"You actually compare me to a lowly mountain villager. You must be tired of living. Today, no matter what, I will give you a good lesson, you piece of trash!"

Mu Xuefei was the pearl of Mu Family, grew up under the tender care of her parents, and had never received even the slightest bit of grievance. Hearing Mu Xi's retort, her mood immediately rose up, and no matter if she was in the house now, she directly used Spirit Energy to shatter the servant girls around her.

Mu Xuefei was so emotional that she didn't notice her own strength. Just by listening to the sound of the wind blowing on the whip, she was able to tell that the strength she used was at least seventy to eighty percent of her strength!

Staring at the whip in front of her, Mu Xi didn't dodge nor did she panic. She just stood there with a faint smile, as if she wasn't the one who was going to be injured by the whip.

"This is the result of offending me, hahaha!" On the other hand, Mu Xuefei was extremely cocky. She giggled and revealed a victorious expression, looking extremely ferocious. Although her Spirit Energy level wasn't high, it was more than enough to ruin Mu Xi's face.

Just when Mu Xuefei was imagining things, a miracle happened!

"Is that so?" Mu Xi spoke slowly and calmly, still standing there without moving.

Only when the soft whip was only a centimeter away from Mu Xi and was about to touch Mu Xi's jade-like skin did she stretch out her right hand and grab onto Mu Xuefei's soft whip with lightning speed.

It was effortless, as if it were the most ordinary thing to do.

Mu Xuefei was instantly stupefied. She thought it was just an illusion and ruthlessly rubbed her eyes. However, when she looked at Mu Xi again, the result was the same.

It wasn't only Mu Xuefei, but the servant girl that came with her also had a stupefied expression on her face!

What a situation! When did Third Miss become so great! Although the Second Miss was not the one with the best Mu Mansion, she could only be considered average! However, there was no way he couldn't beat a trash with blocked meridians!

"How, how is this possible? You must have used some kind of demonic technique!" Mu Xuefei stared at Mu Xi with disbelief and a face full of certainty. In fact, she was panicking so much that her voice trembled.

"It's your own weakness!" Mu Xi looked at the furious Mu Xuefei contemptuously as she spoke coldly.

After that, she lightly pulled on the soft whip in her hand. Mu Xuefei had never expected Mu Xi to suddenly act this way. With just a careless move, she had unceremoniously knelt down in front of Mu Xi.

It was more accurate to say that she was lying in front of Mu Xi like a dog eating sh * t, and her mouth even touched Mu Xi's shoes!

Looking at her masterpiece, Mu Xi pretended to be embarrassed, but she didn't go and help Mu Xuefei. Instead, he mocked and ridiculed them!

"Ah!" "Second sister doesn't need to perform such a great ceremony, it really is like killing my sister. Although I am the only direct descendent in this family, we sisters have a deep bond. Second sister doesn't need to do this."

Mu Xi had a beaming smile on her face, as if what she said was true.

There really was a hidden dagger in his smile. Even if he was infuriated, he wouldn't act this way.

Everyone knew that Mu Xuefei's father, Mu Jianfeng, was Mu Xi's father, Mu Qingfeng's half-brother. As the son of a bastard, he shouldn't be the head of the family, but because both of Mu Xi's parents had died, Mu Jianfeng was promoted. Mu Xuefei cared even more about this. The identity as a concubine was the pain of her life!

This was also the reason why Mu Xi, the only direct daughter of Mu Mansion, suffered Mu Xuefei's hostility!

That was why Mu Xi's statement about her identity as his direct daughter had deeply shocked Mu Xuefei!

"You piece of trash, shut your mouth!" When Mu Xuefei heard Mu Xi say that her status was low, she immediately stood up. With eyes that seemed to spew fire, she charged toward Mu Xi without a care.

"Hehe!" Trash? "

Mu Xi looked coldly at the woman who was charging at her. Just like before, she only used one move. Mu Xi kicked at Mu Xuefei's chest in a very despicable manner.

She had already disliked Mu Xuefei's plump breasts since a long time ago. Other people's breasts were enchanting, but she was like a big cow.

Although her kicks were not that good, Mu Xi did not slow down because of it.

She would not be soft-hearted in the face of provoking her own people!

This kick of Mu Xuefei's directly sent her flying from the room to the outside of the house.

"Humph!" Mu Xi let out a cold snort. Anyone who dares to provoke me must be prepared to pay the price.

To paraphrase Mu Xi's way of retaliation in the 21st century, it's like slapping you against a wall and you can't even button it!

Mu Xuefei was already lucky enough. If it wasn't for Mu Xi's current situation with her Mu Family being so vile, it wouldn't be suitable for her to have any big conflicts with Mu Family at the moment. How could she be let off so easily this time!

One must know that in the 21st century, whoever offended Mu Xi would only have one ending, and that was, of course, not an easy death.

Death was not the most painful thing. The most painful thing was to live rather than die!

Mu Xuefei slid down the wall in a sorry state and spat out a mouthful of blood!

"This is the price for calling me trash!"

The current Mu Xi was no longer as smiling as she was before. She was now like a murderous Shura! His entire body was emitting a cold aura! It sent chills down one's spine!

The surrounding maidservants were all shocked by Mu Xi's actions. Although this second young miss was unreasonable, she was the master's most beloved daughter. If the master knew about this, he would definitely not forgive Third Miss!

As the perpetrator, Mu Xi didn't feel that there was anything wrong with this. On the contrary, she acted as if it was the right thing to do.

The young maidservants trembled as they looked at the murderous Mu Xi in front of them, their hearts filled with fear.

Was this still that idiot Third Miss! Although she was still wearing her usual simple and unadorned clothes, the aura around her was now completely different from before. She no longer had the appearance of an idiot trash.

Even Mu Xuefei who was injured by Mu Xi was stunned for a moment as she looked at Mu Xi. Only then did she react, yelling for her maid, who was also in a dazed state, to come over and help her up.

From the blood Mu Xuefei vomited, it could be seen that she had been severely injured by Mu Xi. She was no longer able to stand up, and it was only with the support of the two maidservants that she was able to stand steadily.

"You, trash, clearly can cultivate, why did you lie to us!"

Mu Xuefei had no time to appreciate Mu Xi. No matter what, she couldn't lose to a trash with blocked meridians. The only explanation was that Mu Xi could cultivate Spirit Energy.

"Mu Xuefei, I say, are you really stupid or are you just pretending? Think carefully whether I used Spirit Energy or not."

Listening to Mu Xi's words, Mu Xuefei thought it over carefully, and did not deny that she did not feel any Spirit Energy's fluctuations just now.

But she wasn't willing to believe that she couldn't even defeat a good-for-nothing that couldn't cultivate. The reason she did this was just to make up a lie to comfort herself!

"You, you must have used some demonic technique, otherwise how could you have hurt me!"

Trembling, Mu Xuefei raised her hand that was swollen like a pig's paw due to her injuries and pointed at Mu Xi as she spoke with a negative expression.

She could not admit it, much less let others know.

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