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C1 Phagocytosis

The sun in the clear sky was scorching, and a cool breeze was breezing. As it blew across the treetops, tree shadows were dancing on the ground like dragons and snakes. It was like a beautiful landscape painting.

… ….

It was a small room in a corner of a building complex. The interior of the room was decorated simply with a slightly ancient bed and a missing corner wardrobe.

Apart from this, there was a bookshelf behind the bed with a few books on it, old and slightly broken.

Although the decorations in the room were simple, the bedclothes on the clean bed were neatly folded and washed. A teenager was lying flat on the bed with his eyes closed.

The teenager looked to be around 15 or 16 years old, tall and straight with a head full of black hair. There was a shiny forehead beneath his hair.

Her slender eyebrows would occasionally frown slightly. In between her eyebrows, there was a hint of annoyance. Under her straight and slightly perky nose, her pale lips were somewhat dry and cracked.

This was a slightly pale face. Although the facial features were exquisite, the lines of the face gave off a distinct feeling. It was a resolute face.

The young man's name was Qin Shaoyu. He was a disciple of the Qin family representing the devilish attribute of the two great families, and his parents had both died in a family upheaval when he was very young, leaving him alone in the Qin family.

The offsprings that he had grown up in the Qin family that belonged to the family that had sacrificed victims for the family were slightly better than the servants but were much worse off than the ordinary disciples of the Qin family.

At this moment, Qin Shaoyu was experiencing an unimaginable event. To put it simply, he had caught up with the Earth's travel trend.

However, he was the unlucky ghost that had his soul possessed. There were two souls fighting within his body.

Two souls, completely different from each other, were in the same body, biting and devouring each other in an attempt to wipe out the other's soul.

It was a pity that the transmigrator was too unlucky. Although Qin Shaoyu was not an official mage, ten years of meditation had made his mental strength many times stronger than a normal person's.

Although the soul power of two souls was similar, the end result of one soul's spiritual energy being many times that of the other was obvious.

The Transcender's tragedy was that his gorgeous transmigration was devoured by an aboriginal before it could even explode.

Including his knowledge and the transcender's golden fingers, everyone benefited Qin Shaoyu, the aboriginal.

Qin Shaoyu was shocked. He filtered some useless information from the soul that he devoured, leaving behind some useful information. After figuring out the events, he was glad that his mental strength was quite strong.

Qin Shaoyu slowly recovered from the shock. He stood up and checked his whole body up and down. Luckily, nothing strange happened.

"Hey, what is this? I don't remember having this thing!" After checking his body, Qin Shaoyu thought in confusion as he stared at the extra black wrist on his arm.

Qin Shaoyu tried to remove the black wrist, which was twenty centimeters long and tightly pressed against the skin of his arm. However, it seemed to be connected to his flesh and blood, and after several unsuccessful attempts, he finally concluded that he wouldn't be able to remove it unless he cut off his arm.

After failing a few times, Qin Shaoyu could only give up on his wrist and start studying it.

"What happened? Other than the fact that we can't take it down, there's nothing strange about it."

Qin Shaoyu tried to probe the inner structure of the wrist with his mental energy. The moment his mental energy entered the wrist, his arm shook violently and a strong suction force pulled his consciousness into a strange place.

"Where is this?" Qin Shaoyu stood on a floating piece of land. Around him was a black abyss.

"The Miracle System has started checking the character information." A calm voice sounded. Qin Shaoyu only felt a tremor in his head, then he lost his mind.

After an unknown amount of time, Qin Shaoyu finally regained his consciousness. He checked his body again and found that there still wasn't any change. After a few struggles, he couldn't help but feel curious.

This time, the strange suction didn't cause Qin Shaoyu's mental energy to enter the wrist guard successfully. At this moment, a strange piece of information entered Qin Shaoyu's mind.

"After the information is checked, the soul contains a double-layered mark. It matches the one used by Spellblade Profession Spellblade …" Spellblade profession complete Bloodline Fusion … "Bloodline fusion is complete."

"This is … This is a game called Miracle before the Transcender transmigrated. "

Qin Shaoyu found the answer to this information from the fragments of the soul that he devoured and continued to check the rest of the information.

"After the initial fusion of the magic power bloodline, the magic power source automatically generated the basic Spellblade skill 'Energy Ball' and 'Tooth Barb-protrusion'. Due to the lack of evolution, it is unable to activate any other functions."

