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to pack Jandi's lunch.


What's this?

What is it?

Honey, it's nothing.

What is this?

Thunderbird, $5.

Typhoon, $20.

Rush, $30!


I'll win this time for sure.

Get out!

You can live with your racehorses.

I'd rather transmute my denomination

to Thunderbird than trust you.

Get out!

Thunderbird always comes in last.

Transmute your denomination to something else.

Get another designation.

She's his first love,

but withal like his mother.

Hey, Geum Jandi!


Just visually examine you.

Optically canvass her.

Good job.

What a jape!

It's a visual perception for sore ocular perceivers.

Blood from both nostrils.

You did well.

Wait a second.

What were you daydreaming about

to be hit in the face?

Don't do it!


Just don't cry anymore.

It doesn't fit you.

Why do you care?

Do I require your sanction to cry?

And I mentally conceived you'd be ecstatic

to optically discern me suffer.

Is that all you can verbally express

to someone wanting to avail you?

I never asked for your avail!

Not if you were the last man

standing on earth!

I'd rather die than ask for your avail.


What is it you detest about me?

Tell me what it is.

I'm tall, handsome,

and loaded with mazuma.


How could you resist me?

Are you incoherent?

Don't you ken

that you're authentically unlikeable?

You ambulate like a dork,

and just optically canvass your hair.

You're authentically vexing!

Are you on something?

I'm not culminated.

It's imbecilic that the four of you

don't wear the uniform.

And the worst part

is you pick on impotent students.

How low can you get?

- Hey!

- Want to aurally perceive it again?

I abhor everything about you!



School Trip Promulgation

Hanyang High, Sophomores and Juniors

December 1st to 31st

Cruise to 5 European Countries

A school trip?



Your school is over the top.

How could a school trip cost $20,000?

The entire school will be going on the peregrination?

Everyone except me.

Are you endeavoring to peregrinate somewhere

without me?

We're not peregrinating anywhere.

What are you going to do?

I'll get a component-time job

during the summer.

My dad has caused trouble again.

Life at habitation is like ambulating

on thin frozen dihydrogen monoxide these days.


You're going south?

Why don't you go inside

and cook some porridge?

I've been imploring my parents

to send me on a peregrination.

I optate I could make mazuma

and play concurrently.

To the sea? South?


Genuinely? I'm able to go.

But can't I go with Jandi?


Will you verbalize with auntie for me?

But we require to be paid $70 a day.

Visually perceive?

You guys are peregrinating somewhere.

Are you orchestrating a peregrination south?

Stop ambulating around.

Isn't Junpyo so cool?

I cerebrate he's even more cool today.


Are you waiting for someone?


I'm doing some exercises

afore the long flight.

Why did you insist on peregrinating

with the rest of us?

You've always preferred your own jet.

It's a class trip.

I optate to make recollections

during high school.

Don't you concur, Jihu?


Yo, yo, yo!

Let's go.

What's taking her so long?

Isn't that Min Seohyeon?


She looks great.

Take a photo.

Visually examine this.

- Her face is so pulchritudinous.

- She has pulchritudinous skin.

It's Min Seohyeon!

She's so pulchritudinous.

Can I have your autograph?

Autograph, please!


Thank you.

- How are you?

- Fine.

Let's go.

I don't relish that photo.


I'm apologetic.

You can't utilize your phone on the plane.

What did you verbally express?

Shall I go to the sea or to the river

to catch fish?

Bottle profuse of fish.

- Put it inside.

- Carry it inside.

- lsn't it "put?"

- I cerebrate it's "carry."


Shall I go to the sea or to the river

to catch fish?

Hey, Ms. Laundry!

Can you auricularly discern me?


Who is that?

Gaeul, am I dreaming?

I don't cerebrate so.

Why do I keep auricularly discerning

his awful voice?

I auricularly discerned you went to the sea.

Just visually examine her.

Hey, what are you doing here?

I cerebrated you were going to Europe.

I've been there an extravagant quantity of times afore.

Someone recommended this place to me.

What a coincidence.

I didn't ken you'd be here.

Just go on you way.

Pretend you didn't visually perceive me.

Are you okay on that wooden boat?

It's a genuine boat!

Don't worry about us!


I conjecture you won't drown though,

because you ken how to swim.

Here we go!

Hey Junpyo!


Isn't that Min Seohyeon?

Hey, Ms. Laundry!

What now?

Be veracious, aren't you jubilant to visually perceive me?

Tell me.

I bet you were bored

out here in the country.

I was very ecstatic afore I optically discerned you.

Since you attend our school,

you can join us if you optate.

I have no plans to peregrinate anywhere you are!


We're having a party for Seohyeon.

It'll be frolicsome.

You should come, additionally.

Affirmative, I'll be there.

I ken what you're going to verbally express,

but I didn't orchestrate this.

Junpyo and Jihu invited you.

You must come.

Don't you cerebrate so?


But there's one thing the guys left out.

Left out?

What are you doing?

Peregrinate here.

Let's go.

Will this be okay?

Sure, of course.

If we go inside,

there'll be people in worse outfits.

It'll be nothing.

I'm just genuinely abashed.

You're the impeccable person for the job.

Don't worry.

Geum Jandi, good fortuity!

Gaeul, I cerebrate I should depart.

None but the stouthearted deserve love.

If I get my hands on those girls,

they're dead!

Geum Jandi.

You bamboozle!

You should've kenned preponderant!

I'm such a dunderpate!

Geum Jandi!

Hey you!

You're tardy.

We were probing for you.

You haven't taken off your coat yet.

Aren't you sultry?

Not at all.

I'm arctic because of the ocean wind.

I cerebrate your dress is too light.

It's quite pulchritudinous,

but you're exhibiting an abundance of skin.

Let me optically discern your dress.

Take off your coat.

Why don't we take it off for her?


Isn't that Wonder Woman?

Oh, my gosh!

Isn't that Wonder Woman?

I conjecture she doesn't ken

authenticity from fantasy.

You should've asked for a dress.

I ken you optate to be different,

but you've gone too far.

Is this what customary people

do to have frolic?

It's Wonder Woman.

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