"Ahhh!" Brother, what did you say? " Baili Xi asked almost in a sobbing tone.

"Don't retreat, don't retreat!" Baili Gan screamed at the top of his lungs, if not for Huang Peng pulling him away, he would have died in his little brother's place.

Although this little brother had caused trouble for him since he was young and had no way of practicing martial arts or not, and was hard to learn, he was still the person he liked the most in so many years.

He brought his brother out, and he's going to take him back!

However, Baili Xi was scared by the spider's increasing speed. He quickly took a few steps back and directly pounced onto the net that the spider vomited. After a few struggles, he actually struggled more and more.

"Ah …" The spider was already slowly climbing onto the web.

On one side was Baili Xi, who couldn't break free. On the other side was Baili Qian, who didn't even know how to save his brother!

Is there really nothing I can do?

"Save me, save me, big brother …" Baili Xi felt that his furry thighs were about to touch his own body, so he kept waving his hands.

"Don't struggle." Suddenly, a slim figure in white clothes appeared beside Baili Xi, bringing with it a unique scent that was unique to girls. It was as if he had brought back hope.

Mu Xi?

Everyone else stared in shock. How did she get in? The spider had already spat out a net, so how could she get in?

Some people were even wondering if Mu Xi was an immortal. Otherwise, how could such an inescapable net be able to get in unscathed.

Only Baili Qian and Huang Peng had no idea what was going on.

"She used the power of the belt to shake herself in! to combine the tree trunk with one's own jumping power. " Huang Peng suddenly shouted excitedly, pointing at the trees that were surrounded.

This kind of strength was too terrifying. Every move didn't have the slightest bit of effect, every point fell down as if it was measured before, all the way to Baili Xi's side. If he used too much strength in one step or too little, he would undoubtedly die.

"Mu Xi, did you come to save me?" Baili Xi's eyes were red and he was on the verge of tears. He swore to himself that he would train hard in the future, "You should leave this place."

"Don't be noisy." Mu Xi said coldly as she used her Fire Spirit Energy to burn the spider web, but there was no reaction. The spider web became even more crystalline after being roasted by the fire.

Mu Xi couldn't save Baili Xi in such a short time. She waved her sword and cut off the spider leg. It was useless at all as the spider was too fast. There was no time to react at all.

Baili Xi didn't dare to say anything as he told the spider to stay away from Baili Xi temporarily. One person closed his eyes silently.

"Huang Peng, Baili Gan, you two go and cut down the trees!" There was no way for Mu Xi to hide in such a small place. While dodging the sticky net, she hit the spider, which was completely unharmed.

For some reason, the spider had a clear target. It would always turn to Baili Xi, who could not struggle at all. It wanted to fill Baili Xi's head and kill Baili Xi.

"Got it." At this time, the few people who were watching dumbfoundedly finally seemed to wake up from a dream and used all their strength to cut down the trees.

At this moment, Mu Xi could no longer hold on.

"What do we do? Mu Xi, hurry up and leave. Don't worry about me. It's useless." It's really useless. If you continue to stay here, you will be implicated. " Baili Xi resigned to his fate and gave up.

"I already told you to shut up!" Mu Xi looked coldly at Baili Xi, "You think you won't implicate me just because you're dead? Live on, and I won't die! "

Baili Xi didn't know how to react. Tears were already flowing out of his eyes. A stranger could do such a thing for him.

He would always remember that beautiful girl in white.

Fortunately, at this time, the tree had already been chopped down. Baili Qian had joined the battle.

Baili Qian, who was wearing a dark blue robe, helped Mu Xi, who was unable to withstand the attack of the Smiling Spider, to kick Baili Xi far away.

"Try chopping your jaw!" As Baili Gan resisted the spider, he controlled the spider's legs and yelled at Mu Xi. Mu Xi tacitly turned around and hacked down the big jaw of the smiling spider, and as the knife fell, the spider indeed began to bleed profusely.

"How dare you mess with my little brother …" I want your life. " Baili Qian was so scared by the scene that he almost went insane. He could no longer control himself, "My little brother!"

"Don't kill it, I heard the spider's saliva can melt the web." Seeing Baili Xi still unable to struggle, Huang Peng suddenly recalled the legend.

However, the spider was still moving. Although it was almost dead, no one dared to go forward to retrieve its saliva.

"Then let's give it a try." Mu Xi wasn't afraid of being disgusted at all. She immediately lifted her foot and took out a bottle to get her saliva, shocking the people around her.

Even he couldn't do such a thing, yet a girl who had never done anything in her entire life was doing it so well. Mu Xi's affability level shot up rapidly in everyone's hearts, and they couldn't help but be impressed.

Baili Xi was finally rescued. After all this, he has grown up a lot and did not cry too much. He just quietly sat on the ground to meditate. Everyone knows that he was scared and did not want to disturb him.

"Thank you for saving my brother …" Baili Qian choked with sobs. His tongue felt like it was tied up, and he was unable to say a single word. It wasn't that he didn't want to cry, it was just that he couldn't bring himself to do so.

"It's fine, it's only right. We are friends."

These words caused all sorts of feelings to run through Baili Qian's heart. If Mu Xi wanted him to ascend the mountain now, he definitely wouldn't frown.


Although Mu Xi's face was covered, she still smiled at Baili Qian. Her eyes were like stars, transparent and bright. She knew better than anyone the feeling of death when she lost her closest family.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the heavens would shatter and the earth would shatter. It was even more devastating than the collapse of the world.

"I think you need to rest well as well …" Mu Xi's eyes gave Baili Qian a sense of safety. The endless emotions that flowed out of the corners of her eyes made Baili Qian feel completely at ease.

Only after a long while did Baili Gan come back to his senses. He said in a wooden tone, "…" "Thank you." Only he knew how complicated his emotions were, and he clenched his fists.

In the days to come, Baili Qian and Baili Xi would spend their entire lives cultivating. Especially Baili Xi, his carefree heart had been retracted and his growth rate was astonishing.

This matter also caused Mu Xi to fall into deep thought. It was good to continue like this with more companions, but the chances of training herself were greatly reduced. If he did not achieve his goal in coming here, there would be no change at all in the Mu Family.

It was better to leave. Mu Xi took a deep breath and dismissed her complicated emotions. She decided to leave. After all, she had to walk her own path.

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