White Snake s loved their scales the most. Now that they were scratched to this extent, their sharp triangular eyes stared into the distance.

Outsiders, I will kill you.

Then, the White Snake crawled towards the snake's nest for a long time. When it finally arrived at home, it immediately let out a mournful hissing sound. "Father, Mother …"

Then, two monsters that were even bigger than White Snake s crawled out. "What's wrong, baby …" The Snake Mother crawled out from its nest, and used its own body to caress the little White Snake in pain.

The White Snake circled itself and licked its body alone, causing the Snake Mother to feel extremely uncomfortable.

"What day did the snake do this to you? Do I want it to die?" The male snake's front half was straight, showing claws and fangs and venom, ready to bite the neck off at any moment.

The Snake Mother's eyes were filled with anger, making people's hair stand on end, as it hissed and let out terrifying sounds.

"It's not a snake, why would a snake dare to bully me? It's an outsider!" It's not a snake, why would a snake dare to bully me? "If it wasn't for the fact that our daughter was lucky, we would all be corpses here …" As he said that, the male snake Snake Mother's heart ached uncontrollably. It even shed a few tears.

"Damned outsiders, how dare you bully my daughter. Who is the Myka Forest? It seems like I'll have to show them." The Snake Mother let out a dense cry, and all the snakes nearby were so scared that they did not dare move.

"Is my snake someone he dares to kill?" "Just wait, I'll never be a snake until I kill him." The male snake's tail flapped, and a few thousand-year-old trees immediately collapsed. His eyes were filled with the light of provocation.

The little White Snake rubbed her parents' snake tail, crying as it said, "Hiss, Hiss, mother, you definitely want me to take revenge. That girl might be really strong, so I wanted to take my daughter's life to raise my strength."

The Snake Mother licked the little White Snake's body with her saliva. I will definitely avenge you, the Snake Mother's eyes were filled with extreme fury.

The little White Snake turned her back to her parents and laughed coldly, "I'm going to bite you to death."

The three headed snake quickly crawled out of the cave and searched for Mu Xi's scent. He wouldn't be willing to give up until he had taken revenge.

At this moment, Mu Xi also landed on the shore and took a plain dress from the Jade Dragon Ring, preparing to leave.

"Who are you? You dare to come to my place and sully my water? I'll make my dinner out of your meat today! " A Blue Flower Snake slowly moved over from the forest. It was slightly smaller than the White Snake, but its mouth was extremely impolite.

What's the matter with you recently? You always run into snakes …

"Whose place is this? Whose water is this? I don't know. "However, since I've made my move, I am not afraid of anyone coming to find me." After Mu Xi finished washing her body, she was extremely happy. She was dressed in white, and with extreme speed, she moved behind the Blue Flower Snake, preventing Green Snake from attacking directly.

Green Snake cunningly flicked his tongue and stopped. His eyes revealed a faint coldness as he stared at Mu Xi behind him. His body was curled up like a tight bow. It seemed to be able to see through everything. It opened its two green and white fangs, and with a swoosh, two emerald drops of poisonous liquid flew out of its mouth, aiming at Mu Xi's feet.

Unexpectedly, Mu Xi was even faster. Her white clothes looked very obvious in the dark, but it was actually easier to mislead her, thinking that the white one was Mu Xi. Once Mu Xi merged with the air, even Green Snake who had been cultivating for a long time couldn't do anything.

Green Snake jumped onto the trunk of the tree Mu Xi was standing on and injected the venom into it. The wound on the trunk immediately turned purple and black. The venom seeped out of the branch from the fangs. Very soon, the leaves began to wither and the trunk became an abnormal color.

If it was on a person, it would probably be taken away by the god of death. However, Mu Xi's blood was boiling. Previously, apart from the White Snake, she did not run into anyone stronger. This Green Snake had made her want to fight.

The best way to increase one's strength was to fight.

She, Mu Xi, didn't know how to fight. She only knew how to kill.

Green Snake stared coldly at Mu Xi as she let out an angry sound. He kept grinding his teeth, and the anger in his eyes was practically burning.

A cold light flashed in Mu Xi's eyes, but her lips were curved upwards. As she circulated her spirit energy, her eyes stared unblinkingly at Green Snake. At this moment, Mu Xi was covered in poison.

Even the usually arrogant and despotic Blue Flower Snake felt a moment of fear, but it still continued to attack Mu Xi.

One man and one snake were stuck in a deadlock. Mu Xi's eyes flashed as she chopped at Green Snake's neck. With a swing of her snake tail, Mu Xi's strength was pushed back three steps.

Mu Xi was immediately hit by the backlash of her own power. For a moment, she felt a stifling pain in her chest. The strength of this body still needed to be trained. But even at this time, Mu Xi did not reveal any flaw to the Blue Flower Snake.

However, strength?

Power can also be …

"You can only take three moves from me, you weak human." The Blue Flower Snake shook its head as it spoke, looking extremely proud, it exposed its venom towards Mu Xi, the moment Mu Xi exposed a single flaw, it would be fatal in every second.

Mu Xi's chest was stuffy and her breathing was unstable. She could only hold on for 2 minutes. In these 2 minutes … He had to think of a way!

Now, every human was powerful. The Blue Flower Snake proudly thought to itself, taking advantage of the fact that you are so sick and want to take your life, if it flings its tail, I will defeat Mu Xi!

Who knew that Mu Xi would directly receive the attack from the tail that was almost as thick as a bucket. Without any hesitation, she used the force of the attack to strike her own seven inches away, the powerful force directly struck at her.

From the beginning, Mu Xi had never thought of retreating. After being beaten up by the Blue Flower Snake, she suddenly thought of how to combine modern martial arts with the Spirit Energy.

It worked.

After the Blue Flower Snake rolled a few times, its skin had already split open. "You slut, did you not find anyone alive after harming me?" Without caring about anything else, the Blue Flower Snake rushed over and bit down on Mu Xi's leg.

He did not expect Mu Xi, whose strength had increased by several times, to directly grab its head. Every attack would hit its head at seven inches, causing the Blue Flower Snake to scream out in pain and twist its body.

Every move was a killing move!

The Blue Flower Snake had no way of resisting and immediately gave up on struggling. Mu Xi was already disgusted by this kind of snake. She directly placed it on the ground and left.

Mu Xi didn't think that the Blue Flower Snake would wake up so slowly after a few hours. This Blue Flower Snake was actually faking its death. When it realized that it was no match, it immediately faked its death.

"Tsk, you're still a fool. The next time I meet you, I'll take your life! " Blue Flower Snake coiled up her body and hid in the grass. He was afraid that Mu Xi would come back and kill him.

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