As Mu Xi spoke, she touched her head with a blank look on her face, looking innocently at Mu Jianfeng and his wife, whose faces had already turned pale.

"Mu Jianfeng, tell me what's going on!"

The one excited this time wasn't the Third Elder Mu Lin, but the Great Elder Mu Yun.

"Great Elder, listen to me, this is not what you think. It's because Mu Xi can't use money while she's in the pavilion, so I didn't send her a monthly fee, and the things that YiChen brought back are more valuable, and Mu Xi can't cultivate, so it would be troublesome if she meets a thief. That's why I, I did it, all of this was for the little girl Xi!"

Mu Jianfeng was so scared by Mu Yun's roar that he directly knelt on the ground and tremblingly said. However, his heart was so angry that he wanted to kill Mu Xi.

"There's no use! He met a Thief! Only you, Mu Jianfeng, would think of such a ridiculous reason! "

Wu Tie was so angry that he blew his beard while glaring at Mu Jianfeng!

Thief? What a joke! No matter what, Mu Family was still one of the Four Great Clans and was heavily guarded, so how could they have encountered a Thief? He was clearly lying!

"As the Patriarch of the Mu Family, you should know what to do and what not to do, right? Don't do anything you regret! Otherwise, he had to bear the consequences! "Humph!"

Mu Yun directly threw his chopsticks on the table, stood up and cursed at Mu Jianfeng! His face was so dark that it could no longer be described as black as the bottom of a pot! It was obvious that Mu Yun was truly enraged this time!

Mu Jianfeng naturally saw the power within them. If they were to mistreat Mu Xi, his Patriarch position might not be preserved!

"Yes, yes, yes, I'll send back the monthly allowance that little girl Xi has made in the past few years and the items that Yi Chen has given her!"

Mu Yun ignored Mu Jianfeng and continued to speak for Mu Xi. His tone was so gentle that when he spoke to Mu Jianfeng just now, it was as if they were from the sky and earth!

"Little Xi, if you need anything in the future, come and find Big Grandpa and Third Grandpa. Don't hold your grievances in your heart and tell Big Grandpa that Big Grandpa will definitely beat the crap out of him!"

"Right right right, little girl Xi!" "In the future, whoever bullies you, come and tell Third Grandpa that not only did Third Grandpa make him look for his teeth on the ground, he even made him flay his muscles!"

Mu Lin refused to be outdone as he patted his chest and vowed.

Mu Jianfeng's family was furious, especially Mu Feng. He was so angry that he wanted to jump up. Even though he clearly knew that he didn't like Mu Xi, Mu Yun and Mu Lin still protected her so much. They were clearly not on good terms with him! Yet, he could not say anything! This was the most infuriating aspect of all!

Below, Mu Xuefei was gnashing her teeth in anger. She originally wanted to straighten Mu Xi out, but she didn't expect things to turn out like this! How could she not be angry!

Mu Xi nodded obediently in agreement! He had to admit that these two elders were really nice to him! She also really liked the character of these two elders! A benevolent one! A tease!

She was very grateful to the two elders for standing up for her, and it made Mu Jianfeng even more embarrassed! She even took back what her brother gave her! She, Mu Xi, would remember this favor. She would definitely repay it in the future!

Just like this, Mu Xi happily ate a meal before returning to her Lingxi Garden. Of course, happiness was limited to Mu Xi!

After returning to Lingxi Garden, Mu Xi took a comfortable hot bath, then fell asleep! She had been training in the Profound Ice Ring and did not have much time to rest. Tomorrow is the new day!

At this moment, Mu Jianfeng, who had just arrived at the yard, started to reprimand Qin Fangrou.

"What I said before, I don't want you to bully Mu Xi, and even more so, don't touch her things!" You don't want to listen, this is good. The First Elder and Third Elder already know about this and his father is about to come out. You know how much he dotes on Mu Qingge, if he knows about this. We all have to go! My position as the Patriarch might not even be preserved! "

"Even if the old man found out about this, he wouldn't do anything to you. After all, my father is still the Patriarch of the Qin Family, and with the relationship between the two families for so many years, he won't remove you from the position of Patriarch!"

