"Hiss, hiss, hiss. This taste..." "No, it's the smell of an outsider." The White Snake's tail swung back and forth, carrying a strong tail wind. Its head was like a human's head, facing the grass field, while it emitted a ghastly sound, which made people's hair stand on end.

Mu Xi held her breath and squinted her eyes. This kind of White Snake made her want to try it out.

If he disturbed the nest of the snake, his chance of escape would be miniscule. She was not such a reckless person.

Mu Xi could only quietly wait for the right moment. Fortunately, she had never been impatient. In the Antarctic ice and snow, it was a small matter for her to hold her gun for three whole days without moving.

"Hiss, hiss, hiss. Did any foreigners come here just now?" The White Snake seemed to be talking to a language that Mu Xi couldn't understand, but its movements were too anthropomorphic. Mu Xi felt that the White Snake was really like a snake, with an imposing aura.

Very soon, something seemed to have been disturbed inside. A snake's skin did not have much luster. It seemed as if some old snakes had actually crawled out respectfully.

"Just now, there was indeed a group of foreigners who came, but they have already been eaten." This snake's tongue was extremely long, and its fangs were so strange that it actually lowered its head to speak.

From Mu Xi's point of view, White Snake's status was very high, not like what it showed on the surface. In this world that relied on force, its strength must be very high.

He couldn't help but let Mu Xi reassess the situation and think it would be better to leave this place first.

"Alright, you may leave." The White Snake turned its head, and the snake quietly retreated.

The White Snake sniffed coldly and looked in Mu Xi's direction. It's neck shook faster and faster, its entire body was straightened, and one could even hear the sound of blood flowing, as though it did not fully trust the Green Snake's words, and had discovered Mu Xi!

This was what happens when a snake is under attack!


Mu Xi had countless plans in her mind. The current situation was not necessarily completely passive.

Now that she was a White Snake of a higher rank, Mu Xi was slightly nervous. This nervousness was not because she was afraid that she would die, but because of the impending war.

However, as if nothing had happened, the White Snake did not come over. Instead, it headed in the opposite direction from where Mu Xi was.

The crisis seemed to have been resolved.


With a swing of the White Snake's tail, the strong tail wind carried a black gust of wind, blowing up the grass that was covering Mu Xi.

The White Snake suddenly turned around and discovered Mu Xi who was hiding inside.

Mu Xi, who had fast reactions, had already jumped up when she heard the sound. With a curve of her lips, she looked at the White Snake coldly and terrifyingly like a blooming flower.

"There are indeed outsiders. None of those who came to my snake den were able to get out alive." The White Snake opened its mouth, exposing its long and sharp fangs to Mu Xi. The venom was so transparent that it made people tremble in fear, as if it wanted to quickly finish her off.

"Really? In this world, the person who dares to take my life doesn't exist. Moreover, you are only a snake." Mu Xi laughed sinisterly. She was enchanting and beautiful, and wanted to anger the White Snake.

As expected, White Snake understood human speech and was instantly angered. Its tail swung towards Mu Xi, bringing with it a strong wind, it was so strong that it could almost sweep an ordinary person up.

Mu Xi did not hesitate at all and immediately flew forward. She picked up the stone that she had prepared in the grass from the moment she came to the den of the snake, and while speaking, she moved the Golden Spirit Energy, knocking the stone up to seven inches from the snake's head.

The White Snake did not expect that when it swung its tail, it hit seven inches. It stared at Mu Xi with its eyes wide open, remembering her appearance in its heart.

Mu Xi never thought that all of this would be so easy. She did not dare to underestimate her opponent, and instead used a stone to smash it a few times on the White Snake's head.

Killing a White Snake here would inevitably cause other snakes to smell the scent, and attracting trouble would not be good. Mu Xi, who had witnessed the White Snake randomly summoning a green snake, felt a little fear.

At this time, the White Snake had already fainted. Mu Xi listened left and right to confirm that there were no other snakes around, and then cautiously moved the White Snake out, throwing it all the way to a place relatively far from the snake nest.

Mu Xi looked at the smell of her own grass. His white clothes were covered in yellow soil, and there was some grass juice mixed in the middle. She only felt that it was slightly funny. Since when did she, Mu Xi, become like this because of a snake?

Too weak!

He was still too weak after coming to this place!

At this moment, wandering around wasn't an option. This place was not far from the White Snake, so he could not stay for long.

She hid her aura in the air. If someone had already lost sight of Mu Xi, it wasn't because she had disappeared, but because she was still in front of you, and you couldn't feel her presence.

Mu Xi ran into some small monsters in the middle of her journey. Without any hesitation, she killed them all. In between, he continued to increase his strength.

"Xi, there's a lake ahead." Yu Xin hadn't spoken for a long time as if he was increasing his strength. However, his sudden words scared Mu Xi.

Even though Yu Xin was training. However, he also knew Mu Xi's situation. He would never disturb her in order to help her grow. However, he remembered that Mu Xi had always been a germaphobic person, and it wasn't easy for her to feel the lake water again. How could he not make Mu Xi happy?

"Don't say anything. Can you remind me?" The corner of Mu Xi's eyes slanted slightly, ignoring her image as she rolled her eyes. In her heart, however, she felt very grateful; there was still one person who could accompany her.

Compared to his previous life, he was much happier.

"Xi, stop detesting me. Wuu." "Yu Xin ignored Mu Xi and continued to play his game.

Mu Xi glanced at the Jade Dragon Ring with a faint smile and immediately fell silent.

Hmph, you only know how to bully a ring.

Mu Xi, who hadn't had a good bath for a few days, followed the route that Yu Xin gave her and walked over.

The moonlight was like water, the lake was sparkling, and Mu Xi had a rare smile on her face.

It was too quiet here. It was so transparent that no one dared to touch it, allowing Mu Xi to relax.

"It seems like you are still of some use." The beautiful young girl looked at the Jade Dragon Ring and said something. The Jade Dragon Ring was as beautiful as a sparkling diamond.

He took off his dirty clothes and stepped into the lake step by step. Her ink-colored hair was casually draped over her back. The ink-black pupils seemed to be shrouded in mist, accompanying the beauty that even painters could not draw.

After gently washing off her tiring journey, the young lady did not let down her guard. Fortunately, no one passed through the forest of Miska.

The young girl gently floated on the lake, enjoying the rare tranquility.

On the other side, the White Snake had already woken up, "Why am I here?" For a moment, he almost forgot what had just happened.

The White Snake looked at this unfamiliar place. It felt a splitting headache, and its body was bleeding. However, it was already numb to the point that it couldn't move.

His scales had also been scratched, and the White Snake was only able to remember Mu Xi when she saw him standing up straight.

I'm going to kill you!

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