But looking at it now, most of the White Snake had already been attacked by Mu Xi in an instant, making them unable to struggle.

Mu Xi had no time to dodge Mu Xi's attacks. In such dire straits, she was far more powerful than she had expected. Every move was aimed at the most vulnerable part of the White Snake. The White Snake didn't have much time to retaliate.

The White Snake that could not resist let out some weird sounds, which made people feel that it was strange and disgusting. Mu Xi interrupted their voices. It pierced seven inches into the ground. The last time, the Blue Flower Snake had taught Mu Xi a lesson.

However …

When Mu Xi had no strength left to think of a way to find the herbs, the sound of rustling came from the bushes.

This brought up an unprecedented level of nervousness in Mu Xi's heart. She hoped that she was just passing by … Don't Be...

The worst result had appeared!

As expected, before the White Snake passed out, she asked for help from her parents. Two White Snake s that Mu Xi couldn't handle quickly swam out from the grass.

Keeping the White Snake was indeed a disaster. Mu Xi felt a headache. She shouldn't have been so lenient in the first place. Still not strong enough, still not strong enough.

If he didn't want to die in battle, he could only wait for death.

She, Mu Xi, would never die in the hands of fate. Mu Xi used her last bit of strength to stand up and attack the White Snake.

In reality, its strength was insufficient to even kill a rabbit. It did not have any effect on the male serpent Snake Mother, and did not even break through its skin.

The anger in the Snake Mother was completely expressed in its eyes. It used its tail to roll up Mu Xi and threw her to the other side. Mu Xi, who was already poisoned, had her blood and heart beating even faster.

However, she acted as if nothing had happened, and her face was absolutely beautiful. Standing proudly in this world, he arrogantly and wantonly told the male snake Snake Mother, "Just nice, let's have a pair and kill a pair."

"Today, I will kill you to avenge my daughter!" "Hiss hiss. We don't know how strong she is, but now that our daughter has been killed, we must pay attention to our safety." Don't be fooled by the surface. "

The two snakes were whispering to each other and were not afraid of Mu Xi escaping at all. Their two long tails had sealed off all escape routes, and only Mu Xi was smiling faintly in the middle, seemingly not afraid of anything. In fact, she had already secretly used her Spirit Energy to cut open a black hole.

Only by killing the two snakes would they be able to cure the poison. Killing the two snakes at this moment might be a fantasy, but there was no other way. It would be even harder for him to escape with his current situation.

With a pale face, he turned around and pulled the little White Snake's corpse up, and then pinched the little White Snake's seven inches, and arrogantly said: "You guys really thought that your daughter died, isn't that a bit too hasty? I originally wanted to let it live, but now, it looks like you don't need it anymore?"

"No no no, don't you humans have a saying, what kind of good words are you saying? If you dare to hurt my child, I will swallow you alive!" The Snake Mother's entire body straightened, and the phosphorus shard also emitted a different luster.

"If you let me go, your daughter will return it to you." It was the first time that Mu Xi had stopped smiling and asked.

Mu Xi knew that this would only last for a short while, and the male serpent Snake Mother would not let her go. This was because the little White Snake was already dead. Although the male serpent Snake Mother had not been discovered yet, it was still not a long term solution.

"I can..." However, the male snake was worried about his daughter's safety and did not dare to move forward.

"But …" Do you want my daughter or my life? " Mu Xi could not hold on any longer. She could feel her strength slipping away. If she did not leave now, she might just die here without even a trace of herself remaining!

Presumably, even if she died here, no one would feel any heartache.

"Hiss — Fine, I promise you. You'd better keep your promise too, or else I'll kill you!" The male snake stuck out its tongue and didn't dare to attack.

"NO!" The White Snake is already dead! " Green Snake slowly woke up and used his last breath to shout at the male serpent Snake Mother!

When the male snake Snake Mother reacted, Mu Xi had already thrown her into the body of the White Snake and used the last of her strength to cut seven inches off the Snake Mother!

He also borrowed the force of the Snake Mother's attack to hit the male snake's body with as fast as he could. Like an elf, she danced between the two snakes. Every step she took was exchanged with the blood under her feet. Only Mu Xi herself knew of the rapid loss of her life.

The white clothes, red lips, and the black hair floating in the air at this moment made Baili Qian and the others feel a deep sense of shock. It was as if their eyes were glued onto Mu Xi.

"Isn't this the masked girl from before?" Baili Xi pointed at Mu Xi in surprise and said, "Oh my god, it's so beautiful, so awesome! Brother, that's right, right? Oh my god, her strength is too high.

"I told you not to cause trouble, let's go help them." Baili Gan's eyes revealed a trace of worry that even he hadn't expected, "I can see that these two snakes are definitely not good people. We're all of the same sect, how could we just run away when we run into each other?"

"Brother Baili is right. Let's go and help this girl." "How about it, a man shouldn't run with his butt between his legs if he can't see a little girl?"

At this moment, Mu Xi, who could no longer hold on, had a much harder time borrowing the strength of the two snakes to fight. The two snakes had already coiled around each other and started to wrap around Mu Xi, swallowing her whole!

Mu Xi had already guessed the two snake eyes, but she was unable to stop them. Her leg that had been bitten no longer had any intuition. Every step she took felt like she was walking on the edge of hell!

With each step, blood flowed!

Every step he took was one step closer to the Infernal Realm.

She was still cold and unwilling to give up with every step.

However, Mu Xi had no regrets. If she died here, she would die in battle. As her consciousness became more and more blurry, Mu Xi was still pinching her own blood.

Mu Xi fell to the ground and stood up with all her might. Even though it was strenuous, even though it was painful, he still stood up. His eyes never left the two snakes, and he did not know how much potential he still had for survival.

Suddenly, he heard a burst of "Kill, kill!" Bringing with him his Mercenary Group, Huang Peng attacked the two snakes directly.

"Wait! Lady, are you okay? " Baili Qian had wanted to rush forward to help Mu Xi, but he didn't expect that Mu Xi had already lost her consciousness, and only now did he realize the poison wound at her feet.

There was a hole with two fangs on the foot, and there was black venom in front of it along with a bloody wound, and black blood kept flowing out. It seems that he has been poisoned for some time.

But the feeling of being so proud just now … It was impossible to tell that she had been injured!

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