In the dead of night, everything fell asleep. The mirror-like moon hung high in the pitch-black sky, casting a clear stream of light down onto the vast earth, coating it with a layer of cold silver.

At this time, it was already past midnight and people had already entered the land of dreams. In a remote place in the Mu Mansion, in a dilapidated courtyard, there was a white-clothed woman who was constantly beating the wooden stake in the courtyard with her hands, as if she did not know exhaustion.

Punch, punch, punch, punch, punch!

Both of his hands were already badly mangled from the hammering, and the dark red blood was like a fountain that was sprinkled on top of the wooden stake. It looked like the mana of the Yellow Springs, incomparably demonic.

The person in question didn't seem to be in any pain, as if she wasn't the one who was hurt.

Does it hurt?

Pain. Humans were made of flesh, how could it not be painful? It was just that the physical pain outside of her body was insignificant to the pain she felt in her heart.

She hated him! She resented it!

She hated her stupidity!

She hated her own naivety!

She hated her ignorance even more!

She was a top assassin of the 21st century. She had never thought that she would be killed by someone else one day. The person who harmed her was her beloved man and the organization that she sacrificed her life for.

That was her nightmare. It kept haunting her and refused to leave!


The woman wiped off the blood from the corner of her mouth and endured the pain as she stood up, questioning the gentle and refined man that she loved to the bones!

"Why? Because I, Yu Xiao Xiao Xiao, can give him what he wants and you, Mu Xi, can't!"

The man did not make a sound. His lips were taut and his fingers were trembling, as if he could not bear it any longer. On the other hand, the girl beside him who was like a bird in the park mocked him with a determined look in her eyes!

Mu Xi was confused and frowned. She had already helped him take back the Patriarch's seat. What else did he want?

"Do you think he only wants the position of Patriarch!? What he wanted was the position of the chief! Do you really think he isn't ambitious?! "You're really silly and adorable!"

Yu Xiao looked at the battered Mu Xi as she spoke!

Mu Xi raised her gaze to look at the man's star-like eyes. The color of the past had long faded from her eyes. She already had the answer in her heart!

She had done so much for him, but in the end, she had ended up like this! Was it her fault?

"Hehe, then let's just treat it as me seeing the wrong person!" But today, I will cut off your hands, you dog couple!

Mu Xi sniggered as she drew her sword and slashed at the pair of men in front of her! She wouldn't let them off the hook for nothing!

"You're about to die and you're still so arrogant!" "As expected of you, Mu Xi!"

Yu Xiao Xiao Xiao said as she gathered her men to surround him! An intense and brutal fight was about to begin!

Mu Xi fought her way through the crowd! His spotless white clothes had already become the clothes of a demon. Even his eyes had turned scarlet! She had already lost her rationality! Right now, there was only one thought in her heart: Kill! Kill! Kill!

After all, two punches was no match for four hands! The knife finally pierced Mu Xi's heart!

Looking at the wound on her chest, she smiled.

Maybe he wouldn't be hurt if he didn't have a heart!

At the last moment, she looked at the man she once loved and said, "I hate you!"

He ignited his life force and self-detonated his body! Instantly, a large number of torches were completely devoured!

Within the sea of fire, Mu Xi quietly closed her eyes, leaving behind a drop of painful blood!

I don't want to see you again in my next life!

The heavens were kind to her, but they were also fair.

Perhaps it was because Mu Xi saw her tragic experience, but she accidentally transmigrated to another world, a world where martial arts reigned supreme — the Chi Xiao Continent. However, it was extremely unfortunate for her to be reborn into the trash, Third Miss, that everyone despised and despised, Third Miss, in this grand city of Chi Xiao Continent and their Mu Mansion.

Even though this Third Miss and Mu Xi were the direct descendants of Mu Mansion, due to the death of their parents, the Mu Mansion had always viewed Mu Xi's entire family as the masters of the second branch, the ones who were eyesore in their eyes. It was also because Mu Xi's meridians were innately blocked and she could not cultivate. Thus, she became the trash of the world, being bullied and humiliated by everyone! His life in the Mu Mansion was even worse off as a servant!

In this world that revered martial arts, strength was the key. The strong ruled over everything while the weak obediently surrendered. They had to obey orders!

And the situation with her trash status, Mu Mansion Third Miss, also showed the low status of a weakling, no matter how high one's status was.

Since he was already here, he might as well settle for now.

Since she was already here, Mu Xi wouldn't allow herself to live in such a pathetic manner. She had her own dignity and pride! How could he allow himself to be weak!

She would live on for Mu Xi!

She would become the strongest person in this world!

Thinking of this, Mu Xi clenched her fists tightly. His eyes also became abnormally resolute.

She, Mu Xi, would get stronger!

The night was still the same, the pitch black night gave people a mysterious feeling.

As soon as the sky brightened, Mu Xi stood up and jumped onto the broken roof to cultivate.

No matter if it was her previous life or this life, it was because the purple light from the rising sun was of great help to Mu Xi's cultivation, and the Profound Ice Ring seemed to like this purple light a lot. Whatever the reason, Mu Xi had no reason to stay in bed.

The Profound Ice Ring had long since fused with Mu Xi's soul. Because Mu Xi's soul had not perished, the Profound Ice Ring remained in Mu Xi's body after its rebirth.

In the two months since she had arrived at the Mu Mansion, Mu Xi had not been idle. Although she could not cultivate Spirit Energy s, that did not mean she could not cultivate the martial arts of the twenty-first century.

She was no longer the cowardly and incompetent Mu Xi who was easily bullied by others. The current Mu Xi was the number one assassin of the 21st century, Mu Xi. She would not allow herself to become so weak. Let those who look down on you pay the price!

After going through days and nights of devil training, coupled with the recovery effect of the Profound Ice Ring, Mu Xi's body had basically been restored to its peak state. Although she did not know how powerful the Spirit Energy in this world was, but with her martial arts, even if she could not beat ordinary people, self-preservation was not a problem!

Only at breakfast time did Mu Xi stop her cultivation and go into her room to wash her face and rinse her mouth, waiting for breakfast to arrive.

Although everyone in the Mu Mansion looked down on her, no one dared to casually provoke her. The reason for the food also arrived on time was naturally not because she was the Mu Mansion Third Miss, but because she had an extremely talented brother, Mu Yangchen, who doted on her, who had been accepted as a disciple by a large power a few years ago. As a result, no one dared to make things difficult for Mu Xi, afraid that he would come and take revenge on her.

Normally, food would have already been served at this time, but today's meal wasn't ready yet. Mu Xi didn't think too much about it and assumed that the maidservant had been delayed. She frowned in displeasure and prepared to go to the kitchen to fetch her own food.

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