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C1 Only God's Love

As I knelt on the cold stone steps, a cold energy seeped through my skin from my thin clothes and down the blood to my fingertips, then into my heart and into my eyes, and they asked me, "Do you know your wrongs?"

I still shook my head stubbornly, and then they all said that the man who was raised by wolves had no heart, and the woman's blood was cold. That was when I was seven years old. He was old enough to remember.

"The heavens' love is still young and doesn't know how to act. Grandma, please don't punish her." Oh, maybe I shouldn't call her big sister. I am a cold person, a person who grew up in a pack of wolves, so how can I call this noble young mistress of the Fu family big sister?

The most prestigious and noble grandmother of the Fu family is your unfilial son who caused regret in the heaven. It is also my regret.

She had to ensure that no one talked too much about the Fu family's noble reputation. Everyone in Liangcheng knew that an illegitimate daughter of the Heavenly Clan had grown up in a pack of northwest wolves. Fu Chengxiu had been born to look for a woman when he was outside.

But if it really was interesting, they would clearly be eyeing him, yet they had to face him. Just who were they trying to punish?

"Oh heavens' love, quickly apologize to Grandma. This Qiu Shuang is about to get sick if she kneels here." Fu Run ran over and gently tugged on my sleeve. "Can you stop fighting with Grandma? "Grandma's health isn't good even when she's old."

"Hmph." I looked up and snorted.

"Lucid." Grandma Fu's voice was cold and harsh. "Enter."

"But grandma …"

"I told you to go in, did you hear me?" The sound became a bit louder.

Fu Shuzhi bit her lip and whispered to me, "God love, don't make Grandma angry. It's not good for you."

They had the same cold and stern expression, but when they looked at me, their faces were filled with contempt and hatred. "You actually think yourself to be Miss Fu, you little slut."

I chuckled. "I don't want to be a Miss Fu."

"Shameless, like your mother, you rotten bitch."

I clicked my tongue in praise. "Madam Fu sure knows how to scold people. Her appearance is noble and elegant, truly disgusting. No wonder the heavens are punishing her. Even her own daughter can't bear to have a son. The Fu family is virtuous even in their ancestors."

I heard the sound of my own bones cracking, and the pain made me feel a little breathless, but I still clenched my fists and looked at her. "Noble Old Madam Fu, am I wrong?"

"You little slut, you little slut, see if I don't beat you to death today." She was so angry that she began to tremble and beat me with her heavy head and face like a madman.

It was painful, and there was a kind of happiness in pain. Perhaps it was called relief.

Blood dripped from my forehead, blinding me. Seated in my seat was the silent Lady Fu and the father who had given me my life. He actually didn't even dare to look at me, a coward.

Blood dripped onto the stone steps like a beautiful peach blossom. When my finger touched the blood, it actually brought along some heat. I smiled as I fell to the ground. I wasn't afraid.

Old Mistress Fu's hatred cannot be compared to the importance of fame. I am still alive.

The Fu family called over a doctor to treat my wounds. The doctor asked in surprise, "This child even had a few broken bones. This is quite a heavy fall. Next time, don't go climb a tree." I laughed. What a reason. The fall from the tree broke my head and broke my bones, and my entire body was black and blue.

When Fuunzhi stole a peek at me, she wept and held my hand. She bit her lip and sobbed.

I frowned. "Go away." Hearing this, he was annoyed.

She said sadly, "God love you, don't be like this, Grandma didn't want to hit you."

I smiled and turned to look at her. "Then sister," I asked innocently, "will you tell the doctor that she was the one who hurt me?"

She paused, lowered her head, and did not say another word.

The Fu family was so hypocritical to the core.

To me, life and death isn't much. Death and life are just two different words, living isn't something to be happy about, but being alive is something to be attached to. If I were to ask myself sometimes, why would I be alive? Why is it that I didn't die in the mouth of a wolf, and didn't let my mother strangle me to death?

I don't have a conscience. I'm a bad egg, I'm raised by a bitch, that's what the Fu family says." I don't know what it means, but when I was fifteen years old, Fu Luozhi was also fifteen. One of us was born at the end of the year, while the other was born at the end of the year, and she was born at the end of the year. She was born at the end of the year, and she was born at the end of the year, and she was born at the end of the year, and she was born at the end of the year, and she was born at the end of the year.

I am a slut of Liangcheng, fighting, stealing, eating and gambling, no one is bullied, everyone in the city will say that it is Fu Tianyi who loves that slut and is committing evil again.

I sat in the pavilion, hugging the pillar as I tried to find a comfortable place to sleep. My forehead was still aching from hitting the pillar, and I had accidentally "fallen" yesterday, and my forehead was still aching from the fall. The old woman was getting older and stronger, but her strength was still the same as before.

