No one dared to believe that Mu Xi had managed to escape under such circumstances.

Facing Wolf King's desperate attack and the situation where his strength was completely different, it was impossible for ordinary people to do that. The wolves had actually been in the air for quite some time. However, he hadn't thought of hiding during this period of time.

Not to mention being unable to dodge, but if they couldn't even react in time, they might already be dead. This was because what was flying towards them was not a simple action. Many people could only watch dumbly.

Mu Xi, on the other hand, took advantage of the short time spent in the pounce and even stepped onto Wolf King's body, pulling the vines out of the tree, and got out of the encirclement of the wolves like flying.

Mu Xi was not the type of person who would give the enemies a chance to breathe. As soon as they left the encirclement, she directly used her killing move to open a path from behind Wolf King.

Wolf King died!

It was so fast that none of the wolves could believe it and fell to the ground.

Because when the wolf pounced towards Mu Xi, it also gave Mu Xi the most fatal part. Mu Xi had used her Spirit Energy along with her top killing methods, and in just a few seconds, she had completely reversed the situation!

Immediately, the pack of wolves pounced over and stopped listening to Wolf King's commands. Even the wolf that had just been injured didn't have any hesitation. It was as if the legend was that the wolf wouldn't stop until one of them died.

Since you want to deal with me, don't blame me for not showing mercy. Mu Xi wasn't the least bit nervous. She just kept her back from being threatened by the wolves.

Mu Xi suddenly felt a bit of inspiration. How to combine the killing techniques with the Spirit Energy, once the inspiration breaks out, his strength would quickly increase.

However, facing the wolf pack that could not be stopped, Mu Xi had already started to run out of energy. Her fire elemental hands were already trembling, her small mouth was twisted tightly, and her black hair and white clothes were dancing gracefully in the wolf pack.

Was there no other way …

Using her last bit of strength, Mu Xi did not change her expression. She moved back and forth, rapidly pulling up the device. This was definitely not a simple device to kill the wolf closest to her. Mu Xi wiped the blood off her face. He immediately jumped out of the device.

The pack of wolves were in hot pursuit. Unexpectedly, the frontmost wolf tripped and fell. The wolves behind her did not stop immediately. One by one, they fell onto Mu Xi's equipment.

Mu Xi didn't stop. She grabbed a few dozen vines and tied up the pack of wolves to light a fire.

All the wolves howled in the fire. There was no other way. You pushed me inside the device and died in the middle.

After a period of time, all the wolves had died. Mu Xi finally collapsed to the ground, exhausted. However, her body was still as straight as ever. She, Mu Xi, was so proud that she stood proudly in the world!

However, after passing through a pack of wolves, Mu Xi no longer dared to relax her vigilance. She put some of the meat that she could eat together into the tape. The other wolves cautiously buried their meat, afraid of attracting even more ferocious beasts.

It was really not a good place to stay. Mu Xi looked around and changed into a new set of clothes. The previous set of clothes was now completely stained with blood. He ate a little more meat from the ring and continued on his way.

The further they walked, the thinner the trees became and the denser the grass became. It wasn't as cool as before, but was rather hot and humid.

Having recalled Mu Xi's bad memories, Mu Xi remembered that one time when she was on a mission, it was also like this …

Suddenly, she heard a familiar sound. Mu Xi's expression did not change as she started to walk softly. Her whole body did not move at all. If someone had passed by, they might have thought it was a sculpture.

It was because she suddenly remembered that the grass here was the same as when she was on a mission. It was long and lush, with a snake nest in it where she had barely escaped with her life. There was almost no luck.

This sound, this sound, was the sound of a snake moving across the grass!

Mu Xi did not want to fight him directly because she had just met a pack of wolves. Her spirit was not in its best condition. If she fought him now, it would not be a good thing.

Mu Xi waited for the snake to pass and kept her whole body on guard. She lowered her body and walked through the grass, trying to hide herself from the snake.

When Mu Xi thought she was safe, she didn't even dare to wipe off her sweat. However, her whole body stiffened in surprise. The bangs on her head covered her eyes, revealing her current collapsing mood. She cursed the heavens in her heart.

Who would have thought that in front of them was the nest of snakes. Dense numbers of snakes intertwined with each other, and when one looked at them, they would see that they were all colorful and moving like a piece of rich, three-dimensional embroidery.

How disgusting.

Furthermore, every single snake was extremely terrifying, and it was unknown if they had been hungry for a long time or what. He was the dinner they sent to him for.

After Mu Xi recovered from her shock, she quickly regained her composure and bent over, maintaining her posture and moving backwards, not daring to make any other sounds. Right now, she wasn't ready to directly face him head on. She would first check out the situation before doing anything else.

Fortunately, after she had gone on a mission in her previous life, she had learned how to deal with snakes. Their eyesight was very weak, and they were even less sensitive towards still objects. Now, he just needed to leave this place peacefully.

Suddenly, there was another snake behind her, approaching her slowly. Fortunately, from this angle, he couldn't find Mu Xi, but …


The sound was getting closer and closer!

A snake as thick as a man's thigh had lived for countless years. Its entire body was soft and beautiful, it was a rarely seen White Snake. The scales on its body constantly shined, and on the triangular head, one could see its red tongue slightly extend and shrink. Its eyes were fixed in front of it, and it looked very relaxed.

Should he face it head on, or should he hide himself … Mu Xi decided nervously.

If they were to face it head on and make any noise, it would be unfavorable for them to be so close to the nest of the snake.

Suddenly, Mu Xi had an idea. She turned around and walked into the lush grass. Its speed was so fast that it made people speechless. Even if there was an expert beside him, it would be absolutely impossible for him to do such a thing, because not a single leaf on the grass was disturbed.

It moved as fast as the wind. Mu Xi had trained this kind of movement over the course of dozens of years. Just the smell of some grass.

However, it was also a blessing in disguise. The smell of grass all over his body made his line of sight blurred. Mu Xi planned to wait until this time was over before thinking of a way to escape.

Fortunately, the White Snake did not discover anything. It was moving forward but it suddenly turned its head. "Hiss, hiss, hiss. The smell here is so strange …"

Mu Xi was shocked. Even the snake could speak. How many years had this snake lived for? It was unknown how much strength it possessed …

There were many incredible things in this continent, but experience told Mu Xi that this was definitely not a coincidence. She should have met the Magic Snake …

The White Snake slowly turned around and stopped at the spot where Mu Xi was just standing.

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