"Big brother, look at that weak little girl who dares to go in and train for a bit. How can a group of men be so timid? Isn't that too embarrassing? " Baili Xi held Baili Qian's hand and shook it. His eyes were filled with pleading. It was different from the past; he even used a method like flirting.

"I'm begging you, I'm really begging you, brother." Look at this place. There must be more luck here. Can you stop me from getting in my way? "

"It's just you, how much do you think you are worth? Alright, stop messing around." This place is really dangerous, you were brought out by me, you promised me that you wouldn't mess around, and how am I supposed to explain everything that happened to you to my parents? " Baili Qian frowned. Although he had the intention to give it a try, it was impossible for him to not worry about his responsibilities.

He was a little envious of the beautiful young girl from before. She was carefree and carefree.

Like the wind... Freedom.

However, he could not do so. He was still the eldest son of the Baili family. Since the moment he was born, he had to shoulder the responsibility that he did not want. He could not resist and could only accept it passively.

"Qian'er, you need to practice properly. Your little brother will depend on you."

"Qian'er, it's rare for the Baili family to produce a genius like you. You'd better not disappoint others."

"Big brother, what's wrong?" Baili Xi realized that Baili Qian was in a bit of a daze. He waved his hand in front of Baili Qian, "Did you listen to me? I already said that everyone else had gone in, so it shouldn't be a big deal. How can we men be like this?"

Only then did Baili Gan come back to his senses, with a troubled expression on his face, "Little brother, can you stop messing around, what should I tell you? "If I say no, then …"

"Ha ha-ha ha."

"What this young boy said is right, this young lady dares to enter this forest. This old man has lived for so many years, why would he be afraid of such a small chaos?" An elder of Mercenary Group said with a bright smile.

"That's true, Elder Wang is right. How can men retreat just like that? Everyone says that heroes appear in troubled times, so I want to give it a try as well." The other one stood up like a leader.

"That's right, leader is right. How could we retreat?"

"If he doesn't go in, then he isn't a man!"

"Whoever doesn't enter isn't my brother!"

"Enter!" "Adventure!" The few Mercenary Group s were all stimulated. Everyone stood together and shouted. Everyone was a strong and vigorous man. Once the flames were ignited, it would be like a raging flame.

There were even a few passersby who were moved by this exciting atmosphere and were eager to give it a try.

In particular, Baili Xi had already rushed into the crowd and was shouting loudly along with a group of tall men. He was sweating profusely, as if his entire body had been set ablaze.

"Brother, come quickly, this place is completely different from home. Come, let's take a risk. If anyone doesn't go, it won't be my brother. Come!" Baili Xi's unique aristocratic temperament in the crowd didn't make anyone feel out of place.

This had always been something that Baili Qian wanted, drinking and eating with his brothers. However, his identity meant that he could never give up. He was drinking as much as he wanted.

However, under such an atmosphere, even Baili Qian was affected. Under Baili Xi's intense request, he pulled and pulled to this place that he would never have joined before.

And all of this was because of the mysterious masked girl, igniting the flames of freedom. Baili Qian and Baili Xi would never forget how this gorgeous girl had appeared like a fairy in the mountains.

"Big brother, you won't even let me into this forest?" Baili Xi was on the verge of tears as he pulled at the corner of Baili Qian's clothes.

"Little brother, just let him go. The young man has always been protected by you, it's useless. You must be his brother. Little brother is so energetic, just enjoy it!" One of the older brothers couldn't bear to watch any longer. He giggled and pulled his hand, "Come, if you're worried, you can come with us."

"But …" Baili Qian was already slightly shaken. His mind was filled with that mysterious young lady. For a moment, he had completely forgotten about his own situation.

"No buts, just come with Big Brother. I see that you guys are people I want to become sworn brothers with. My name is Huang Peng, in the future you can call me Big Brother Huang." Huang Peng laughed and pulled Baili Xi away, patting Baili Xi on the shoulder to make him feel close to him.

"Okay, then we will listen to Big Brother Huang. Big Brother Huang looks like a straightforward person." Seeing Baili Xi grimacing in pain, Baili Qian smiled as he rescued his little brother.

"Alright, you guys get ready. We'll go together." Huang Peng laughed as he chatted.

"Brother!" You agree? Really! Is that true! " Baili Xi shouted excitedly and jumped back and forth, "You actually agreed to it, I'm not dreaming right? Even an antique like brother would agree to let us go together?"

"What are you saying?" Baili Gan pretended to be a little angry, "Am I that outrageous?"

"It's not big brother, I'm just too excited. You and dad are already so old-fashioned after staying together for so long." How happy you are with me. "Listen to me more in the future." Baili Xi wiped the dust off his face, while his white face was covered in dust.

"..." "Idiot," Baili Gan couldn't help but say, before going to buy the food he prepared. He left Baili Xi by himself with his mouth agape.

"Hey, bro, wait for me."

"After half a day, everything that needs to be prepared has been prepared." Let me tell you, you must be careful on your way. "If something happens, do you have to leave me? Although I agree, my parents don't know about this. If something happens to us, what will my parents do?"

"Brother …" "This?" Baili Xi was a little stunned. He looked at Baili Qian, who was talking nonstop. He was like an old lady who had just been released, he could not interrupt at all.

"Also, what kind of monsters are you going to go up to? If your Spirit Energy is weak, I'll let you know if you can take care of it." Baili Gan finally ended his conversation.

"Brother, please spare me." I understand, I will listen to you. Your order is my mission! "Don't be so long-winded." Baili Xi was afraid that his brother would say it again, so he interrupted immediately.

"Alright, don't worry, the chaos in this forest is getting more and more obvious. If we go out now, we'll be able to find another way." Huang Peng consoled Baili Qian, the rest of the journey would be safe.

The forest was completely silent, as if it was welcoming the arrival of a stranger. Baili Gan couldn't help but think of the masked girl that had just entered.

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