Mu Xi was still outside the forest when she first entered. There were no monsters around, but everything was quiet. The gentle wind shook Mu Xi's hair. Moonlight scattered on the leaves, releasing a sparkling light. Everything was very calm, it was not as chaotic as the Spirit Energy outside.

However, Mu Xi knew very well that the more she walked in, the more she could feel the strong suppression coming from the Spirit Energy. This kind of suppression was like a fine net that enveloped the entire forest. Mu Xi already felt that the walking needs more and more Spirit Energy's support, and beads of sweat started to drop from her forehead.

However, Mu Xi didn't stop moving forward. Instead, she walked towards the center of pressure. Instead, he increased the speed of his spiritual energy to move forward. Without a powerful enemy, how could he train himself? It didn't matter if she was like a ghost or a snake. Come on, if she was hiding in the greenhouse, it wouldn't be Mu Xi.

The flowers in the greenhouse will wither and decay after only one season, but she, Mu Xi, will bloom all the time.

Just when Mu Xi was about to go into the forest, she said, "Xi, don't go so far ahead. There are enough monsters around here for you to train." Wu Xin suddenly spoke up when Mu Xi was about to head back into the forest.

He would only remind Mu Xi when necessary, but he wouldn't always help her because Mu Xi needed to grow, not nurture her.

"Yes." Mu Xi was not familiar with this world yet, but she was not a self-righteous person.

After hearing these careless words, he looked around for some wood to lay down, took out some food, and immediately began cultivating. However, he also vigilantly installed a few modern simple warning devices. After all, the most dangerous forest in the entire Mykas Forest was not empty air.

It was almost midnight and Mu Xi was focusing all her attention on training her Spirit Energy. Her flawless face looked even more beautiful under the moonlight.

Ding Ling Ling, Ding Ling Ling, The crisp sound woke up the entire forest.

Mu Xi opened her eyes vigilantly and subconsciously jumped back. The originally dark area to the west was now completely covered with scarlet light.

These were not lights, but vicious azure wolves' eyes! Wolves had never been animals that lived alone, and those that were able to survive in the forest above the food chain were even more dangerous.

As long as you could kill a wolf, it was very likely that you would receive an even more ferocious attack from all the wolves. Even if it was a master, he would not provoke a pack of wolves.

Even if you run to the deepest dungeon, they would still remember the smell on your body, and then take a bite when you weren't prepared. They wouldn't sleep at all, and they would pursue you relentlessly, even if they only had one leg left, even if you were an otherworldly expert.

Because one person will be tired, but a pack of wolves will not!

Thus, there was a saying in the Mykas Forest that one would rather provoke a local snake than a wolf pack. "If it were anyone else, they would have been reduced to a pack of wolves by now.

Mu Xi, on the other hand, was not scared at all. She narrowed her eyes and looked straight at the pack of wolves. Her gaze was sharp, and she was not scared by the pack of wolves. Use your eyes to tell the pack not to come over, this is my territory. But she did not immediately use force,

Due to Mu Xi's extremely sharp eyes, the wolf didn't move forward as if it had seen its comrade. Instead, it stood cautiously on the spot. He kept roaring at Mu Xi, baring his sharp fangs and claws. He used his power that could penetrate a person's body to push himself towards Mu Xi.

Mu Xi took a cautious step towards the pack of wolves. As for an animal, only by making it truly witness your strength would it be able to have a sliver of a chance of survival.

Since she could only accept the challenge, Mu Xi looked around at the wolves around her. She was ready to fight and was looking for a way out of this crisis.

At the same time, the mechanism on the north and south of the east side was triggered, and the clinking sounds came together. The silence of the dark forest was awakened by the ringing of the bell.

A drop of cold sweat was left on Mu Xi's body. She did not need to turn around to know that these were the wolves that had just been howling. This meant that they would fight to the death with her!

The scarlet red eyes formed a circle around Mu Xi, not giving her the slightest chance to catch her breath. The wolves on the four sides echoed each other, howling nonstop.

Maybe it was because Wolf King hadn't arrived yet and the pack of wolves had no leader, Mu Xi chose to take the initiative to fight, maybe it was the best time to attack. Mu Xi didn't know why Green Wolf would stare at her, and didn't dare to leave her back to any wolf.

If someone was here now, they would not be able to see Mu Xi's face, because Mu Xi was like an elegant ballet dancer in high speed. You could only see her face in the visual images, but her position was from west to south to north.

But if you think she's just elegant, you're wrong. Every dance was a killing move. Every place they passed was filled with the blood of the wolves. They were attacking and defending at the same time. Dozens of people would have been stunned if they were watching this scene.

It was a pity that in front of her was the Green Wolf who only wanted to kill her. "A blue wolf with smooth fur and a majestic figure rushed over from the middle of the pack of wolves, bounding towards Mu Xi with a roar!" "AHH!

However, he didn't attack Mu Xi immediately. Instead, he picked up a cub that Mu Xi had just injured and looked like the father of the cub, treating her wounds.

He then turned around with eyes filled with boundless rage. One man and one wolf started to look at each other, but neither of them dared to act rashly. The wolf, unaware of Mu Xi's strength, used its claws to scratch the ground and glared at Mu Xi.

The other wolves were also wailing in pain, as if they wanted to rush over. They retreated after being shouted at by Wolf King, but they still shouted at Wolf King in unison, as if they were worshipping him.

Mu Xi understood how dangerous it must have been. With hundreds of wolves charging at her, unless she could fly, she definitely wouldn't be able to survive.

However, Mu Xi wasn't the least bit scared. Instead, she took a very relaxed posture, as if she had let down her guard.

Sure enough, Wolf King had been fooled. Anger made it lose its mind, so it pounced towards Mu Xi as if it was about to bite her neck. Mu Xi's neck was soon going to be bitten off, and she was bleeding profusely.

The saliva on Wolf King's claws had already dripped onto Mu Xi's neck. Along with the thin veil that Mu Xi was wearing, Mu Xi's beautiful face was completely exposed to Wolf King.

All the wolves were excited about tonight's delicious dinner, but they found that Wolf King missed his target!

Where is Mu Xi?

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