Baili Gan was shocked. He had never seen such a tenacious young lady before. She was not a rose that he admired at home, but a snow lotus that bloomed atop a spiritual mountain.

Baili Qian immediately fed Mu Xi a blood recovery and detoxification pill from the herbs he had brought with him. This pill was unique to the Baili family and only the direct line of descent could use it. He fed it to Mu Xi without the slightest bit of heartache.

"Brother, isn't this …" Due to his fear of the snake, Baili Xi came back from the front and saw that his brother actually used such a precious herb. "Don't waste it if you don't come!"

"Stop blabbering, I might hit you!" Baili Gan didn't know why, but he felt that if he didn't save this girl today, he would be pained in the future.

Baili Qian patiently and patiently bandaged Mu Xi's wounds. He realized that if it weren't for Mu Xi's own methods, she definitely wouldn't have survived until now.

Inwardly, he was curious about this masked young lady. Even though her face was covered, she was still breathtakingly beautiful. Just which otherworldly expert was she an apprentice to?

"Thank you." After a period of time, Mu Xi slowly woke up. Her spirit had also recovered very well. Seeing the man in front of her, she jumped in fright. She touched her veil and remembered that this man who had just entered the prairie to advise her against it, so she thanked him gratefully.

"Since you've woken up, why don't you stay here and rest for a while, I think it's about time for Huang Peng to …" He couldn't hold on any longer … I have to go and help. " When Baili Gan saw Mu Xi's eyes, which were as beautiful as the ocean, he felt a sense of nervousness in his heart.

"No, let's go together." Mu Xi immediately sat up, they were at a place the two snakes did not choose, but the male serpent Snake Mother was entangled by Huang Peng and the rest, giving Mu Xi the chance.

"With your body like this, how could you possibly fight? Let us help you with something like this, don't get injured." Baili Qian looked worriedly at Mu Xi.

However, Mu Xi smiled and firmly said, "It's fine, I can." This caused one to have no choice but to believe in the power within this young girl's body.

Baili Gan was at a loss for words. He didn't know how to reply to Mu Xi.

With a flash, Mu Xi appeared between the two White Snake in the blink of an eye dressed in white. She then said two words arrogantly to the two snakes, "Revenge."

Now that she was fully recovered, she could not just lie on the lawn and wait for someone else to solve the problem for her. Mu Xi could not do it, and the current Mu Xi could not do it either!

Where did this arrogant girl come from? All the Mercenary Group under Huang Peng's command felt a little strange. How can there be such a brainless woman, isn't this the same as making snakes hate you to death?

If you want to die, just say so. Don't kill the brothers.

Mu Xi didn't want to explain anything about their lack of understanding.

As expected, the four words that Mu Xi had said were completely the same as the male Snake Mother s. It was their rage that had left all the moves for Mu Xi, who had jumped up and down between the two snakes, dodging the attacks of the two snakes.

"This still isn't enough." Mu Xi laughed coldly, her beautiful smile filled with ice. The two snakes had been fighting for a long time, and their strength had been reduced by more and more, but Mu Xi had once again angered the White Snake.

The male snake finally could not hold it in and took a big bite at Mu Xi. With a tremendous amount of strength, it could swallow Mu Xi whole, and even the Mercenary Group beside her was shocked, not daring to help.

Mu Xi laughed directly, her eyes beaming as if she had seen her prey. Was he finally enraged? Very good. Then today is …

Your death date!

Mu Xi dashed towards the male snake, and with a flash, struck the body of the male snake with her greatest strength. The reason why Huang Peng and the rest fought so hard at the start was because the male snake Snake Mother intertwined with each other without any weakness.

But now it was different, the male snake was enraged. Leaving the protection of the Snake Mother, its attacks became much easier, as long as it had sufficient strength!

Before the male serpent Snake Mother could find out what was going on, Mu Xi had already moved.

Mu Xi moved so fast that no one could see her movements clearly. All they could see was a gust of white wind. The face of the beautiful young girl smiled wantonly as she continued to attack.

For some unknown reason, his speed was extremely fast. Every move he made was a flurry of fists and kicks, each one fatal!

At this time, the people from Mercenary Group had already become infatuated, as they had never thought that killing someone would also be at such a brilliant moment.

The male snake let out a painful howl. It had never been able to use its own strength. The damn human had actually seen through its plan!

The Snake Mother was extremely anxious, it immediately rushed over and took a bite of Mu Xi's leg that was just injured.

Some of them had already closed their eyes, afraid that they would see a terrifying scene. Mu Xi wanted to be in a battle, so she didn't have the chance to avoid such a furious roar.

Besides, she was just injured …

Who would have thought that the moment the Snake Mother pounced on him, Baili Gan would throw his own sword inside. The Snake Mother had a sword stuck in its mouth, and its mouth was wide open. The venom said as its fangs fell to the ground, making it feel extremely disgusted.

He turned back to look at Mu Xi. She was only one step away from death, but she was still the same. With a smile on her face, she was not afraid of death.

The Mercenary Group people weren't idiots, they understood Mu Xi's meaning. Being admired by Mu Xi who fought alone, since it was an era of martial arts, whoever had the strength would be respected.

"Damn, these two days vipers are so disgusting, hurry up and kill them, then walk up to help!"

They had each their own ways. They had also lived in this forest for a long time, and it was not the first time they had encountered a snake.

There was even one person who went up to the snake and threw away her yellow hair, leaving Mu Xi at a loss as she did not know what to do.

"Hey hey hey, isn't this the time when my older brother is the hero saving the beauty? Isn't going up there just a messy fight?" Baili Xi looked at Mercenary Group rushing towards him and chuckled as he spoke, then slashed a few times towards the White Snake.

However, it was very useful. Perhaps the two snakes could no longer entangle themselves together. Mu Xi quickly caught hold of the male snake's head, but was unable to move. The male snake was smashed in the head by Mu Xi and died.

Mu Xi, who didn't have time to rest, tried her best to help fight the Snake Mother. Seeing the enemy coming over, the Snake Mother glared at Mu Xi with its dark green eyes burning with flames.

The black tail broke free from the few people and swiped at Mu Xi. "If we keep doing this, it'll be very easy for you to die. You Snake Tribe are way too peaceful in this situation." Mu Xi had no idea about this old trick.

That's it!

With a turn of his body, he unleashed his ace attack, causing the already heavily injured Snake Mother to fall to the ground.

Even so, Mu Xi still did not relax. Facing the Snake Mother that still had some strength left, hitting it from seven inches to the back of its head, even if the Snake Mother wanted to stand, it would not be able to stand up.

It was a one-sided slaughter!

So powerful! These were the thoughts of all the Mercenary Group and the hundred kilometers away. What a girl, what a reckless girl.

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