The information in his mind was that he was unable to figure out what the energy crystal was, but he was able to confirm some information.

First, the transcender carries something called the Miracle System through his own body before being devoured by his own soul.

Then, for some unknown reason, the Miracle System activated and created a Spellblade profession that merged with his own. This allowed him to learn the skills of Energy Ball and Tooth Barb-protrusion.

The reason why the other functions of Miracle System could not be activated yet was because it had yet to evolve to a higher level.

"The basic situation is like this. Whether it's good or bad isn't clear, but I can first test out the skills I've acquired before deciding."

Qin Shaoyu stretched out his right hand, opened up his palm and slightly curled his fingers. Then, he focused his mind and chanted.

"Energy Ball, Energy Ball, Energy Ball …."

The sudden surprise made Qin Shaoyu unable to truly concentrate at the beginning. After failing countless more times, Qin Shaoyu gradually let go of the distracting thoughts in his heart and let himself enter his usual meditative state.

At this moment, he felt that his palm was slightly warm and filial. Then, a milky white ball appeared in his palm.

"This is an Arcane Mage magic!" Looking at the Energy Ball in his palm, Qin Shaoyu was shocked. This was clearly an arcane spell that only mages could use!

Although it was smaller than the magic ball formed by a real Arcane Mage, it was still just a basic Spellblade skill! Qin Shaoyu began to look forward to the Miracle System.

This was because from the soul fragments of the transmigrator, it could be known that Energy Ball were only the most basic of magic.

Qin Shaoyu calmed down after a period of excitement. Now, he thought that it was too far and he didn't dare to release the Energy Ball for fear of ruining his own house.

During the time that the Energy Ball slowly dissolved back into the element under his intentional control, he tried several times to make this spell work well for him.

After getting familiar with the Energy Ball skill, Qin Shaoyu started to look forward to another warrior skill, Tooth Barb-protrusion. Unfortunately, the room was limited and he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to use it.

"Duk Duk Duk..." At this moment, a series of hurried knocks on the door sounded out.

"Who is it that comes knocking on the door in the middle of the night!" Qin Shaoyu was in the middle of an excited period when he was annoyed that someone suddenly knocked on the door.

Qin Shaoyu narrowed his eyes uncomfortably as he opened the door and saw a blinding sunlight shining into the room. He was wondering why it was so early in the morning!

"Patriarch Qin Shaoyu has something to ask you to go over."

Outside the door was a middle-aged man dressed in tight-uniformed clothes. He was one of the clan's guards. Only a few members of the Qin family were mages.

The status of mages in the family was very high. Only during critical times would they use their daily job of watching over the house and rely on this warrior to do so.

"This big brother here, may I ask why the family head is looking for me?"

"How would I know! Come with me!"

The guard said coldly, "Qin Shaoyu has yet to show any talent in magic, so he was basically deemed as a mortal."

Someone like him, who was not a direct member of the clan and did not have any talent in magic, held a much lower position than the guards in the Qin family.

"What's there to be proud of? Just wait until I tell the family head that you'll be able to become a Mage!"

Qin Shaoyu thought about it in his heart, but he didn't show it. He closed the door behind him and followed the guard towards the center of the building.

After entering the main building, the pedestrians on the road increased in number. Some were patrolling warriors and some were members of the family.

What was strange was that when these people saw Qin Shaoyu, they kept pointing at him and whispering about what was happening. The way they looked at him made them feel very uncomfortable.

The two of them stopped at the entrance of a large courtyard. After stopping the guard and letting him enter, they walked to the side.

After entering the courtyard, they saw a few guards guarding the side under the eaves of the hall. There were also a few warriors wearing different styles of tight clothes.

"Yi, isn't that a bodyguard of Bai family? Could it be that there's a big shot of Bai family inside? But there's never been any interaction between the two. Why would the Patriarch call me in?"

Bai family were all the clan members that represented the martial element. They all cultivated martial arts and their strength was not weaker than the Qin family.

At this moment, the door to the hall was opened. An old man came out from inside and said after seeing Qin Shaoyu, "I was just about to go look for you. Go in quickly. Don't make the family head panic."

"Oh," Qin Shaoyu replied as he pushed open the door and entered the Qin family Guest Hall.

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