Well, it was time to send Mu Yufei off. Mu Xuefei then began to bang away things in her room, trying to extinguish her anger!

"Miss, Miss, you will only get more and more angry this way!"

Seeing her young miss so angry, Cui'er took the glass vase from Mu Xuefei's hand while consoling her heart. This master was angry, the one who suffered was a servant!

"Scram!" What, even you are beginning to discipline me! "

Mu Xuefei, who was in a rage, refused to listen to his words. The more she spoke, the more anxious she would become!

"Xue'er, what are you doing!"

Just as Cui'er was anxiously standing there with a helpless expression, a doting and authoritative voice rang out!

Hearing the voice, he looked over and saw a beautiful woman in her early thirties wearing a dark blue brocade attire walking into the courtyard!

"Mother!" When she heard this voice, Mu Xuefei immediately put down the glass vase in her hand and quickly went to the door to greet her.

The person Mu Xuefei feared the most in this Mu Mansion was none other than her mother, Qin Fangrou! Qin Fangrou had always been strict with Mu Xuefei. Ever since she was young, Mu Xuefei had always loved Qin Fangrou, and she always listened to everything she said!

As soon as he heard his mother's voice, the firework immediately vanished, turning into a well-behaved girl.

"Who's angering you again!"

Qin Fangrou frowned in displeasure when she saw the miserable scene inside the house. She asked with a serious tone, but one could still hear the love in her voice!

"I, I …"

Hearing her mother's question, Mu Xuefei's anger that had just been extinguished flared up once more. Panic filled her heart, and she was at a loss as to how to explain the situation.

What could she say if she was defeated by a trash with blocked meridians? Did she have to say that she wasn't even as good as trash?! Mu Xuefei had always been proud, so how could she admit to being weak!

However, she was well aware of her mother's wisdom. Even if she hadn't said anything, she would have at least known!

Mu Xuefei timidly raised her head and met Qin Fangrou's piercing gaze. For a moment, she didn't know what to say!

Qin Fangrou was also extremely anxious when she saw Mu Xuefei like this. Normally, no matter how big of a mistake Mu Xuefei committed, she would still tell her about it. What happened today?!

"Cui Er, speak!"

In the end, Qin Fangrou gave up listening to what Mu Xuefei had to say. Instead, she turned her gaze towards Cui'er, who had her head lowered silently.

"Your servant …"

Cui'er, upon hearing his wife call out her name, did not know what to do. She turned her head to look at her master, and in the end, with Mu Xuefei's consent, she told Qin Fangrou everything that had happened today at the Lingxi Garden.

Didn't I tell you not to go to the Lingxi Garden for a while? Do you take my words as though they were nothing! "

The moment Qin Fangrou heard about this, she flew into a rage and scolded Mu Xuefei harshly from the start.

In her heart, she hated Mu Xuefei even more. Normally, it was one thing for her to bully that trash, but now that it was a special period, she couldn't just stay here for two days!

"Mother, is this what you're worried about?"

Mu Xuefei was not afraid of Qin Fangrou's harsh words. On the contrary, she had a look of surprise on her face!

Mu Xuefei was stunned! What was going on! Wasn't the current situation where her mother called her stupid? She couldn't even beat a piece of trash! Why would he still care about finding that piece of trash!

"Didn't you just hear from Cui Er that I was injured by that trash, Mu Xi!?"

Mu Xuefei said timidly in a low voice.

After hearing Mu Xuefei's words, Qin Fangrou was slightly stunned.

To be honest, when she first heard that Mu Xuefei had gone to the Lingxi Garden, she was extremely angry. She did not hear what Cui Er had said afterwards and thought that Mu Xuefei had gone to bully Mu Xi again.

"You can't say such nonsense. Everyone has their own Mu Mansion!"

In her heart, Qin Fangrou was extremely skeptical. That's right, no one would believe it. After all, Mu Xi had been a good-for-nothing for fifteen years.

"It's true, how could my daughter lie to you about such a thing!" Mu Xuefei looked at Qin Fangrou with confidence as she spoke, her eyes filled with endless seriousness.

"How is this possible …" Qin Fangrou's face was full of disbelief, but facing Mu Xuefei's resolute expression, the resolution in her heart began to waver.

There was no need for Xue'er to use this matter to deceive her!

"Although she can defeat her daughter, she does not have any Spirit Energy fluctuations." Seeing Qin Fangrou's shocked expression, Mu Xuefei continued to speak timidly.

"What, according to what you're saying, you can't even beat a piece of trash!" At this moment, Qin Fangrou was furious. She, a Middle Spirit Master, could not even beat a piece of trash!

Chi Xiao Continent was divided into Spirit Masters, Spirit Scholars, Spirit Masters, Spirit Generals, Spirit Kings, Spirit Saints, and Spirit Sovereign.

Each level was further divided into the early, middle, high, and peak stages.

"I, I … she must have used some demonic technique! Otherwise, with my strength, how could I lose to her! " Mu Xuefei looked at Qin Fangrou in fear and mustered up her courage.

Looking at Mu Xuefei's confident face, Qin Fangrou gradually returned to her senses. Just now, she was too focused on getting angry and didn't think seriously about it, but now that she thought about it, it was also because a trash with blocked meridians like Mu Xi could defeat Xue'er. She said that she could cultivate Spirit Energy, but Xue'er didn't feel any fluctuations from them at all.

"Mother, if she insults our daughter like this, why don't we …" Seeing Qin Fangrou's relaxed expression, Mu Xuefei quickly took the opportunity to strike the iron while it was still hot and made a throat slitting gesture, urging her mother to get rid of Mu Xi.

However, Mu Xuefei overthought things. Not only did Qin Fangrou not agree to her suggestion, but she also scolded her angrily.

"Nonsense, don't you know Mu Yangchen will be back soon!"

"Even if he comes back, Mu Xi is dead, with Father supporting us, he can't do anything to us!" Mu Xuefei said arrogantly. She had no idea how serious the situation was.

"Stupid, although he, Mu Yangchen, can't do anything to us, the power behind her is very strong. Destroying her Mu Family is like crushing an ant." Qin Fangrou expressed her seriousness when she said this.

"My daughter was beaten up for nothing this time!" Hearing Qin Fangrou's words, Mu Xuefei felt wronged. Tears welled up in her eyes as she looked at Qin Fangrou with a sorrowful expression.

Who wouldn't feel sorry for their daughter? This was even more so for her. However, because of the current situation, she had no choice but to do so.

Moreover, in another two months, it would be the competition between the Four Major Clans. Their Mu Family s still wanted to use Mu Yangchen to win this competition and become the head of the Four Major Clans, so they couldn't touch Mu Xi!

Four great families were competing! Four great families were competing! How could she have forgotten such an important matter? Qin Fangrou suddenly came up with a brilliant idea.

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