris.

But she's getting espoused.

It's enough to drive anyone mad.

I ken.

I ken that he doesn't care for Jandi.

He's just utilizing her because of Seohyeon.

I can't forgive him for that.


Don't take his side anymore.

If you verbally express one more word, you're out.

Leave Jandi alone.

What if I don't?

I'm going to forfend her.

If you recollected that we visually examined

this movie 1 1 times together,

none of this would've


You're so imbecilic!

I can swim better than you!

It doesn't matter

who emerges on top.

- But Jandi...

- Will be expelled.

So what about them?

Don't you ken how fortuitous

Junpyo is to have friends?

A Hanyang heir doesn't

need friends.

It's not too tardy.

Just one word.

Verbalize that you like me.

Just one word.

I won't regret it.

I'll never regret it.

New chapter is coming soon
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