Although she was the most favored daughter of the Mu Family, in this continent that followed the martial way, strength was the key. Her talent was never as good as her elder sister Mu Yufei's, if people knew that she couldn't even defeat a trash with blocked meridians, then she would end up like Mu Xi in the Mu Family! She definitely wouldn't allow such a thing to happen!

"You should know the truth better than anyone else. You don't need me to say anything more! Also, don't use your dirty fingers against me, I'll let you off this time, if there's a next time, you won't be able to pay the consequences! "

Mu Xi did not explain any further to Mu Xuefei's repeated denials. She did not need to explain it to an idiot.

"You, you …"

Mu Xuefei had never been threatened like this before. Hearing Mu Xi's words, she wanted to retort, but when she raised her head and met Mu Xi's ice-cold eyes, her heart felt like it was being suppressed.

Lili had tried many times but to no avail, and then she realized that today's matter was not easy to deal with, otherwise it would only be herself who would suffer. She looked at Mu Xi sideways and was about to leave, when suddenly, a sweet voice rang in their ears, but it was only normal for Lili, in her current state, to say nothing of the curse of death.

"Ya, Second Sister, how did you get injured!"

She looked towards the door and saw a girl wearing a green dress slowly walking towards Mu Xuefei.

Compared to Mu Xuefei, this one looked quite attractive. She had a curvy body, skin as white as jade, and a pearl hairpin on her head. Compared to Mu Xuefei, she was not any better.

"Big Sis."

Mu Xuefei lowered her head and replied lightly. She did not dare to raise her head to look at her eldest sister, who was also the big miss of Mu Mansion, Mu Yufei, afraid that she would see through anything.

Mu Yufei was born to Second Aunt. Although the two of them were of different parents, they had a good relationship. Mu Xuefei also relied heavily on her, the eldest young mistress. However, this matter was related to Mu Xuefei's life and death. No matter how close her relationship with Mu Yufei was, she couldn't let her know!

Looking at Mu Xuefei, who had her head lowered and remained silent for a long time, Mu Yufei suddenly realized that she had been bullied!

"Who was the one that hurt you, second sister? Quickly tell big sister, big sister will help you vent your anger!"

Mu Yufei looked around at the people in the courtyard. Seeing how concerned they were for her, her serious expression became even more intense.

However, she, Mu Xi, wouldn't be fooled by her little trick. Mu Yufei seemed to be very worried about Mu Xuefei, but in reality, she didn't hold a shred of pity for her. From her gaze, Mu Xi could clearly see that Mu Yufei's concern for Mu Xuefei didn't reach her eyes.

"I, I'm fine. I made a mistake while cultivating."

Hearing Mu Yufei's question, Mu Xuefei panicked. Even her accent became shaky, and a corner of her clothes was torn by her nails.

Could it be that she was going to admit her defeat to a wastrel? If others knew about this, she would become the laughing stock of the entire Mu Mansion, no, the entire continent!

"Is that so?"

Mu Yufei stared dead straight into Mu Xuefei's eyes. She couldn't believe it at all! He wanted to figure out something from it, but Mu Xuefei had somehow managed to get hold of him in the end.

"Of course it's true. With my strength, how could they possibly hurt me?" Mu Xuefei had a face full of promise, afraid that Mu Yufei would notice something.

Mu Yufei knew that she couldn't find anything from Mu Xuefei, so she started to look around the courtyard. In the end, her gaze landed on Mu Xi, the well-known trash.

Mu Xi didn't have anything to be afraid of. So what if Mu Yufei suspected her? Who would believe it if she told!

Even if she believed him, the one who suffered was not her, Mu Xi, but Mu Xuefei!

This time, Mu Xuefei was not as stupid as before. When she saw Mu Yufei looking at Mu Xi, she hastily pulled Mu Yufei and walked out of the courtyard.

"It just so happens that Second Sister has something to ask you. Let's go to my courtyard to talk! This place is dirty and smelly! "

Mu Yufei was about to say something else when she was dragged out of the courtyard. In the end, she could only helplessly open her mouth.

Since their master had already left, the maidservants naturally wouldn't stay any longer. They immediately followed suit.

As for Mu Yufei, when she reached the entrance, she did not forget to turn her head around and give Mu Xi a deep look. It was unknown as to what meaning she had as her gaze was not friendly at all …

Mu Xi's rational choice was totally ignored.

In his heart, however, he was extremely wary of Mu Yufei.

It wasn't hard to tell that compared to Mu Xuefei, Mu Yufei was quite scheming. Just based on Mu Xuefei's words, Mu Yufei could already think of something interesting as a piece of trash like her!

It seemed that her Lingxi Garden was not that peaceful anymore!

The truth was as Mu Xi predicted, Mu Xuefei had already become suspicious of Mu Xi.

The moment Mu Yufei came out of Mu Xuefei's Flying Snow Pavilion, she started to think about what had happened today at the Lingxi Garden.

Judging from the situation today, Mu Xuefei's injuries were clearly not caused by any mistake in her cultivation, and were clearly caused by someone else.

And today, within the Lingxi Garden, other than a few maids, only Mu Xi was left.

Mu Xuefei was the most favored young miss of Mu Family, and her personality was also extremely hot and delicate. She couldn't be bullied by a servant girl at all, and furthermore, a servant girl's strength was not just a little weaker than Mu Xuefei's.

Mu Mansion was one of the Four Great Clans. There were secret guards in charge of every clan, so how could they let people in so easily.

Excluding these, all the blame was now placed on Mu Xi. However, everyone knew that Mu Xi was born to be a good-for-nothing. She had no chance of injuring Mu Xuefei at all!

Could it be that it was impossible for Mu Xi to cultivate her Spirit Energy?

As soon as Mu Yufei thought of this horrible idea, she immediately killed him!

However, she then recalled the scene of meeting Mu Xi today. If she knew about Mu Xi's situation, she would probably have already treated her like a fairy! How could the aura around her be something a good-for-nothing like that!

However, if Mu Xi could really cultivate, then why did she allow herself to be bullied all these years? It wouldn't do her any good!

Mu Yufei couldn't figure it out, so she had to give up in the end.

If Mu Xi could really cultivate, it would only bring her harm and not benefit her in the slightest.

Fortunately, her talent in cultivation was not bad and she was the highest among the disciples of Mu Family. Of course, this was excluding Mu Yangchen. Therefore, the treatment he received was not worse than Mu Xuefei's. This was also the reason why, even though their statuses differed greatly, they could still play together without any grudges!

However, if Mu Xi could cultivate the Spirit Energy, looking at the situation today, she could easily defeat Mu Xuefei without any difficulties, let alone getting injured! One could imagine how powerful she was. She had probably already surpassed her!

She relied on this power to establish her footing in the Mu Family. If Mu Xi surpassed her, then her position in the Mu Family would be greatly affected.

However, if one were to say the most panicking one, it would be Mu Xuefei!

Mu Xuefei's injury looked serious, but it wasn't her foundation. After taking the recovery pill, she had recovered most of her strength!

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