She was the only daughter of one of the Four Great Clans' Qin Family, and since the Qin Family old man had pampered her to the bone, so what if the Mu Family old man was blaming her? Was she afraid of him? With the Qin Family supporting her from behind, she didn't believe that Old Man Mu would do anything to him!

Every day, you know how to cause trouble, and just by virtue of the fact that you are the only daughter of the Qin Family, do not think that I do not know of all the good things you have done, whether you are the wife of the Patriarch or not. If you are tired of sitting there, I do not mind changing seats!

Mu Jianfeng looked at Qin Fangrou with incomparable rage. She didn't know how stubborn Mu Family Old Man Mu Xiao was, as long as he wanted to do something, he would do his best and no one could stop him. She still remembered the year Mu Qingge was killed, if it wasn't for that person's help, he wouldn't have hidden it so easily!

"The head's wife can be swapped. Hehe, Mu Jianfeng, are you letting that little bitch Li Tingwan do it!?" I've been helping you with all my might, how can you treat me like this! "

Qin Fangrou was so upset that she fell to the ground with tears streaming down her face.

However, Mu Jianfeng acted as if he did not see it. He completely ignored Qin Fangrou and left without even turning his head back! It was incomparably cold! Qin Fangrou was left muttering to herself on the spot.

"How can you treat me like this? How can, how can …"

As he spoke, he clenched his fists, and his refined armor sank deep into his flesh, bleeding dark red blood. At the beginning, his gaze was filled with sorrow and despair, but later on, it turned into viciousness!

"Mu Jianfeng, since you're so heartless, then don't blame me for being ruthless. You forced my hand!"

Qin Fangrou stood up, tidied up her wrinkled clothes, and returned back to the former wise and farsighted wife of the Mu Family Clan Master, but her state of mind had completely changed!

After tonight, if Qin Fangrou used to simply hate and despise Mu Xi, then now, she hated her to the bone!

If it wasn't for Mu Xixue, how could she be injured? If it wasn't for Mu Xi and the rest, how could they be scolded by the First Elder and the Third Elder? How could Mu Xi and Mu Jianfeng become like this! It was all Mu Xi's fault. It was all Mu Xi's fault!

The more Qin Fangrou thought about it, the more she hated him. She couldn't wait to see Mu Xi die! It was not the time for the Four Great Families' Tournament!

Just as Qin Fangrou was lost in her thoughts, a pair of long arms embraced her from behind, giving her a fright! Only after seeing who it was did he relax!

"Die, ghost, how did you come here? Aren't you afraid of others finding out?"

Even though she said that, Qin Fangrou had a shy expression on her face as she nudged her way into his arms!

"Tsk, just these scarecrows alone can discover me. No matter what, I am still the second elder of Mu Family!" That's right, the person who had come was the second elder of Mu Family — Mu Feng, Qin Fangrou's adulterer!

"Rou Er, you've suffered a lot because of what happened tonight. Don't worry, I'll definitely teach that trash, Mu Xi, a good lesson!"

Mu Feng said in a gentle tone. He gently caressed Qin Fangrou's small face with one hand and viciously grabbed her fat butt with the other! This caused Qin Fangrou to exclaim in surprise, but her face was full of enjoyment!

"What are you doing? Be serious, Mu Xi must get rid of her! Not only did she do this to me, but she also injured Xue'er! Xue'er is your biological daughter! You can't let Mu Xi go! I want her dead!"

"Alright, alright, I will find a chance to get rid of her!" But now you have to satisfy me, I'm so hungry! "

Mu Feng said without caring about Qin Fangrou's reaction. As he was taking off her clothes, he carried her onto the bed and started rolling in bed.

Two white bodies swayed on the bed, an ambiguous atmosphere filled the entire room, one could only hear the creaking, creaking sound of the shaking bed, and the satisfied moans of the woman, as well as the thick breathing of the man.

After being cooped up for an entire night, he knew that it was only after the first rays of dawn did he reluctantly leave!

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