Just as she was about to exit the room, Mu Xi saw a gorgeous figure walking towards her under the escort of a group of young maidservants. She was wearing a peach pink tasseled long skirt with heavy makeup and had a head full of gold ornaments.

As if she couldn't show it, Mu Xi's description of her clothes made it seem as if she were a tycoon. A single word to describe her vulgarity! The word was very vulgar! The word was very vulgar! The word 'vulgar' could only be described by one word!

While Mu Xi was sizing up this woman, this woman had already walked up to Mu Xi arrogantly with her chin held high and her footsteps gentle. She gave Mu Xi a disdainful, mocking, and even disdainful look.

"Trash, I am in a good mood today and have personally come to bring you breakfast. Why aren't you kneeling down to receive my gratitude?"

As he spoke, he gestured to the maidservants behind him. He even showed an expression of "thank me" to Mu Xi.

This was Mu Xi's first time seeing someone other than a serving maid after she came here. She couldn't help but look at them a few times. After she saw them, she regretted it immediately. Not only did they 'hurt her eyes', but they also misunderstood her!

Originally, her looks were already mediocre. Coupled with her random attire, she simply could not bear to look on! This bastard's taste is really high!

Mu Xi had received all the original owner's memories, so when she saw the makeup woman, she immediately recognized her "Second Sister" — Mu Xuefei!

"Cui Er, hurry and bring the dishes to Third Miss!" Mu Xuefei treated Mu Xi's disdainful gaze as the envy of a good-for-nothing who had never seen the world before. She even stuck out her ample breasts and excitedly told her maidservants to serve Mu Xi food. This was not a misunderstanding!

Mu Xi mourned for her second sister in her heart. She couldn't even tell the difference between good and bad. This person was so stupid that no one could surpass him in this life!

"Yes, Miss!"

Hearing Mu Xuefei's instructions, a green-clothed servant girl behind her immediately placed the already prepared dishes on the table with the broken pear tree.

Mu Xuefei looked provocatively at Mu Xi.

If Mu Xi didn't understand Mu Xuefei's intention just now, then when she saw the dishes on the table that had been stale for who knows how long, she immediately understood! It felt like this fellow was looking for trouble!

Towards Mu Xuefei's boring actions, Mu Xi only tried to make sense of it. She simply ignored it and remained calm, without the slightest fluctuation in her emotions!

Mu Xuefei, on the other hand, became agitated. She came today to humiliate Mu Xi, but she did not see the result she had expected. She also saw Mu Xi's calm expression and completely no intention of being a client.

"What kind of attitude does this trash have? She came personally to deliver food to me out of good intentions. She actually …" Mu Xuefei gritted her teeth in anger and glared at Mu Xi with eyes full of fire. She was like a hungry wolf that had caught sight of its prey, ready to pounce on Mu Xi at any moment!

However, he didn't know that Mu Xi actually treated her as a fool all along, and even more so, disdained her actions. To her, being an idiot wouldn't affect her in the slightest!

Mu Xuefei's originally good mood had completely disappeared after Mu Xi's disregard. When she saw Mu Xi's fairy-like face, the anger in her heart flared up even more. Her gaze towards Mu Xi was filled with thick killing intent, and the delicate makeup on her face became even more distorted!

"Hey, you piece of trash, what kind of attitude is this!?" Mu Xuefei shouted angrily at Mu Xi.

Mu Xuefei had originally thought that Mu Xi would be frightened by her shout, but it often turned out to be unexpected. Mu Xuefei had really thought too much into it this time. The Mu Xi now was no longer the Mu Xi of the past who was easily humiliated!

Mu Xi didn't do anything to Mu Xuefei's rude remarks. She just looked at the lady coldly and spat out two words, "Noisier!"

Even though it was only a short word, the coldness that emanated from it felt as if it seeped into her very bones. It not only made Mu Xuefei's body shudder!

However, she quickly reacted. Of course, Mu Xuefei didn't seriously analyze and feel Mu Xi's difference. She felt that she had been violated.

If she thought about it, it made sense. Mu Xuefei was so stupid, so why would she care about those things?

Seeing that the good-for-nothing Mu Xuefei had bullied to such an extent since she was young actually dared to speak to her in such a manner, she immediately went mad …

"You, trash, actually dare to say such things to me. You are truly capable. Watch as I tear your mouth apart!"

As she spoke, Mu Xuefei ferociously pounced towards Mu Xi, as if she was going to eat Mu Xi whole.

When the maidservants by her side saw this, they immediately went up to dissuade Mu Xuefei.

"Miss, please stop!"

"Miss, please calm down!"


The maidservants naturally didn't stop Mu Xuefei because they felt sorry for Mu Xi and feared that she would be bullied. It was because Madam had instructed Mu Xuefei not to provoke Mu Xi during this period of time.

Mu Xi, who was one of the people involved, stood to one side with a smile as she watched the conflict between the two of them. Not only that, Mu Xi was so infuriated that she even yelled at them from time to time to cheer for them!

"A bunch of idiots!" Looking at Mu Xuefei and the others, Mu Xi could no longer hold back and blurted out what she was thinking.

"How dare you call me an idiot! No matter what, I'm still your second sister. Today, I'll teach you what etiquette is!"

This Mu Xuefei had humiliated Mu Xi to such an extent, yet she still had the nerve to say that she was a big sister. Her face was quite thick!

"Second sister?" Have you ever seen a sister who calls herself a good-for-nothing, calling herself my sister's sister! Little sister, I'm really curious as to who learned Second sister's rules of etiquette from, and why she's like a mountain villager. "Hmm?"

Mu Xi looked at the girl who was baring her fangs and brandishing her claws.

She was no longer the cowardly and incompetent Mu Xi of the past. Naturally, she would not allow Mu Xuefei to insult her like she did in the past!

"You actually compare me to a lowly mountain villager. You must be tired of living. Today, no matter what, I will give you a good lesson, you piece of trash!"

Mu Xuefei was the pearl of Mu Family, grew up under the tender care of her parents, and had never received even the slightest bit of grievance. Hearing Mu Xi's retort, her mood immediately rose up, and no matter if she was in the house now, she directly used Spirit Energy to shatter the servant girls around her.

Mu Xuefei was so emotional that she didn't notice her own strength. Just by listening to the sound of the wind blowing on the whip, she was able to tell that the strength she used was at least seventy to eighty percent of her strength!

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