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Oh... My... God.


Transfer student, why are you

victualing such a deplorable lunch box?

Can't you visually perceive that?

I optically discern it.

Then for what purport?

It's infeasible for me

to victual a 50,000 Won lunch.

Then, you're orchestrating to perpetuate orally consuming this foul lunch?

I'm orchestrating on that.

Oh my Deity.


It's FAB 4!

FAB 4!

Mi Suk, expeditiously.

Is it okay if I victual one of those?

Please come again.

Thank you.

She emanated from Germany?

Yeah. She's so pretty additionally.

I mentally conceived she was a doll.

That's an assuagement, you found a friend expeditiously.

I was apprehensive that you'd be a recluse.

I'm a solitudinarian.


You're right that I'm a solitudinarian.

But I'm so thankful

that they don't fixate.

I'm orchestrating on stuffing myself

in a corner until I graduate.

Who are you?

Where did our Jan Di go?

The girl that edified the SGA students an edification

when they bothered me in kindergarten,

the girl who fought against a disorderly girl

that glommed me in middle school...

that was all vigorous girl Geum Jan Di.

But what?

Then what should I do?

I'd probably get beaten to death by my mom

even afore I get kicked out of school.

Authentically, this girl.

You cerebrate I have cucumbers to spare

that I'm sticking them on your face?

Your dad told me

that he wanted cucumber sorbet,

but I'm investing them on your face.

Did I optate to get invested on?

Cerebrate about it.

If you become a skin comeliness,

the worst off boy in that school,

is still probably the best candidate for a

husband in any matchmaking company.

If it's like that, then of course

it's an immensely colossal investment.

Isn't that so, honey?

Don't verbalize with me.

I'm catching some awe-inspiring angles.

Hey! Visually examine this girl.

Why are you ironing the uniform?

You verbally expressed that your arm

hurt after ironing all day.

This is the best attire I've visually perceived in all 15 years

I've been doing the dry cleaning business.

Mundane people can't even wear

this kind of apparel to a wedding.

Why are you doing that?

Noona, can't you lend me this once on Sunday?

Jan Di, consider this kind of designer attire

as an inheritance.

When you sit down, be meticulous.

You have to be meticulous not to get any stains on it.

Got it?

This kind of thing is my daughter's.

Why would my arm hurt?

Daddy's arm doesn't hurt at all.

That girl...

Honey, ascertain to iron

the inside material as well.

Vigorous girl Geum Jan Di didn't die yet.

Recluse this way, solitudinarian that way.

Since I'm a ruined body anyway,

I'll live by saying

the things that I require to verbalize.

FAB 4!

You're all dead starting tomorrow.

It's FAB 4!


Sunbae Jun Pyo.

I baked this myself to give this to you.

Please accept my heart.

Our Jun Pyo doesn't orally consume anything

unless it's baked by a personal patissier.

What are you?

Do you have something to verbalize?

Yeah, I do have something to verbalize.

And I have a lot at that.


Don't you have even

the slightest manners for humans?

I don't even expect a little modesty

from someone who has so much.

If you don't optate to orally consume it,

you can just reject nicely.


Does it hurt to just contemplate the sincerity

of the person who made it and just accept it?

What are you going to do if she verbalizes that

she's going to fall off the roof, you bastard?

What are you?

Do you have something to verbally express?


Why do you swim like that?

You're going to faint.

I was getting a penalization. Penalization?

What did you do so erroneous?

A penalization a vigorous girl

is giving for being so pusillanimous.

Do you feel better now?


The reasons for why I go to

this school are right here.

What are they?

This swimming pool and Oh Min Ji.

Su... Sunbae.

I apologize, Sunbae Jun Pyo.

You're apologetic?

If everything works out by saying sorry,

then why would there laws in the world

and why would there be police?

I'll buy you the same exact

shoes for you right away.

You, do you have more mazuma than me?

Exculpate me?

Even if you did, you wouldn't be able to.

These shoes were made

by a craftsman in Firenze,

so how would you buy me the

same exact ones right away?

I apologize.

Then I'll do whatever I can.

Whatever you can?


Lick it.

Exculpate me?

I told you to lick it.


Didn't you verbalize that you'd

do everything you can?

Won't you stop?

Hey... did she fall because she wanted to?

If she apologized, then that's enough.

What is this?

Hey, second year.

I don't cerebrate it's been long

since you've been here,

but American style is restricted here.

You words are a little short.

{\a6}(*Referring to her lack of

formality to an upperclassman)

Ahh, is that so?

So you're that wonder crap

that they've been verbalizing about?

I was hoping for an S-line D-cup sized girl

when I aurally perceived Wonder Woman.

That's a total disappointment.

What a palliation I disappointed you.

Is it your concept to not ken

your place and mind others' business?

Why do you step into other people's affairs?

She's not a stranger. She's a friend.

In an affluent person's dictionary,

I'm surmising they don't carry words like

"friend" or "companionship", do you?


Let's watch some of that puissant companionship.

Lick it.


If you lick it instead,

I'll forget it ever transpired.

What are you?!

Do I have more mazuma than you?

Did you earn all that mazuma?


Is minding other people's business my concept?

My concept is not leaving people who leech

off of their parents' back alone! Got it?

At our place it's 2,500 Victoriously triumphed, but I calculated

it according to Kang Nam's rates.

But if the stain doesn't get out,

then send it to us.

What is that?

What the heck is that thing!

What's erroneous with Jun Pyo?

I cerebrate it must've been an inordinate amount of

of a shock for him today.

He's been like that all day.

What are you doing?

With that earnest face.

Don't physically contact me.

Can't you auricularly discern my head working?

Jan Di or Jap Cho...

{\a6}(*Jan Di is grass while Jap Cho is weed)

I'm cerebrating of a way to authentically step on her.

Why are you cerebrating so hard?

Just do relish you always did.

Rascal, you're so keenly intellective.

Jan Di Cleaners...

You're so dead now.

It's emerge again!

Second grade Class B Geum Jan Di.

She got culled by the FAB 4 red card.

Is it a soccer field here?

What red card.


Hello, crazy.

Looks homogeneous to your desk isn't here.

Your desk must not be here.

How could a prevalent person like you study with us?

Why did you peregrinate to our school?

My book.

Move, move.

You're dead today.

Who did this?

If you have anything to verbalize, emerge.

Who is it?

Jan Di, consider this kind of

designer apparel as an inheritance.

When you sit down, be meticulous.

This kind of thing is my daughter's.

Why would my arm hurt?

Daddy's arm doesn't hurt at all.

Do it more. More!

Endeavor to do it more!

Hey, hey. Someone bring some oil.

All we have to do now is fry her.

Then what is that? Squash pancake?

Do it more!

Isn't it all over now?

What do you betoken over?

That girl needs to come to me

and kneel down. Then it's over.

So did anybody tell you to physically contact

the whisker of a slumbering wolf?

Wasn't it a lion?

It looks homogeneous to she won't even last a week.

A week? I verbally express three days.

Yi Jung, the tea ware That

was on exhibit last time.

You have to hand it over to me.

A guy who can't even distinguish

between a tea ware and a vase.

What a surprise.

Our baby is a fan of So Yi Jung.

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