Every son of the family had the right to participate, and of course Mu Xi was no exception. They could take advantage of this opportunity to let Mu Xi go on stage and bribe the person she was fighting against to kill her in the ring.

Even if Mu Yangchen found out who the culprit was, so what? There was a relationship between the two families. Even if that power was supporting him, they wouldn't offend the two families just because of him.

Qin Fangrou was not only shocked by this point. Afterwards, she turned around and whispered to Mu Xuefei about this plan. Mu Xuefei, who had a sorrowful look on her face a moment ago, immediately became spirited, and her eyes started to shine brightly.

"Oh right, why did you go to the Lingxi Garden today!" It was all the same to Qin Fangrou. She did not forget that Mu Xuefei did not listen to her orders, and her tone turned serious once again due to Mu Xuefei's injuries.

Mu Xuefei initially thought that Qin Fangrou had forgotten about this matter. It seemed that she had overthought it. Upon receiving her mother's strict gaze, Mu Xuefei's terrified body began to tremble. Her eyes were filled with nervousness.

"Mu Yufei, that little bitch, must have told you to go!" After all, she was his daughter who had been raised for 16 years. With her demeanor and actions, he could see what she meant.

"How many times have I told you to not have any further interactions with her? Her scheming is already enough for you to run for a year! She was only close to you because she wanted to use you! " Qin Fangrou looked at her daughter with anger and heartache. She hated her daughter for not being able to get enough of her daughter. When would she be able to understand him a little?!

"Mother, I actually know about all of this. However, when she mentioned Brother Hao, I couldn't hold it in any longer, so …" At the beginning, Mu Xuefei was very excited, but the more she spoke, the less confidence she had.

Although she was stupid, she still knew some things. Mu Yufei came to anger Mu Yangchen when she was almost back, and told her to find trouble with Mu Xi. It was just to make a conflict between her and Mu Xi, so that Mu Yangchen could start an argument with her.

Although she knew about Mu Yufei's conspiracy, she still couldn't help but cause trouble for Mu Xi. Since ancient times, there had been many conflicts between women: for a man — Yuwen Hao.

Yuwen Hao, a legendary figure of the Kingdom of Zi Yue, was the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Zi Yue. His talent in cultivation was exceptional, and at the age of seventeen, his strength had already reached the spirit general level. His appearance was similar to Pan An's.

It looked perfect, but everyone in the Kingdom of Zi Yue knew that this "almost" perfect person had a huge stain on his face.

Because Mu Xi, the trash with blocked meridians, was Xuanyuan Hao's fiancee and the two of them had been engaged since childhood. The rules of the Kingdom of Zi Yue were very strict, especially with regards to such matters, and it was even more so for the people of the royal family who could not go against them. This pushed Mu Xi to her fate of becoming the Crown Prince's consort, even if she was just a good-for-nothing!

"The princess consort's position will definitely be yours. As long as our Mu Family still exists, it won't be able to escape. There's no need for you to harass that trash!" Qin Fangrou said evilly to Mu Xuefei with a helpless look.

How could she not know Mu Xuefei's thoughts? Even if Mu Xi was a trash, even if Mu Xi did not become the Crown Prince's consort in the end, but she, Mu Xuefei, had once been the future Crown Prince's consort. She, Mu Xuefei, would never allow Mu Xi to have a good life.

"Mother …" Mu Xuefei was about to say something when she was interrupted by Qin Fangrou.

"Let's not talk about anything else. The competition is coming up in two months, hurry up and take care of your health. As long as you shine in the competition, I'm afraid the Crown Prince will not marry you!" Qin Fangrou looked at Mu Xuefei with her pair of deep eyes. She patted Mu Xuefei's shoulder and said with a serious expression. After speaking, she flicked her sleeves and left in a hurry.

It would be difficult to get rid of Mu Xi, even if it was said so simply, it would involve a lot of things. Just buying out the person who fought with Mu Xi was not an easy task, furthermore, this matter could not be revealed to Mu Jianfeng, the person in charge of Mu Family.

Before she came to the Flying Snow Pavilion, the Master had repeatedly reminded her not to hurt Mu Xi during this period of time. Although she was strict with Mu Xuefei, she was, after all, his daughter who he had doted on since childhood. She wouldn't let her daughter suffer even a little bit. So no matter what, this time, she had to get rid of Mu Xi!

Furthermore, Mu Xuefei's mother's words were of the utmost use to her. In the meantime, she had completely changed her previous furious expression. Instead, she had listened to Qin Fangrou's words and taken a good rest. She was now preparing for the Large Competition two months from now.

On the Lingxi Garden, on the stone table in the courtyard, Mu Xi was bandaging the wounds on her hands, which could not be considered deep, but were not shallow either. On the Lingxi Garden, on the stone table in the courtyard, Mu Xi was bandaging the wounds on her hands, which could not be considered deep, but they were not shallow either.

Looking at her injured hand, Mu Xi chuckled. Her eyes flickered unsteadily.

Although she had just defeated Mu Xuefei, she had won by a fluke. If she were to try again, she was afraid that she would lose to Mu Xuefei.

The wound on her hand was the best proof!

When she was grabbing onto Mu Xuefei's soft whip, she cut it, and although Mu Xuefei did not notice Mu Xi's movements at that time, she had also used her Spirit Energy when she reacted, since the Spirit Energy was the strongest being in this world, if she did not make any sacrifices, how could she pull Mu Xuefei down so easily?

She had used all her strength to kick Mu Xuefei, but she only managed to kick Mu Xuefei into the yard. If it was in the past, she would have died a long time ago!

After the incident, Mu Xi's understanding of the Spirit Energy had changed. In this era where Spirit Energy reigned supreme, only by training Spirit Energy would one not be humiliated by others, and there would be a place to stand on, not to mention she, Mu Xi, standing at the top of this world.

An incomparable determination flashed through her beautiful eyes. She, Mu Xi, was determined to train the Spirit Energy, she would never believe that she was a piece of trash. She was so outstanding in her previous life, but now, she would never be so useless!

And I need to learn as soon as possible. She believed that Mu Xuefei and that scheming Mu Yufei would definitely come after her after today's incident. She couldn't just sit there and wait for death.

Mu Xi sat cross-legged on the bed and took a deep breath. She closed her eyes and relaxed her body, quietly sensing the surrounding Spirit Energy s.

An hour had passed, but Mu Xi did not feel any Spirit Energy, her dantian was still empty, but on the contrary, her body felt extremely sleepy. In the past, when she was on a mission, she did not feel as tired as it did now, not even after running for three days and three nights!

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