Sometimes I don't even know why I don't let myself get better.

If I had the backbone, I wouldn't have stayed in the Fu Family anymore. If I was afraid of pain, I would have learned my lesson. However, for so many years, I still didn't know who was torturing whom with the Fu Family.

"God." A sudden shout made me knock my head against the pillar. The pain made me gasp, and as I touched my forehead with one hand, it became unexpectedly wet with blood.

He raised his eyebrows and looked at Fu Luozhi in displeasure. It was strange that not a large group of girls had followed him today. There was only a man dressed in grey and white clothes.

"Oh heavens' love, why did you go and play house with someone else? Look how injured you are." She ran to get a handkerchief to wipe the blood from my forehead.

I pushed her. "Don't worry about me."

"The heavens love you like this, it really makes elder sister's heart ache." She bit her lips with a sad look on her face.

"You're so rude, Renzi. Don't bother with her."

"Shao Bei, she's my sister Fu Tianyi." That's how she introduced me.

The good-looking man merely gave a snort and said, "You are the only one who treats her as his younger sister. I heard that all the people in Liangcheng have deep grudges against her."

"It's not like that, little sister is still young and doesn't know how to act." Luizi pulled my hand down and wiped the blood from my forehead. "Does it hurt? "Dear heavens, how about Big Sister take you to see a doctor?"

I glared at her in disgust, and the man in the gray suit stared back at me unhappily.

"Who are you? I'm asking you to mind your own business."

"Shao Bei, don't be so cruel to the heavens."

The two of them held hands.

The man called Shaobei let out a light sigh, then smiled and said, "Wenzhi, you're really too kind. I'll listen to you."

As a result, Fu Luozhi blushed. It seemed like the relationship between Fu Luozhi and this man was not ordinary. Even the young geniuses of Liangliang City had not been treated with such respect by Fu Luozhi.

I can see that he is a genius, with a handsome face and a proud look in his eyes. I think that he also has some talent. Otherwise, how would he be able to catch the attention of the talented Fu Luozhi.

The jade pendant he wore around his waist was inlaid with gold. "Young masters again," he said, "but I hate the way he looks at me. When he looks at me, it's the same way the old woman looks at me."

I asked innocently, "Sister, who is he?"

"Beijing to home, to Shaobei." The older sister's voice got quieter and quieter.

"Oh, that young master from the Xiang Family who won the top scholar last year?" No wonder it was so attractive to him.

He didn't even look at me. "Let's go, Lucid," he said gently, "and don't let Lady Fu and Master Fu wait too long."

She looked at me again and said with worry, "But the heavens love her and hurt her. Leave her behind …"

My good sister, she would say that at any time, but at any time, I would still be the only one left.

It was the man's words that made me angry. He said flatly, "If she can hurt herself, she's not afraid of pain. A fifteen year old can't learn to stand on his own two feet. It's not good to pamper him like this. "

That's great! Young Bei, you've offended me. I'll make it so that you won't be able to finish your meal. Has anyone told you of my notoriety, or that I am bad to the bone?

I can't bear to see them together, but who told me to be bad?

I don't know when the Fu Family started to favor me. The black Qing on the back of my hand, the wound on my forehead, the one on my shoulder, the one on my feet … Uncountable, never to count, no pain, I do not know what to use to forget that I have something in my heart to care about.

I sat on the pavilion and watched the wind wrinkle the water, and the ripples grew fainter and fainter. It was as if I was the only person in the world, and I really shouldn't be sitting here.

Heaven love, only the heavens can love me. However, even if the heavens do not love me, I also do not love me. In this world, would there be anyone who would care about me?

No, love, you're too bad.

I giggled and actually laughed at something called tears.

A fifteen year old sister, a slowly blooming flower, she was indeed at the age of marriage. She had a thunderous reputation in Shaobei, and this news had spread very quickly throughout the capital. If I remember correctly, Shaobei is a famous man with extraordinary literary talent, and he is a member of a famous family. What to do? I want to spoil it again, but if it doesn't, it will hurt. "Big sister, thank you for always being soft-spoken to me over all these years, then I'll try out this gentleman for you, and see if you're truly a good person who will never hate me. Who told Shaobei to look down on me? If I don't provoke him, he'll come and provoke me.

My face reflected in the water also looked pretty good. After all, the Fu family was a rich family, and a foster son would choose a better one. Besides, that foster son was looking for a woman outside, so how could he find something ugly?

This face, I do not like, like him and like her, two selfish people, gave birth to me a selfish ghost.

The blood on my forehead dripped into the water, distorting my pretty face, but I was still smiling so contentedly. If I died under Old Lady Fu's hand, I would be perfect, and so would she.

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