After a good night's sleep, Mu Xixi woke up early and started her morning practice. She then began to test out the newly cultivated Spirit Energy.

Mu Xi slowly formed a fire element Spirit Energy in her palm and directly threw it towards the stone bench in the far away courtyard. Mu Xi thought that the stone bench would only budge a little, but it suddenly shattered!

Mu Xi was surprised, the Spirit Energy was actually this powerful! Indeed, the Spirit Energy are the strongest in this world! This also strengthened Mu Xi's determination to increase the Spirit Energy level!

Mu Xi continued training with the Spirit Energy, and not long after, the butler came on the orders of Qin Fangrou to give Mu Xi the money and the things Mu Yichen had given her.

Under the guidance of the butler, a few servants carried several large boxes into the Lingxi Garden.

"Third Miss, madam has instructed me to bring these items to you. Take a look. If you have any problems, feel free to tell me. If you have nothing else, I'll be leaving first!"

The butler respectfully said to Mu Xi, but in truth, his heart was filled with contempt. Although he was just a servant, at least he had to take care of the chores in the Mu Family! His position was even higher than that of a young master's daughter, and it was Mu Xuefei who was even more respectful to him. She never thought that he would one day lower himself to others, and not to mention, to the trash that everyone despised, Third Miss!

Mu Xi naturally saw the impatience and disdain in his eyes. Although she said that she had something to tell her, she left without waiting for Mu Xi's reply!

Mu Xi wasn't angry. Towards idiots, she wouldn't waste her feelings and didn't have the leisure!

She opened the box one by one. Inside were some gold coins, gems, playthings, spirit sesame seeds, and other precious herbs. They were all good things, and it could be seen that Mu Yichen had treated her quite well!

Mu Xi put away all these things and took out some gold coins, then headed straight out of the Mu Mansion.

There wasn't much time left until the Four Great Families' competition. According to Qin Fangrou's character, she would definitely take advantage of this opportunity to deal with her. The truth was as Mu Xi predicted!

Therefore, she needed to improve her strength as soon as possible, and she couldn't let Qin Fangrou take advantage of the opportunity to do so. As for improving her strength, just relying on brute force alone was not enough, and she also needed a lot of actual combat.

Grand Dominance City was worthy of being the capital of the Kingdom of Zi Yue. Of course, it was also the political and economic center of the Kingdom of Zi Yue. It was the most prosperous place in the entire Kingdom of Zi Yue.

People were coming and going on the streets, coming from all over the continent. However, Mu Xi couldn't care less about enjoying the scenery! It was only three months until the competition between the four great families. She had to seize every minute, train every second, and not let Qin Fangrou have an opportunity!

After making up her mind, Mu Xi entered a clothing store.

It would take her at least two months to get to Mikas Forest.

Seeing that there was a customer, the boss of the electric shop eagerly came over to greet the customer. However, when he saw the customer, his happy expression immediately darkened!

Everyone knew who the trash of Mu Mansion, Third Miss, was! The moment Mu Xi entered, the boss recognized her!

"Don't stop my business if you don't have money. Get out of here! Such bad luck! "

The boss said with a look of despise!

Today's business wasn't very good and there weren't many people who came. It wasn't easy for a customer to turn out to be a poor jinx!

"Customize a few sets of clothes according to my size. They're plain, so you have to be quick!"

Mu Xi ignored her boss and tossed a few gold coins onto the counter. She didn't have the time to waste on this!

"Alright, alright, alright. This lowly one will go right away. I'll grant you your wish!"

The boss eagerly received the money. His attitude was like heaven and earth.

Mu Xi was not surprised. She was already used to it! For these small merchants, they would only accept money. Whoever paid the boss would be the boss, and the actions of the boss were enough to prove everything!

Mu Xi sat at the table, sipping her tea while waiting!

Chi Xiao Continent: 100 copper coins = 1 silver coin, 100 silver coins = 1 gold coin.

Fifty silver coins were equivalent to a normal family's living expenses for a year, so the money Mu Xi gave was more than enough!

Indeed, the power of money was unrivalled. In just three incense sticks of time, the boss had already finished preparing his clothes! There were a total of ten sets, all of them plain, white, cyan, and light purple in color.

Mu Xi directly kept the clothes among the Profound Ice Space. Of course, the reason Mu Xi dared to do so was because she heard that most of the young masters and mistresses from the big families on this continent all had interspatial rings. That was why she dared to openly accept the item into the Profound Ice Ring.

After purchasing some cooking necessities, Mu Xi set off for the Mikas Forest. For a natural born glutton like her, she could suffer through any means, except that she could not eat!

"How can you say that!" The world is vast, and the food we eat is great! "

Just after noon, Mu Xi reached the edge of the Mykas Forest.

Mykas Forest was one of the three great forests of the continent. There were countless explorations teams, Mercenary Group s, and individuals here.

As soon as she arrived, Mu Xi saw a lot of people gathered together, discussing something!

"This won't do. The operation this time is too big. What if it's dangerous?!"

"What danger can I encounter, big brother? I have a hunch that I'll definitely find something good this time!" Just let me go! "

"No!" I will not agree to it! "

"Big brother …"

The man who spoke looked worriedly at his younger brother. The Mikas Forest was extremely dangerous, not to mention that there was such a huge movement this time. Thus, he would not allow him to go!

However, that little brother of his was determined to go to hell! They were constantly quarreling with each other!

Unusual movement! Danger? Hearing this, Mu Xi didn't think the same way. The more difficult it was, the more difficult it would be to advance in the opposite direction. This was because one could only train themselves better in difficult circumstances and break through to greater heights!

How could he get into a tiger's den!

Thus, Mu Xi passed the crowd and headed straight for the Mykas Forest! Of course, Mu Xi's actions caught everyone's attention!

"Is this girl going to Mikas Forest by herself?"

"What a beautiful lady!"

"What are you looking at!" Is that the main point!? "


Everyone was paying attention to this and were discussing it! Because Mu Xi was wearing a veil this time, no one could recognize her. However, she was still as beautiful as ever, a beauty that could topple cities and topple nations! She still wanted to conserve her strength, so no one could recognize her!

"Miss, are you going to gain experience?"

It was the same elder brother who had come over to ask kindly when he saw Mu Xi walking towards the Mikas forest. Mu Xi was also shocked by her demeanor and appearance!


Mu Xi replied indifferently. She also looked at the 'big brother' that they had spoken of. His delicate and pretty face was refined and refined, giving him a scholarly vibe. But of course, Mu Xi was not stupid enough to think of Liu Ming as a scholar. He must be powerful to be called "Big Brother"!

"There's been some movement in the forest recently. I'm afraid there might be danger. I'd better come back later!"

Baili Gan said to Mu Xi with a serious expression!

"Thank you, I understand. But I must go this time!"

Mu Xi smiled as she thanked Baili Qian.

"Miss, this place is too dangerous. We really can't go in!"

Hearing Mu Xi's rejection, Baili Qian continued to persuade her! He really couldn't stand by and watch such a good girl be in danger!

"I have made up my mind. There is no need to say anything more. I appreciate your kindness! "

Mu Xi did not wait for Baili Qian to speak after she finished speaking. He directly drove the Spirit Energy into the forest, and with a few steps, it disappeared! Only the people outside were left staring and discussing nonstop!

There were both good and bad. Some people said that Mu Xi overestimated herself, while others said that she was extremely brave! Everyone had different opinions!

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