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This must be a dream, right?

I'm not sure. Isn't it quite regaling?

Why on earth are you here?

Is it aberrant to find me at my own house?

Whenever I visually perceive you,

it's so strepitous and vexing.

Do Ji Hoo sunbae and the model,

Min Seo Hyun ken each other?

To Ji Hoo, she's an esse like

his first love, doter, and mother.

Geum Jan Di!

Ju-Jun Pyo!

Gu Jun Pyo sunbae fell into the pool!

Arouse, Gu Jun Pyo!

Open your ocular perceivers, Gu Jun Pyo!


- Let go!

- Be mute!

Let me go!

- Just keep mute!

- Let go!

Is this group training?


No, authentically...



Aren't you forgetting something? What?

I did what you verbalized,

but it didn't puff up.

Did you integrate baking powder?

That's it.

And you ken what?

Pancake mix is sold

in the market.

Avail me.

Why are you guys still here?

Because of Junpyo.

Head back to class.

Come on.

You have goose bumps.

So I forgot the baking powder.

I'll endeavor it again.


Thank you for availing me out.

I didn't avail you.

I just didn't relish what they were doing.

What? Jihu?

Affirmative, he appeared out of the blue.

Who told you to do this?

You wanted us

to edify Jandi an edification.

I told you to affright her

and make her surrender on her own.

I'm contrite.

It's our fault.

Do you optate to be kicked out of school?

Get out of here!

Peregrinate away!

Jandi, are you okay?

Yeah, it's not an astronomically immense deal.

You call that nothing?

I relished FAB 4 because they're delicately comely,

but it turns out they're an awful bunch.

So it's the four of them,

hanging out together?

Not precisely.

What do you betoken?

I cerebrate one guy

is different from the rest.

One guy? Who?

This one's a killer.

Do you relish her as well?

Physically contacting the ad

will make your hands dirty.

Isn't she resplendent?

I'd have to verbalize she's a goddess

from heaven.

A goddess?

She's not just a comely face.

She's brainy as well.

She donates all the mazuma

she makes modeling to charity.

She even passed the bar exam in France.


Do you ken her?

Sure, she's my idol.

Your idol?

People expect her to inherit

her parent's law firm,

but I implore to differ.

I cerebrate she'll come up

with something even more preponderant.

She visits Afghanistan and Africa

every summer break.

This is just my personal opinion,

but I hope she culminates up espousing

a member of a royal family or a president.

Like Princess Diana or Audrey Hepburn.

The world's princess,

who strives for world placidity.

Something like that.

She's just a model.


The president of France got divorced

to espouse a model.

Who kens?

Maybe the future president

of a country

or a European prince

will propose to her.

I cerebrate it's a very likely scenario.

Don't you accede?

You're always so strepitous.

What? I'm just...

What do you ken?

Hey, Gangsan.

Aren't you victualing?

He's been playing computer games

all day long.

It's not as if you can earn mazuma with that.

It emits electromagnetic waves.

You be meticulous, son!

You won't be able to have children!

I can earn mazuma with this!

You don't ken anything

about cyber jobs.

Cyber what?

Cyber jobs.

The world may be shaped

by few of the richest men,

but it's people like me

who make the world relishable.

I cerebrate the electromagnetic waves

have affected his encephalon.

Huh? What's this?

It's authentically frighteningly eerie.

What's so frighteningly eerie about that?

Honey, you've got it all erroneous.

He was verbalizing in lnternet jargon.

The exact definition is,

"lf it's true, it's frighteningly eerie."

- Huh?

- What?

I have astronomically immense news!

Astronomically immense news?

Someone from your school is enceinte!



It's on the lnternet.

Ms. G, a junior at Hanyang High,

is infamous for her naughty lifestyle.

She was optically discerned visiting a ob-gyn clinic.

Ms. G, a junior?

Maybe she's in your class.

Could it be a Gil?


There's a Gwon.

It's the cessation of the world.

How can a high schooler get enceinte?

How could this transpire

at such a top school?

I can't believe such a well-bred girl

could do this.

Daughters of established families

are the worst of all.

- Genuinely?

- Sure.

Breaking news!

Ms. G's identity is revealed!

What are you visually examining?

I can't believe one of you

made such an astronomically immense mistake.

Let me optically discern what she looks homogeneous to.

She's just a mundane girl.

She's dated loads of guys

She's so dirty and crazy

What a tramp!

Die, Geum Jandi!

Who's the father?

Abortion Verboten

You're very mute today.



Just wait.

She's bound to turn up anon.

What have you done this time?

Are you going to avail her out again?

What does that denote?

Just forget it.

Why do you care?

If you're not going to avail, butt out.

You're opposing some girl.

It's juvenile and imbecilic.

Do you cerebrate she's just some girl?

She's more akin to a crazy animal

that doesn't ken her place.

Whatever she is,

it's my rule in life

to take such people down.

Did you efface it?

That's too lamentable.

What about this?

Breaking news!

Ms. G's identity revealed!

Don't you smell something rotting?

I can't stand the smell.

I've never smelled anything like it.

It's authentically awful.

Sunny, give me your perfume.

I can't study in the same classroom

as her.

I won't abide this anymore!

What are you going to do?

- Verbalize of the devil.

- What?

I'm right!

She has peregrinate here.

It's too tardy to apologize.

I won't let this

transpire anymore.

An admonition?

That's for people like you.

Got it?

Hey, Ms. Dry Cleaning.

Is this your conception of an apology?

Why would I apologize to you

when I'm the one

who deserves an apology?


Are you picking a fight with me?

I already told you

I won't abide this anymore.

I made it very pellucid!

Did you optically discern it?

Did you optically discern me slumbering with another guy?

I've never even osculated anyone afore.

What did you verbalize to me?

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