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C1 Newbie dog

Maple City, 9: 30 PM. In the pitch black night, most people had already entered their sweet dreams.

At the entrance of a certain high-class district, there was a girl wearing a cap, a T-shirt, jeans, and canvas shoes. She was squatting behind a bush with a miniature camera in her hands. She fantasized about being Chang'e, who ran for the moon.

"My name is Gong Fuxin ?" The phone's sudden ringtone broke the silence of the night. The girl was so scared that the expensive camera in her hands almost fell to the ground. She took out her phone in a flurry. When she saw the caller ID, her small face immediately turned into a bun.

"Ling Qianqian, you have to die! It took you so long to answer the phone, let me tell you, you won't be able to get the exclusive inside story of the popular singer Chen Nan tonight, you better go and spread the news for me tomorrow ?" The moment the call connected, a series of furious roars erupted from inside the phone!

The girl opened her mouth and quickly took the phone away from her. When the roar from the river stopped, she put the phone to her ear again and said with a flattering smile, "Hehe, Mr. Editor, I am currently squatting in a pit ? The target has appeared. I'll report back to you later! "

Looking at the cut off phone, the girl let out a sigh of relief. He had finally managed to get away with it. He hoped that Chen Nan would really appear tonight, otherwise she would have to drink Northwest wind this month!

Well, she wasn't a detective, not even a detective, but her profession was definitely related to detectives. She did everything she could to uncover more inside information. She was a dog ? Hey!

Her name was Ling Qianqian, a reporter from an entertainment weekly newspaper. For the sake of her first great goal in life, and also for the sake of her and her boyfriend Bai Ziqiang's beautiful future, she chose to work in this industry.

Ling Qianqian was squatting behind a tree sneakily, holding a branch in front of him to protect herself, she looked at the street in front of him from time to time.

"Ah choo, why haven't you appeared yet? Whether the news is accurate or not, if you find nothing, let's see how I will take care of you when we get back! " Ling Qianqian muttered while sneezing!

Buzz! * A mosquito landed on her face, and the girl slapped it. Looking at the blood on her hand, she viciously said, "Damned mosquito, you have to pay for sucking my blood with your life! "Hum, hum, hum ?"

Suddenly, a person wearing a black woolen hat appeared in her line of sight. Although the scarf almost covered his face, Ling Qianqian could tell by her professional sensitivity that she was the famous singer Chen Nan!

Once the target appeared, Ling Qianqian quickly grabbed the mini camera in her hands and followed along. However, when she just came out, she raised her head and Chen Nan was nowhere to be seen.

"Damn, did I lose him again?" Ling Qianqian stomped her feet in anger, and when she raised her head, he saw a figure that looked like Chen Nan flash past a dozen meters away from him.

"Hmph, little brat. I knew you wouldn't be able to escape from me, a golden dog." Ling Qianqian hurriedly chased after him. Who knew that after walking a few steps, Chen Nan was gone again?

Ling Qianqian had never seen such a famous person who could disappear after playing for two years. Was he playing hide and seek with her? Suddenly, Ling Qianqian's eyes lit up as she noticed that at the place where Chen Nan disappeared, there was a car moving!

"Holy shit, the car is shaking? This is going to be a big deal! " Ling Qianqian was so excited that she almost jumped up. She had really hit the jackpot today, to think that she could get the news of Chen Nan, the star of the movie. If this explosive news got out, the entire show industry would definitely be in an uproar!

Ling Qianqian quickly ran to the front of the carriage. Chen Nan, my dream of raising my rank and raising my salary to marry Bai Ziqiang, is all up to you!

In the blink of an eye, the extremely excited Ling Qianqian arrived at the side of the car.

The somewhat excited Ling Qianqian didn't notice at all that behind her, there was a man wearing black clothes and a woolen hat. He looked at her with a ridiculing expression as she pressed the shutter button and lightly pulled down her scarf.

Hmph, this kind of rookie puppy actually dared to secretly take pictures of him? Do you even know who Chen Nan is? He is really overestimating himself!

His many years of experience in the entertainment industry had allowed Chen Nan to train in Fiery Eyes of Truth. Tonight, when he came out, he discovered a dog secretly taking photos of him. Originally, Chen Nan wanted to just leave and forget about it, but seeing the car that was shaking in the distance, Chen Nan changed his mind and decided to play with the puppy.

Seeing the frequency of the car's vibrations, Chen Nan didn't even need to think to know what the person inside was doing. He quickly walked over and hid behind the car, intentionally luring the other party over. He never thought that this stupid dog would actually take the bait. Seeing her slapping the window so hard, the crackling lights made Chen Nan feel really good.

[Tsk! Tsk! This idiot should be beaten to death by the two guys in the car!]

Chen Nan stood behind Ling Qianqian, waiting to watch a good show. He hated those puppies the most; they had to take pictures while eating. If they could break into his house, he probably wouldn't even let them go to the toilet.

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