I am not a match for this bitch, but …

There is a snake that can...

The Blue Flower Snake dragged its wound to the nest of the snake that Mu Xi had just knocked out the White Snake. It issued its own snake-like signal, but the White Snake did not come out.

"Where's the White Snake?" The Blue Flower Snake twisted its body towards the snake's nest, but no one knew.

"The White Snake probably went home …" A small snake respectfully said to the Blue Flower Snake.

"There's a snake who knows where the White Snake is. Hurry up and tell me." The Blue Flower Snake turned its head and walked into the depths of the Miscus grass, half-believing Mishka's words.

"Yes, yes, yes." The little snake did not dare to disobey. This was his family's White Snake's good friend, and after cultivating for a long time, it was definitely not someone it could go against.

"Did you see any White Snake?" Green Snake could not find the White Snake and asked everywhere.

"Until one of the snakes that had been beaten by Mu Xi said something." Hiss, hiss, the White Snake seemed to be at that hill just now, I don't know where it went. "He just walked over with an aggressive look."

"Alright." When the Blue Flower Snake heard the news, it directly arrogantly went over.

The little snake thought for a bit, but didn't tell the Blue Flower Snake what happened to the White Snake, and stealthily slipped away.

Without even caring about his own body, the Blue Flower Snake went in the direction of the little snake to look for the White Snake. As expected, they found the White Snake in a small hill.

"Why are you here? I've been looking for you for a long time. " As soon as Green Snake saw the White Snake, he tightly intertwined with it. It made a hissing sound of excitement.

"I'm so unlucky, I ran into an outsider. This outsider is going to kill me soon. Look at my skin, it's full of scars made by her. I'm going to die from anger." When the White Snake mentioned Mu Xi, it was so angry that it extended its fangs, wishing that it could swallow her alive.

"How could this be?" The Blue Flower Snake caressed the White Snake's wounds with its tail, "Did you find that person? I will avenge you! "

"She was covered in the scent of grass. I didn't remember her scent. Right now, my parents are all looking in other directions. I don't know if they found her, but the Miscus Forest is too big. You can't find it without the smell. " The White Snake painfully twisted its body, wanting to tear Mu Xi's body into a thousand pieces.

"How did you get injured?" The White Snake circled around and found the wound on Green Snake's body.

"Today, there was also an outsider who took a bath on my territory and contaminated the water in my lake. She almost beat me to death!" Green Snake remembered that he almost died, this hatred was irreconcilable!

"Is she wearing white?" The White Snake suddenly thought of something, and looked at the Blue Flower Snake with its green eyes, "Yes, there is also a piece of cloth!"

"That's right, the enemy we met was the same person!" The White Snake is currently overflowing with anger and rage. This bitch, I don't know what her goal is, but it seems that if we don't kill her this time, we won't even know where to put our Snake Tribe's face.

The two snakes complained to each other, angered to the point of bleeding from their eyes, noses, noses, and mouths. He must kill Mu Xi! It wouldn't stop until one of them was dead.

"I remember her smell. She no longer had the scent of grass, so you can definitely find him by following the scent. " Green Snake said very confidently.

"Fine, the two of us can't kill her with our combined efforts." The White Snake flicked its tongue and said excitedly.

After the White Snake healed Green Snake, it used its scent to quickly find Mu Xi on a mountain.

The Blue Flower Snake immediately rushed out and shot its venom at Mu Xi, "You little bitch, see that I don't kill you today. Last time, I underestimated my opponent, but this time you won't be able to live so easily, take a deep breath."

"You're still alive?" Seeing the Blue Flower Snake, Mu Xi smiled, it was not the surprise that the Blue Flower Snake had expected, but a smile full of confidence, "Seems like you are really good at playing dead."

"You!" The Blue Flower Snake was enraged, it quickly crawled behind Mu Xi, baring its fangs, pretending to attack.

How could Mu Xi allow it to do as it pleased? In the past few days, she had also met with many snakes and gradually grasped that if she were to attack them quickly, she would have to turn around and take two steps back. She would then leave her back in a safe place and directly strike the back of the Blue Flower Snake.

The Blue Flower Snake moved to the right to dodge, protecting its own seven inches. However, it also transferred its power to its tail, which was instantly covered in blood. Perhaps the poison was so strong that even the blood that flowed out was black, and the grass that touched the blood instantly withered.

Mu Xi did not dare to underestimate her opponent. Letting go of the Blue Flower Snake was a huge mistake. How could such a human-like snake not have any means of escaping? Although she felt that this situation had a slight headache, she couldn't show it.

When one of his hands was preparing to use the Fire Spirit Energy s, the Blue Flower Snake's body unexpectedly wanted to wrap around Mu Xi's leg without fear of death. "Even though her tail was about to break, she still charged towards Mu Xi." I want your life! "

Mu Xi's attention was completely focused on the blood on the tail of the Blue Flower Snake. The toxicity of this blood was too strong, she used the Spirit Energy to shoot down the green snake cleanly.

However, she did not expect another snake to appear behind her. Mu Xi immediately turned her head but did not have the time to do so. The thighs quickly blackened.

Mu Xi turned her head and realized it was the White Snake. Without any hesitation, she tore off a piece of cloth from her clothes and wrapped it around her arteries to control the flow of her blood. At this time, Mu Xi was extremely dizzy.

She dug her nails into the meat, tearing at the flesh of her hands to clear them a little. Even under the current circumstances, Mu Xi didn't relax even once.

First injuring Green Snake with one hand, and shaking off White Snake's tail with the other. The White Snake moved back a few steps in pain, but then looked at Mu Xi Qi's black blood with satisfaction as it became deeper and deeper.

The White Snake laughed out loud, "You little bitch, what's your name? After you die, I'll show off to the others. I really like your skin. "I can pull it off and throw it away …"

Mu Xi quickly discovered that the tape she used to stop the flow of the venom was useless. Perhaps the venom was too strong, and she was already at the end of her tether. She had no way to reverse the situation.

It was true that her face was pale and smiling, like a Resurrection Lily. She was beautiful to the point of being breathtaking, but when she smiled, she looked at White Snake with a trace of pity. "You are not worthy to know my name."

"What do you mean? You're about to die yet you still refuse to beg for mercy. You're completely different from those people. " The White Snake puzzledly turned its head, using its brain to think that all the people it met before were begging for peace.

Mu Xi immediately followed, her figure flashing, and in the next second, a white figure flashed past the White Snake s. It hit the white seven inch mark.

The White Snake fell to the ground without checking!

However, Mu Xi's entire thigh had lost its intuition!

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