Mu Xi pinched herself to keep herself awake, but she was unable to resist the sleepiness of the surging sea. In the end, she fell asleep.

As for Mu Xi, who was in a deep slumber, she did not notice that the Profound Ice Ring s on her ring finger that had previously died from anger were emitting a faint blue light.


Mu Xi let out a comfortable moan while she was unconscious. Although she didn't know why she had fainted, she had to admit that this was the most comfortable and peaceful sleep she had ever had in her life.

Mu Xi opened her somewhat lazy eyes and was stunned for a moment. She wasn't in the Lingxi Garden at all, but was instead living in a world that was filled with the sounds of birds chirping and the fragrance of flowers.

Mu Xi sat up abruptly. She did not linger too much on this topic. The more beautiful something looked, the more dangerous it was. This was the most basic knowledge of an assassin.

After looking around, Mu Xi's gaze locked onto a man who had his back to her under a cherry tree not far away.

The man seemed to have noticed Mu Xi's gaze as he slowly turned around to face her.

With just a glance, Mu Xi was already shocked by her stunning appearance!

Her face was incomparably handsome, and her facial features were like an exquisite sculpture. Her crescent-moon-colored gown was plain yet noble, her black hair recklessly tied up. Her pair of silver eyes were deep and spirited, spotless, and stunning. Even someone like Mu Xi, who was famous for her calmness, had not only lost her chin.

"Heh heh."

Upon receiving Mu Xi's astonished gaze, Mu Xi couldn't help but chuckle. He didn't avoid her gaze, and instead, the smile in his eyes intensified.

"Who are you? "Where is this place?"

Mu Xi wasn't infatuated with the man and quickly regained her senses. She began to question the silver-eyed man, the expression in her eyes unclear.

Facing this man with silver pupils, Mu Xi didn't feel any disgust at all. Instead, she felt a sense of intimacy with him, and even her tone of voice unconsciously became gentle when she spoke to him.

"A thousand years have passed, and you finally lost your memory!"

Mu Xi didn't respond to Wu Xin's words. Instead, her eyes were filled with grief before it finally turned into a heavy sigh.

"Forget it, I'll just have to start over."

Looking at the woman he had been waiting for for a thousand years, he spoke with a soft voice.

"What thousand years? What memories? Who exactly are you?"

Mu Xi's face was filled with shock, and her mind was a mess.

"When the time comes, you will naturally know. No matter how dangerous it is ahead, I will always guard by your side. As for who I am, has Xi really forgotten? "

Thoughtless said as he gently pulled Mu Xi's head with his hands, making himself look into her eyes.

Looking at the extraordinarily handsome man in front of her, Mu Xi felt something flash through her mind, but she couldn't help but mutter the word.

"Unintentional, unintentional …"

Although his voice was very soft, he still heard it!

She still remembered him. That's great!

"Xi, I knew it! How could you forget about me!"

The man who had been calm and collected a moment ago was now as happy as a child who had eaten sugar. She hugged Mu Xi excitedly.

"That, calm down, calm down!"

Mu Xi, who had been carried to the point where she couldn't breathe, had a blank look on her face. However, she couldn't do anything about it.

"I'm too happy. I must be hurting you!"

After that, he knelt on one knee towards Mu Xi and said,

"The Profound Ice Ring is unintentional, we welcome Master back!"

The current Wu Xin no longer had the same expression as before, but filled with respect.

"What, Master!" Mu Xi exploded into a rage the moment she heard this. What was going on?

She had just heard nothing about anything about a guardian, something about starting anew, something about waiting for a thousand years! He had thought that they were, yes, lovers! How did it end up as a contractual relationship?

Three black lines appeared on Mu Xi's head. How embarrassing!

He was Mu Xi's Artifact Spirit, how could he not know what she was thinking?

Even though a thousand years had passed, her personality remained the same, just like before … Uh, cute.

As he spoke of lovers, he let out a bitter smile. How could he not want to as well?

However, in this world, the only person that could match up to her and give her happiness was that man!

I believe he has been waiting for her!

Noticing the awkwardness on Mu Xi's face, she unintentionally opened her mouth and said,

"Xi, didn't you always want to cultivate? Cultivating in this Profound Ice Space has the effect of doubling your cultivation speed with half the effort, why not try it! "

"I would have liked to, but I was born with blocked meridians, and I'm a trash that can't cultivate at all!"

Mu Xi pursed her lips helplessly, while replying unintentionally, she admired the scene of the Profound Ice Space.

Just a moment ago, she had only skimmed through the Profound Ice Space, but now that she looked at it carefully, she was completely shocked!

This Profound Ice Space not only had many plants and animals in the human world, it also had all kinds of ancient plants and spirit fruit trees!

What surprised Mu Xi the most was the concentration of the Profound Ice Space's spirit energy, which could be seen with the naked eye.

Mu Xi laughed silently when she saw the look in Mu Xi's eyes.

"Of course it wasn't possible before, but now that you have awakened the Profound Ice Ring, your body naturally underwent a change as well. You are the only one with a Five Spirit Divine Body in this world right now! "

"Holy sh * t!" "Is this for real?!"

Mu Xi, who was initially interested in watching the Profound Ice Space, lost her interest in watching the Profound Ice Space the moment she heard "I can cultivate" and "Five Spirit Bodies". She excitedly tugged on Unintentional's clothes, almost jumping onto his body.

Actually, it wasn't Mu Xi's fault for being so agitated. No one would be as indifferent to such a good thing as Mu Xi. She should be even crazier than him!

"Of course it's true! However, there's no need for Xi to be so excited! "

As he said this, he pointed at their movements. It was as ambiguous as it could get!

"Xi, to be so proactive, I don't mind eating you clean right now!"

Mu Xi still had her hands on her waist, so they could hear each other's breathing. Mu Xi didn't forget to throw a flirtatious glance at her.

"Um, there's no need for that!"

Noticing her indecent actions, Mu Xi immediately let go of her unintentional act.

He secretly cursed in his heart. What a disaster, he had almost lost control of himself just now!

Moreover, he didn't expect Wu Xin, who was as pure as an immortal, to be like this! One could not judge a book by its cover!

However, when she thought of how she was able to cultivate, what kind of Five Spiritual Body, and how powerful she was, Mu Xi started to feel happy in her heart!

This was equivalent to opening a VIP for Mu Xi! No, that's not right. It should be SVIP!

But the problem came again!

She didn't seem to know anything about cultivation!

Mu Xi calmed the excitement in her heart and turned around, wanting to ask more, but it seemed like she already knew what she was thinking, so she handed her a few books on cultivation!

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