"You and I have a contractual relationship, so I can naturally hear your thoughts. Of course, you can also block my words!"

To be honest, hearing the first half of her sentence, Mu Xi was extremely nervous. If that was the case, wouldn't her thoughts be thoroughly investigated?

Thankfully, it still had the ability to block it!

Mu Xi took the book from Wu Xin's hand, and immediately found a space in the Profound Ice Space to cultivate!

This time, Mu Xi followed the instructions in the book and successfully introduced the Spirit Energy into her body.

Just like this, Mu Xi continued to cultivate inside the Profound Ice Space, while Mu Xi continued to instruct by Mu Xi's side. After a month, Mu Xi had (in the outside world) reached the level of a Spirit Master! Moreover, he was also a cultivator of the five elements, metal, wood, water, fire, and earth!

This month was neither long nor short! In order to prevent everyone in the Mu Family from doubting, after Mu Xi quit cultivating, she greeted Thoughtless and then left the Profound Ice Space, returning to the Lingxi Garden.

As the sun set in the west, the last rays of sunlight shone on the limestone in the courtyard. It was as if gold powder was applied to it, illuminating Mu Xi's originally good mood. More and more happy!

Standing in the dusk, Mu Xi was just about to test out her current strength, but unexpectedly, Qin Fangrou's head maid, Hong Luo, entered the Lingxi Garden.

"Third Miss, Madame would like to invite you to the front hall for dinner."

Hong Luo said expressionlessly.

What was the situation where she was asked to go to the front hall for dinner? She seemed to remember that apart from eating in the front hall during New Year's, she always ate in her own courtyard. How did this happen today?

Mu Xi did not have the time to think about it any longer, and directly followed behind Hong Luo. It was a good thing, but we'll know when we get there!

As one of the Four Great Families of the Kingdom of Zi Yue, Mu Family was still considered very big. Mu Xi walked for more than ten minutes before she reached the front hall.

But today, it was bustling with noise and excitement, as people of both genders of the Mu Family came. Since Mu Xi was already seated, she seemed to be the last to arrive.

Mu Xi walked to the empty seat on the right side of the main table and was about to sit down when she realized it was Mu Xuefei! They were truly enemies that didn't meet!

When Mu Xuefei saw Mu Xi walking over, she pushed the chair down even further to prevent Mu Xi from taking a seat!

Mu Xi was too lazy to talk to Mu Xuefei, that idiot. Just as she was about to find another seat, a teasing voice came from the main table.

"Come, come, come. Little Girl Xi, hurry and sit by Third Grandpa's side!"

As he spoke, he saw a baby-faced old man wearing a grey robe with slightly white temples running down from the main table and pulling Mu Xi away. Before Mu Xi could react, she was already seated at the main table.

As the saying goes, "Everything in the world is relative!"

It had only been three seconds when a vicious voice was heard.

"A fool like you only knows how to embarrass us with Mu Family. What qualifications do you have to sit in there? Get the hell out of here!"

The Second Elder, who was sitting to the right of the Third Elder, had a disdainful look on his face as he scolded Mu Xi!

"Second brother, what are you talking about!?" Little Xi is Qingge's daughter after all, why is it that the direct descendant of Mu Family isn't qualified to sit inside! "

Mu Xi was about to retort, but she didn't expect the Third Elder to be more agitated than her. He directly stood up and reprimanded the Second Elder — Mu Feng even rolled up his sleeves.

"So what if she's the direct descendant? She's still a scum!"

Mu Feng did not want to be outdone, so he stood up and glared at Mu Lin!

Just like this, the two elders from the Mu Mansion began to argue wildly about Mu Xi's seat, and there were even signs of a fight.

"Alright, stop quarreling. Little Xi, just sit here!" Let's see what kind of standards you are up to.

Mu Feng and Mu Lin were quarreling equally. In the end, it was only with the firm word of Great Elder Mu Yun that the matter came to an end.

Embarrassed, everyone ate their own bowls of rice in silence. Only the teasing Third Elder, who was extremely eager to get something from Mu Xi's bowl, could be seen.

Mu Xi was speechless as she stared at the hill-sized meal in front of her. The Third Elder had treated him very well!

"Little Xi, why aren't you eating? Is the food not to your liking? That's right, the food is really becoming more and more unpalatable!" "Mu Jianfeng, how did you get a housekeeper? You can't even make a meal out of it!"

As Mu Lin spat out the food in his mouth in disdain, he scolded Mu Jianfeng at the same time.

This caused Mu Jianfeng's face to turn pale. Isn't this obviously looking for trouble!

He was the Patriarch of the Mu Family, how could anyone dare to treat him like this? But the person in front of him right now was someone who had the authority to speak out the Mu Family, even if Mu Jianfeng was angry in his heart, he could only swallow his anger.

"Second Elder is right. I will tell the kitchen to improve it!"

Mu Lin ignored Mu Jianfeng and continued to pick dishes from Mu Xi's bowl. Mu Jianfeng's face was as dark as the bottom of a pot!

Maybe it wasn't a big deal, Mu Lin continued.

"Aiya! Big Brother, could it be that our Mu Family has been unable to circulate our funds recently! "

Mu Yun, who was he, knew what Mu Lin was planning when he said this. He ignored him and continued to eat his own food.

Mu Lin didn't care about what he said and continued:

"Look at the little girl Xi, in order to save money for our Mu Family, as the direct daughter of our Mu Family, she actually began to wear such cheap clothes!"

Third Elder Mu Lin patted on Mu Xi's shoulder admiringly as if there was such a thing happening!

Although Mu Lin looked to be laughing, he was still the Third Elder of Mu Mansion after all. How could someone who could achieve such a position not have any schemes? He naturally knew Mu Xi's situation, and what he said today was precisely to let Mu Xi speak up and avenge Mu Xi in front of everyone.

Since Mu Xi wasn't someone who had lived two lives for nothing, she could naturally see through Mu Lin's intentions. Thus, Mu Xi accepted his favor and continued speaking smoothly.

"About that, third grandfather's Mu Family funds are not available, and this is what I always wear."

In order to make her image more vivid, Mu Xi pinched herself fiercely twice, her eyes filled with tears as she spoke pitifully towards Mu Lin, Mu Family, and the rest.

"How can this be? Did the Mu Family not send you enough monthly money? Didn't Yichen bring you a lot of things?"

Mu Lin looked at Mu Xi, confused and confused. Even the Great Elder, Mu Yun, who was eating in silence, raised his head with a serious expression!

Meanwhile, the culprits, Mu Jianfeng and Qin Fangrou, were terrified beyond belief. The muscles on their faces tightened as they secretly winked at Mu Xi, afraid that she would say something.

Mu Xi ignored their gazes and said,

"Monthly money? I've never received one! I don't know about the thing that Big Bro brought back for me. "

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