After the two snakes died, Mu Xi was afraid that another snake would use a trick again, so she directly took out the Snake Mother's Hundred Miles Sword and stabbed the two snakes.

"Thank you." Mu Xi smiled at the few people who had just come to help. It was a rare smile. It was the smile of someone who had just revived everything and melted the ice and snow. Warm in everyone's heart.

"Eh, there's no need to thank me …" Baili Gan scratched his head like a well-behaved young man, "You could have taken care of it yourself."

"No, thank you for saving my life." Mu Xi knew how serious her poisoning was. If it weren't for Baili Qian, perhaps … There was no way to reverse the situation.

"You have to be careful. You must be careful of many things in this forest. If we didn't run into you by chance, the consequences would have been unimaginable." Because of Mu Xi's thanks, Baili Gan had blushed a little, but he had unknowingly said what he wanted to say.

"Yes." Mu Xi shook her head and smiled. She was just thinking about how to reply.

"Don't worry about him, my brother is like that. He has a long logic, you don't have to worry about him, but he's still nice. Just listen to him." Baili Xi picked it out. Mu Xi felt that it was a little familiar, probably because they met outside the forest before.

"Thank you, everyone. These snakes are already dead. If you need anything, feel free to bring it back." After Mu Xi finished speaking, she cleaned herself up and prepared to set off on her journey.

"Wait, the lady is alone, your leg injury has not healed yet. If you don't go with us for a while, we can take care of each other." When Baili Qian saw that Mu Xi was about to leave, he didn't know why, but when he saw Mu Xi looking back in surprise, his face flushed red.

He continued, "Miss still has a few more days to recuperate. I'm afraid the wounds from killing these two snakes have already opened up. Why don't you come with us for a bit more?"

"..." "This …" Mu Xi thought for a while. With her personality, she didn't like going forward like this, but this man was telling the truth.

So, touching my stomach, I'm really cute, "Alright, I'm hungry now that it's done. Why not all of them together? "

A few big guys immediately started pushing and pushing each other. They went up and skinned the snake that Mu Xi killed just now and cut off its flesh. They were all people who came out to earn a living. He then boiled the little snake some soup.

Even Mu Xi, who already ate the food, was drooling from watching the snake meat being roasted. To think that Baili Gan actually had such a good culinary skill. He even gave the meat that was roasted until it was tender on the outside to Mu Xi.

Mu Xi did not refuse and bit into it. It was both elastic and delicious. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that it was a delicacy in the mortal world.

Looking at Mu Xi, who was happily eating, Baili Qian asked shyly yet nervously, "I wonder what your name is, can you tell me? I am called Baili Zi, which was no offense, but we will have to get along for a long time, so I can't call you 'miss' right?"

"Mu Xi."

What a familiar name. Baili Qian naturally did not associate her with the trash from Mu Family, but even if he did, he would still feel that it was impossible. How could such a trash be the same person as such a peerlessly talented young lady?

"Miss Mu? "From now on, we will travel together. Come and drink this wine!"

"Alright." Without saying anything, Mu Xi picked up the wine cup and started drinking. Her actions were straightforward and outspoken, unlike an ordinary girl's, but it made the Mercenary Group men admire her greatly. They just didn't like such a cute little girl. Such a beautiful yet unpretentious woman was the role model.

After drinking, no one had any intention of offending Mu Xi, leaving her to meditate in her seat until dawn.

"Why did you come out alone? You're a little girl. Tsk, tsk, your parents are so trusting of you. I'm really envious of them." Baili Xi circled around Mu Xi early in the morning as if he had a new treasure.

Mu Xi raised her eyebrows and ignored him. However, a trace of impatience could be seen on her face. She had already died at the door according to her usual annoyance.

"Stop being so noisy with Lady Mu. She's already such a child, but she still doesn't know anything. We can't let her go." Baili Qian had been observing Mu Xi the entire time. When he saw Mu Xi's expression, he knew that his younger brother had disturbed her.

"Mu Xi didn't say anything, how do you know he's impatient …" Sister Lili, can you tell me your martial arts skills? " Baili Xi shamelessly continued to ask.

Mu Xi could no longer hold it in. She looked at Baili Gan, and directly sealed his mouth with a Spirit Energy, then slanted her eyes at Baili Xi as she smiled wickedly, "I don't know why, but my hands suddenly feel really itchy."

"Wuwuwu …" Baili Xi was unable to open his mouth. He was angry and anxious, not knowing what to say. It looked particularly funny, like a comical clown.

Baili Gan, who doted on his younger brother like this, couldn't help but laugh out loud. The others also laughed till they rolled back and forth. One by one, they patted Baili Xi's shoulders in sympathy, making him jump up and down.

After a few hours, Mu Xi finally opened Baili Xi's mouth. This time, Baili Xi was always obedient. He rubbed his nose and hid behind Baili Qian.

However, it was still possible to see Baili Xi blowing his beard and glaring at Mu Xi from time to time. The moment Mu Xi turned around, Baili Xi immediately went into hiding. The scene was also very attractive.

"Wait …" When Huang Peng suddenly asked the big guy to stop, Huang Peng had always been a bold and cautious person, and everyone believed that he would stop. Mu Xi also had a lot of trust in this person who took care of her on the way here.

"We seem to have entered the Man-Eating Spider territory." Huang Peng had no time to explain, "Retreat first, be careful of the ground and the tree's net, if you see anything that reflects light, immediately report it."

"Yes." Mu Xi also found a spot, saying that she dared not lower her guard on the ground. Since Huang Peng was so worried about something, then it must not be a common thing.

Due to the large number of people, they soon found a way out. Not daring to stay any longer, the few of them followed the path out.

"Boss, how did you know it was a man-eating spider?" a man asked curiously.

"This place is dark and humid, but there are no bugs. Just now, I saw a bird fly out from this place and it stopped flying. "It's just experience." Huang Peng wasn't the least bit proud as he simply explained the theory behind it.

A spider with a human head, two black dots, and a red smiley face. It was extremely strange, with all eight of its legs black with fluffy fur, it didn't need to look closely to know that it definitely had poisonous jaws …

"Everyone be careful, it's the Smiling Spider!" Once you run into its net, you'll never be able to get away. " Huang Peng had been paying attention to his surroundings, trembling when he saw the smiling spider, "This …"

Everyone was scared stiff by this terrifying spider. Compared to the talking White Snake, this spider with a human face was even more horrifying, as if it was a monster from the same species.

"No way …" So tragic? " After Baili Xi finished talking, his legs trembled. Baili Xi, who was well protected by his parents and never left the house, was scared to the point that he almost fainted because of the spider's body size.

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